rockstar giveaway!

this week, melanie from you are my fave,
is giving away a wonderful little polaroid subscription
to one of you…
melanie says,
“i’m not claiming to be a photographer,
i just really like to take polaroids.
in fact, that’s my camera of choice.
my polaroid has become by faithful traveling companion
+ i want to share the perfectly faded results with other people.
shake it.”
the 6 month polaroid subsription includes a couple original polaroids
{plus another little surprise} deleivered to your mailbox once a month.
who doesn’t love receiving surprises in the mail?
plus, polaroid surprises?
yes, please!

to enter, please comment below before friday, 23rd.
see more of melanie’s polaroids in her flickr stream.

  1. Farah

    That would indeed be awesome! count me in! ;)

  2. yes please!!
    what a lovely giveaway

  3. lizz

    I love the polaroids.

    I would love to get them in my mailbox while I'm studying in Idaho and in need of something beautiful to look forward to. It would be such a bright spot during midterms to be the recipient of this.

    Back to memorizing the landmarks of the coxal bone…

    (I also love the flickr stream and the blog–definitely a new fave.)

  4. Jessica

    Holla! I want a Pola!
    So cute!

  5. Ah! This would be the best birthday present ever! :]

  6. Fantastic Photos! I have been buying photos from the US via Etsy as I cant seem to find any Down Under that I like. Polaroids as manage to a have a Romantic feel about them don't they?

  7. Fantastic Photos! I have been buying photos from the US via Etsy as I cant seem to find any Down Under that I like. Polaroids as manage to a have a Romantic feel about them don't they?

  8. What a great way to decorate my room at university with such happy images!

  9. brittany

    ooh, i would love some polaroids!

  10. jaycelle

    Melanie's Polaroid pictures are dreamy and romantic! Love it!

  11. Katrina

    What a wonderful giveaway! Her photostream is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to invest in a Polaroid camera of my own.

  12. Sue

    love love love the pops of color! her blog is one of my faves!!!these pictures have really helped brighten a bleak day for me. thanks taza and melanie.

  13. Joan

    I'm going to wish really really rEALLy hard.. please please please! :)

  14. Emily

    polaroids are just so dang classy! i want some pictures!

  15. oh yes! I would love to brighten up my day with a little polaroid love! And every month…would be lovely.

  16. these are such sweet images,
    i would love to dedicate a whole wall to them!

  17. these are absolutely darling…they give me the warm and fuzzies and I would love to add them to my apartment decor :)

  18. Emilee

    pretty, pretty! a darling collection!

  19. CAPow

    those are gorgeous!

  20. sweet. sign me up.

  21. Miss T

    This giveaway sounds like so much fun! I LOVE getting things in the mail and I LOVE polaroids. Win win win win win! So hope I win.

    Love your blog by the way – it's like sunshine on a cloudy day.

  22. I can't imagine a more perfect giveaway. I think beautiful photos can do so much to change up a room's decor, inspire creativity and uplift your mood :)

  23. please let it be me! i love this idea/giveaway!

  24. what an amazing idea! i hope i win … i could use some cheering up.

  25. Victoria

    these pics are so cute! they would be awesome decorations in my dorm. I love Polaroids. Almost as much as I love reading this blog

  26. megan f

    i love this! Such a fun idea, and her polaroids are beautiful!

  27. G

    Melanies blog is so inspiring. Love this giveaway. What a nice pick me up those pictures were for my crummy day. :)

  28. what a fun, original giveaway! Love the idea!

  29. Caitlin

    Gorgeous! I love it!

  30. danica

    shake it like a polaroid picture! or several polaroids…

  31. how lovely!

  32. Jennifer

    i never win :(

    i love how Polaroid photos look. i want theseeeee!

  33. Lim

    I heart polaroids.

  34. allison

    This is such an amazing giveaway! And such beautiful photography – thank you!!

  35. yes, pick me please!
    i would LOVE this!

  36. those balloons are FANTASTIC!!

    oh and i do need some art for the walls in my new apartment :-)

  37. Polaroid surprises?
    Sounds fantastic!
    Sign me up please!

  38. oh. my. gosh!
    i have pictures of things just like this all over my walls that i have taken. i would LOVE to be able to add someone else's creative view to my walls. it needs something new. :]

  39. Kelly

    This is definitely one of the best giveaways ever! Little surprises for six months AND it's Polaroids!!


    yes please!!!! i love melanie's photography skills.

  41. real polas delivered right to my door…for free! you must be kidding!? but i'm glad your not… ;) thank you!

  42. ooo eee! super cute!
    jennifer <3.

  43. Emily142

    I LOVE this giveaway! It's such a lovely/simple pleasure to get mail when I'm away at school, and it would be awesome to get a polaroid pic every month!

  44. How fun! What a great giveaway! I have polaroids for years….even before they were about 2 dollers a photo! I would love to win this giveaway! Wish me luck!

  45. Fun! Count me in.

  46. Such a novel idea! I would love to have surprises in my snailmail too! :)

  47. Ashlee

    Words can't describe how immensely incredible this giveaway is. I would LOVE her polaroids on m wall.

  48. oh I love melanie, you are my fave, polaroids, surprises in the mail, and your sweet giveaways!

  49. INKY

    Oh goodness. When I saw this post I knew it was my chance!
    I've never really owned a polaroid before let alone used one.
    The closest I've ever gone to having a polaroid would probably be the action kit I downloaded for Photoshop *blush

    I lu-lu-love polaroids though. Awesome giveaway :)

  50. Amazing dreamy polaroids !! Wooooo ! love them all

  51. rebecca

    those polaroids are beautiful! in college getting surprises in the mail is especially fantastic!

  52. Allison

    wow! great idea. would love this subscription!

  53. julie!

    lovely photos. I would love to plaster them on my fridge (and walls and mirrors and book covers)

  54. umama

    Ohh I'm always a fan of Melanie's cute posts! Count me in!!

  55. Sharon

    I love polaroids! Hope I win!

  56. joolee

    oooh, i'd be HONORED to have some of your polaroids!

  57. oh yes. i would love to have this. looking at it is a dose of instant happy!

  58. Anne

    Mmmm. They look good enough to eat!

  59. Kylee

    such a great idea! would love to win this one! Thanks for all the giveaways!

  60. ahh! this is a genius idea :)
    crossing my fingers!

  61. Kitty

    oh how wonderful! These shots are no less than sheer brilliance! and you are right! Who doesn't just adore receiving snail mail?
    i'm crossing my fingers!

    and my toes!

  62. jenny

    beautiful polaroids! what a sweet idea!! polaroids in the mail.. is that the best thing to get in the mail or what?! love from sweden.

  63. mail is so wonderful. and polaroid mail would be so much more wonderful!

  64. this would be such a fun subscription! pick me pick me!

  65. Eliza

    I just bought my first polaroid camera!! Thank you for this giveaway!

  66. id love to have these to brighten my apartment! so beautiful and exciting

  67. Melissa

    I heart Polaroids. Thank you, for another fab give away!


  68. please please i hope to win! will send husband ginger cookies!

  69. Jane

    i might be too late to enter…but i'll try anyway! 6 months of presents in the mail?! what a good giveaway idea!

  70. These are so beautiful! I need a pick-me-up to continue to inspire me in looking for work during these tough times and these make me want to continue to work hard! :)


    yes please!!! i love pictures way too much :]