1. What a lovely bunch of pumpkins! Mades me feel all autumnal. x

  2. Maya

    LOVE!! pumpkins patches

    and such lovely pics!


  3. lovely Polaroids! love pumpkin picking, autumn is the best season, so much beauty, apple picking, pumpkin picking, the colors, the foods, just everything about autumn is so lovely! :)

    enjoy your Columbus day lovie,

  4. Maddy

    Your pictures are wonderful. :) We are going to the pumpkin patch this week, I'm so excited!

  5. What fun! I'm going to go get my halloween pumpkin today. I can't wait!
    Happy long weekend!

  6. I love the photos. Yay for fall and pumpkins.

    It's me Christine from church.


  7. Cute!

  8. boots

    awww your so adorable in that pumpkin patch.

  9. megan

    Gorgeous pumpkins :) Happy Monday and Columbus Day to you too, dear!

  10. what a wonderful way to spend a fall day, great polaroids!

  11. jules

    What a perfect fall day. You are so cute! Love the outfit!

  12. Chloe

    This makes me soo excited for fall! You are so adorable!

  13. Cathi

    cute pictures!

  14. Sara

    Love the colour of your jacket!

  15. i am in love with your shoes and tights!!! mind sharing where they are from? i've been looking for shoes just like those!!


  16. janis

    cute pics taza!
    i can't wait to see what you guys carve in them!

    it's thankgiving monday here in canada, so i am having myself a nice little thanksgiving day instead of columbus day :) CAN'T WAIT FOR THE TURKEY & STUFFING!!


  17. aww – love it – too cute!!

  18. Lauren

    So beautiful! Something about pumpkin patches makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :)

  19. looks fun and very autumnal! Love your printed tights!

  20. Picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch…I love it.

  21. jones

    thanks so much naomi! we are beyond excited and just hope that everything will work out. your comments mean a lot. love the punkin pictures.

  22. Oh, cute! Pumpkins are such fun! Love your skirt, Naomi!

  23. amanda

    you make me giggle. i love how you and your husband are dressed for the pumpkin patch. i bet you two were the most stunning while flitting around picking those pumpkins.

    such a fun fall event to do.

    and your tights are lovely!

  24. fun!

    i can't wait to take my girls to a pumpkin patch this year :)

  25. lar

    are you wearing heels?

  26. Helen

    i went pumpkin picking at the weekend too! i like your shoes also

  27. Mara

    I love your little t-straps. too cute!

  28. The shoes are flats. Both the shoes and the tights are from UO. Thanks everyone!

  29. Liz

    aw these polaroids are so adorable! I went to the pumpkin patch this weekend too! You can be sure I didn't look as cute as you did, though :)

  30. we're headed to a pumpkin patch this weekend and i know i'll barely be able to sleep this week i'm so excited. and for the record, this might be my favorite outfit of yours. you combine colors, textures and cuts so flawlessly!

  31. i can't wait to go to a pumpkin patch!! maybe i'll take my little brothers this weekend!!

  32. How lovely! Brilliant pictures!

  33. Emily

    Your pumpkin patch trip looks like so much fun! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

  34. What adorable pictures! So beautiful and I love the fall feeling!

  35. Hanako66

    eeeeeeeeeeeek! your tights are so cool!

  36. pumpkins & polaroids – perfect match.

  37. Meghan

    Too cute for words!

  38. Teresa

    i've gotta find one of those near nyc. so fun.

  39. I missed getting pumpkins this year! I was at school:/ It would have been so much fun.

    It looks like you both had a wonderful time:)

    P.s. You look adorable!

  40. Sara

    Oh my, I love these pictures. I so badly want a pumpkin patch in my back yard. All year round.

  41. i'm terribly jealous. it looks like so much fun. you remind me daily that i need to buckle down and decide what kind of Polaroid camera i want to buy.

    may i repost these photos on my blog with a link back to yours?

  42. Amy

    My bf and I went pumpkin picking too over the weekend! I think it is the best way to spend a perfect Fall day! :)

  43. K & L

    You always look so adorable! I love reading your blog its so uplifting and inspiring!

  44. Aggie

    How wonderful! We're going this coming weekend! Your outfit is awesome, as usual. I like reading your blog – so much we went to DC this past holiday weekend and I actually went to Something Sweet! Yay!!!

  45. Ariel

    so cute! love your tights! i definitely want to carve pumpkins this year…

  46. Sum

    Beautiful October. Beautiful pumpkins. Beautiful Josh & Naomi!