on wednesday evening….

{photo from google. we haven’t downloaded all of ours yet}
….we sat and watched this woman perform.
and we almost fell over in our chairs.
she was that good.
she’s so good. so beautiful.
her music is so powerful.
her voice is magical.
and husband and i are a little bit over the moon for this lady.
it’s impossible to pick a favorite from the evening
but this one was at the top of both husbands and my list:
have a listen…
{my own videos never upload correctly on blogger. i don’t know what’s up.}
and thanks to all who entered the regina giveaway earlier this week!
the winners are listed here.
  1. Tara

    i got to see her last summer in DC and i agree, she's fabulous! it's nice and refreshing to see and hear talented performers singing LIVE for a change.

  2. Oh I can only imagine how amazing she was! :)

  3. thanks for posting this!!

  4. Brett

    She is one of a kind. I love her so much. So jealous you got to see her.

  5. Melissa

    Glad you had a good time! Regina's fabulous. She's hosting SNL next week and I'm hoping to go up to meet her during rehearsals, and to see her perform her two songs. Can't wait!

  6. VERY TRUE. Even though I have yet to hear her in person, I am an absolute fan! :)

  7. Maddy

    I saw her about a year ago and she played that same guitar. It was one of the best shows I've ever been to and I got to talk to her afterwards, she is amazing & so beautiful! Glad you guys had a good time :)

  8. denise

    i'm so jealous! i would love to have seen her! ah, LIVE.. her voice and the piano.. when combined, pure magic! i can't wait to see your pictures! hope you have a swell weekend! :)

  9. Brittan

    not only is she a great performer with an amazing voice and songs, but she is just so dang lovable! i saw her at ACL a couple years ago and it was such a lovely experience.

  10. Sara

    Every now and then, I'll say to someone, "So won't you help a brother out?" They just stare at me.

    Whatever. I think I'm funny.

  11. Mallory

    looking forward to seeing her in sf at the end of the month!

  12. erica

    wahoo! you made my day. so happy i won the giveaway. thanks!

  13. Anne.

    I really can't wait to see your pictures from the show!

  14. emma

    I'm like soooo happy to read this. I mean, once upon a time I came across this blog and I loved your style AND you love Regina. I truly agree. She's amazing :]

  15. 7upkels

    i'm so jealous!! she's coming to utah in september so hopefully i'll be just as lucky!!

  16. I have never seen her in person…she is so amazing!

  17. I used to get frustrated too with the darn uploads…then I found this. photobucket.com or imageloop.com upload your videos there and then copy the html code, open reg. post, click on tab Edit Html, paste code there, click back to Compose tab, to preview b4 posting. ta da! such a wonderful thing!

  18. Lynn

    girl crush crazy over Regina! I'm so glad you two had such a wonderful experience, you've seen her how many times now?
    boyf & I are going to see her Nov. 2nd, she's coming to Vancouver and we couldn't be happier….1st time for us, so excited (especially after your fab report!)

  19. Janis

    oh man.
    i'm so jealous.
    it's too bad regina doesn't seem to be making her way to winnipeg, manitoba…
    one day!!

    i love your blog so much, i just added your blog to my favourite list on my new blog. check it out if you get the chance :)

  20. i adore regina spektor!!

  21. I brought a pal who had never heard R.S. with me to see her show last week in Boston – Instant convert! And ooh she played the eye color song acapella, too – SWOON!

  22. carly

    wasn't she amazing!?!?!
    glad you had a blast!

  23. kimberly

    she is beautiful! and her voice is incredible. i wish i could see her perform live! what a wonderful experience!

  24. ~L~

    She'll be in Salt Lake this fall. Can't wait to go!

  25. I love Regina! I'm sure her performance was amazing. I can't wait to see her in concert as well! Glad you guys had fun!

  26. Alya

    I have a giveaway too. I've got a stunning Tolani scarf to give away at my blog. Come check it out :)

  27. Oh, I've got tickets to see her play here in Sweden in December. So excited! Glad to hear the show was so amazing!

  28. Oh i am SO jealous! She is my favorite artist!