1. germantown! i used to live by there.
    theres nothing more fun than carving pumpkins with your sweetie.

  2. oh emma

    beautiful! especially the ones of your floral tights and shoes. ahh, i love.

  3. C

    Roasting pumpkin seeds is one of my favorite things to do!

  4. Ruth

    This looks like so much fun! And really, how is your hair always so shiny?!

  5. fall fall fall, i adore fall. and these photos.


  6. Rhianne

    I love your pictures! I wonder if we have pumpkin patches over here..?

  7. Auishtha

    oooh. Those pumpkins are cute :)
    gimme gimme!^_^

  8. Why don't we have pumpkin patches in Scotland? We must get one – maybe I can start one! x

  9. im pretty sure that you and i have the same shoes, except mine are black. i happened to buy them at a shoe sale for some nutty price, like 5 dollars or something, but since sorting through my shoes last night and picking out ones i didnt need anymore, i realized what a good,reliable pair they are. i think i can tell by how round the toe is, and the patent leather. you wear our shoes well! ill slip them on soon, now that ive talked about them so much im cravin a t-strap sesh.

  10. Lauren

    You are so lovely. Seriously…

    This post made me excited for Ted and my adventure to the pumpkin patch, this weekend!


  11. the only thing i love about this time of year is that
    its pumkins season!

    I am such a squash addict, almost eat it every day for dinner !!!

  12. Jalouse

    Looks like you guys are having SO much fun! <3

  13. I love these pictures, especially the second two :)

  14. wow, i would do just about anything to visit such a fabulous pumpkin festival. looks like so much fun!

  15. Rose Red

    Looks like so much fun. I love your pictures!

  16. so cool…we just went apple picking! gotta love fall..and being married in the fall :) There is also a town here by where we live Portsmouth, VA that has a german sector. You know what, you should make a "rock-star diaries" etsy shop and sell some of the photos on here. I bet it would be a big hit! ;)

  17. Camille

    love the second image! perfect!

  18. Maya

    love this! looks like loads of fun you two had! :) pumpkins are the best and so cute(and yummy and fun), :P

    and love the golden yellow blazer with your dark bangs and hair. just lovely and beautiful…so autumn-y! ;)


  19. looks like a perfect afternoon!

  20. WHERE did you find those tights?! i'm obsessed with them. and i can't decide which is more adorable, your dress or that precious lamb.

  21. I like dressing up for halloween… can that be another lovable part of the holiday?

  22. Paulina

    Husband's french fries loooooookk sssooooo gooood…..

    I wish I could reach in through the computer screen and grab a fry :)

    maybe I should just go get my own? haha.

    Looks like you guys are really enjoying the fall!!! I can't wait to carve out pumpkins this weekend!!!

  23. janis

    beautiful pictures naomi!
    this post is making me want to visit a pumpkin patch. i just might…

  24. Hanako66

    but the getting dressed up part is so fun!!!

    we went to a pumpkin patch last weekend and had a blast!

  25. jasmine

    that pumpkin festival looks adorable! we were planning a trip to the pumpkin patch but skipped out because all the ones around here don't feel authentic at all – they're more like a big parking lot with a bunch of carnival rides and some pumpkins thrown in a pile. i must keep my eyes open for the real deal.

  26. what?! you don't love halloween even after dressing up as the cutest mary poppins ever?! i'm shocked. anyway adorable photos of the pumpkin patch and especially the animals!

  27. Chloé

    these are so cute! i love your style! you make picking pumpkins look adorable!

  28. Feelmore

    Most certainly this is a save situation. Particularly when the save option is so cute!

  29. Feelmore

    I love these shots! You can seriously SMELL Autumn in them. :)

  30. Michely

    hey i went there last year with my daughter she was only 10 months old then…im going again this weekend with her but she'll enjoy it more this year she's 18 months now :) love the pictures looks like you both had fun :)

  31. emma

    Your outfit is really awesome, Naomi :]

  32. The baking is my favorite part too. My pumpkin seeds didn't come out ok this year and I hope yours come out better than mine did! I carved my pumpkins ages ago because I couldn't wait!! Have fun!

  33. Emmy

    That looks so fun! There aren't too many good pumpkin patches like that around here. Very jealous.

  34. Maddy

    Pumpkins are my favorite part of this season too, I don't care much for Halloween. Cute pics! You guys look like you have so much fun together, it makes me smile. I have kind of an odd question- do you use any products in your hair? It always looks so nice!

  35. nikita

    ah, perfect!
    i absolutely love your outfit as well, it's really cute :)

  36. Adele

    if only they had pumpkin patches like that here in england!! xx

  37. naomi,

    if you come back home anytime soon stop by at acme burger up in slc.

    it is divine.

    for serious.
    it is the best burger restaurant ever.

  38. Brittany

    autumn is my favorite. so are these photos. you and josh are so tender.

  39. CAPow

    that looks like so much fun! I wish I could go there!

  40. jules

    You wear the best clothes! I love the corn maize.

  41. Megan

    i loved this post … and i know you have probably mentioned before, but what camera do you use for pics such as these?

  42. That bumpy pumpkin in the top photo, its freakin me out yo, Like for real I cant stop staring at it…

  43. haha!! i had this exact day today!!! grade 2 field trip, we did the corn maze.. so muddy, saw the big pigs.. crazy!… hay ride and choose a pumpkin!!! so much fun!!

  44. Meghan

    You two are just adorable. It looks like you had the best day AND wore the cutest tights ever!

  45. Rachel

    I cannot wait to take my son this weekend!! He will have so much fun! How exactly do you roast the seeds anyway?? :)

  46. I love pumkin festivals… and corn mazes! I hope you have a great time carving. I wish we were all spending Halloween together again. ;( Enjoy it!

  47. so cute…looks like you had lots of fun! i love love your outfit…pumpkins yay!

  48. awesome new blog!!! sorry if i'm late and i only just noticed…trying to catch up on my 2 weeks missed of the office! dearie me.

  49. aDeLiNe

    Love your nail polish colour! :)

  50. erin

    love this. and the new template!

  51. Sum

    So cute! I love all the pumpkins!

  52. createx8

    Ahh, that makes me really excited for Halloween, and just fall in general!

  53. Jamie

    pumpkins are the only thing I like, too–I'm not fond of spooky stuff or gory stuff or candy, but I luv me some jack-o-lantersn & the colors of fall.

  54. Jyun

    Envy, no way we could have all the fun you're having in Singapore.

  55. My boyfriend and I went to the pumpkin patch this year too! It was so fun, and I nice way to relive a bit of my childhood :)

  56. bets

    dear naomi-
    you are ridiculously adorable. please, let's be friends?


  57. What kind of digital camera did you use for this shoot?