new york, i love you.

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i spent the last few days in NYC wrapping stuff up for a project
and i have to tell you, it was really hard coming back to DC.
there is something about that city this time of year
that no other city can compete with…
and i’m missing it more now than ever.
why did we move?!
….just kidding. {a little.}
  1. New-York is magic & totally rock'n roll.
    Once you go there, you create some kind of eternal connexion.
    I never feel this way in any other city .
    Except London maybe!

  2. i visited nyc in october one year and thought it was simply magical. i understand your pain, but i'm sure you'll find new things to love about dc in the fall!

  3. Carin

    I have only been to NYC in the spring…and it wasn't enough for me. I can't wait to visit with my husband….if I could only pack all of us up and live there for a few months! Fall would be perfect!

  4. Sam

    i LOVE NYC in October-December. Shopping, Christmas windows, the Christmas show, ice skating… okay, I want to go back NOW.

    But when I go in the summer, the magic just isn't there. I think it will always be a vacation place for me during the winter :)

  5. Cathi

    Indeed NYC is a magical place…I bet it's wonderful this time of year! I've only been in the summer, which I have loved!

  6. Naurnie

    i miss new york every day. i feel your pain, lady! you'll adjust… and if you miss it, it's only a chinatown bus ride away!

  7. Melissa

    There really is nothing like NY this time of year, it's magical. I could never leave. Having been born and raised here though, I don't even know where I'd go lol. Can't wait to hear about the project!

  8. Chloe

    i would love to go to NYC someday! i am sorry you are missing it!

  9. erin

    i definitely feel you. every season is pretty magical in new york. but i agree with emily, you'll find new things to love. chin up! xo.

  10. aw bless naomi! I wish i could see what the magic is that comes with living in nyc during the fall season… you're so lucky to have lived there and experienced all that you have.

    some day for me!

  11. Paulina

    I am living here now and you are right, no city can compete!!!! I love it here!

  12. Auishtha

    Just look at the bright side. At least you have two beautiful homes that weave two different kinds of magic in different times of the year. :)

    count yourself lucky :)

  13. Amy

    I miss New York too, and I have only visited once in my life!

  14. lucky you, I LOVE NY!!!!! I've been wanting to move there for about 15 years now….

  15. I feel you… it's been a long time for me, but oh the memories, fall in the city is amazing!

  16. I lived there this summer. And moved back to be with my husband. It was my dream to live there.

    I. Totally. Understand

    at least
    you're only
    3 hours

    [7 sucks]

  17. Monica

    I am going to this place I hear is magic for the first time next week! Now I am even more excited and feeling a little lucky to be going at the perfect time!

  18. Kelsie

    i have never been but i would love to go someday. you make it sound magical!

  19. Lindsey

    Will you please introduce me to your friend, New York? You seem to know her well and we've never met. I hear she knows a lot about art, and while we have that in common, I think she still could teach me a thing or two.
    Thanks. Your friend, Lindsey ;)

  20. Aya

    I love NY! I think I may be moving there next year for school. It seems like you visit there alot-you should move back!

  21. jules

    NYC in the fall = Joy

  22. Jenni

    NYC is my dream. I love it!

  23. Allison

    I LOVE NYC! I've never visited another city I loved as much, it's truly captivating!

  24. Pin

    {sigh} i miss nyc all the time, too. now i'm in the middle of america, 13 hours away. fortunately for you, you can hop in your car {or even take the bolt bus} and be in nyc in no time. i'm jealous!

  25. we miss you in new york! :)

  26. Zuzanna

    I have a love/hate relationship with NYC…I love it during fall & spring and absolutely hate it during winter & summer…i escape it often, but then can't wait to come back, def. magical.

  27. I'm visiting New York for the first time in my life in a few weeks, I'm so so so excited!

  28. janis

    i was there in november two years ago and it was simply GORGEOUS weather. i can't wait to go back…

  29. I am dying to go there!! Can't wait to see the project you're up too…:)

  30. Shandey

    I love the "just kidding, {a little} part of your post. I dont know why…

  31. Anne.

    Aww, it's my dream to visit NY during autumn!

  32. although i am a total and complete country girl, i can understand the longing to be someplace else and the sadness that comes with moving. funny how we fall so in love with places and our experiences there. luckily this kind of bittersweetness makes life all the richer!

  33. Brittan

    I know! I dread the day I have to leave this lovely city. (Inevitable, I'm sure, because I am poor.)

  34. amanda

    i love new york. my heart thrives for it. always.

    one day, one day i'll be living there. just livin' the dream.

  35. mmmmm baby. i love me some nyc.

  36. Blicious

    sighhhh! NY is amazing!! i wish i lived there too. i'm going in a few weeks. cant wait!

  37. Blicious

    sighhhh! NY is amazing!! i wish i lived there too. i'm going in a few weeks. cant wait!

  38. Monica

    Can I ask for a little NYC advice?

    1. What is the one place you would not leave without seeing?

    2. What is the one place you would not leave without eating?

  39. I plan to finally move there after graduation this semester and after a little traveling. I can't wait for all the adventures that this wonderfully crazy city has in store for me!!!

  40. Amen and amen again. My cute husband is THERE right now and I wish I were with him. (Sigh)

  41. Lola

    I know its the city that offers everything. My heart will always be in NYC :)

  42. Sum

    love the picture!