my best friend, sumaya.

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she has graced this little blog of mine many a times.
and she has been one of my best friends since freshman year at juilliard.
and a roommate for two of those years…
she is a very good, genuine and loving person…
who has seen me at my worst {too many times to count}
and still loves me.
sumaya, dear, happy 23rd birthday halloween baby!
you deserve only the best and i wish you a beautiful year!
i love you like a sister.

and happy halloween to the rest of you!!!
i can’t wait to see what everyone did/ was/ didn’t do….
  1. aDeLiNe

    Happy birthday Sumaya!!!

  2. Meghan

    she reminds me so much of my daughter. beautiful!

  3. lovely, both of you!

  4. How interesting, my husband turns 23 tomorrow on Halloween as well! :)

  5. Sara

    I love your bangs and I all but covet her hair.

  6. Courtney

    Isn't it wonderful having a friend who has seen your ups and downs and loves you no matter what?

    P.S. I couldn't help but notice, in the second photo, there's a book or something titled "Farts."

    Made me giggle.

  7. Meg Fee

    yay, yay, yay for sumaya. happy birthday indeed.

  8. jlc

    Am I the only one to acknowledge this?? But I love love love that pic of her with the book of farts.

    Now THAT's a best friend. ;)

  9. i was going to be you for halloween. but none of my clothes were stylish enough. i need your style vodoo! help me please! ;)

    i did make my little boy a musketeers costume. he's 10 months old…he'll be the cutest. pics soon!

  10. Briauna

    Did you notice the title of the book in the background? Kind of funny he he. :)

  11. Glimmer

    Beautiful, the both of you.

  12. Megara

    good friends are hard to find… TRUE friends are hard to find. i'm glad you have found each other.

    happy halloween! (& happy birthday)

  13. Diana

    sumaya has a beautiful name, with a beautiful face, with beautiful hair!

  14. Sum

    Happy Birthday Sumaya! You have beautiful friends! And I love that picture of you with glasses! You always have that classic chic/vintage/urban outfitters/indie/NYLON look! love it!

  15. Kimberly

    Happy Birthday to your dear friend!

  16. Jenni

    I see that she also has the fabulous style bug that you have. Happy Birthday to your friend!

    And Happy Halloween to you!

  17. emma

    Happy birthday :]

  18. haaaa. yeah, i saw that farts things in the second photo when i was stealing these off sumaya's facebook. i was curious who'd spot it. we really ought to play "i spy" one of these days with some photos. those are my fave.

  19. La chica

    She's guapisima!!

  20. what beautiful curls! yay.

  21. You have such a great blog! I love it :)


  22. What a beautiful post! xoxo

  23. Very beautiful! happy Birthday

  24. Sumaya is gorgeous! Her hair is incredible. Happy Birthday S : )

    I went galavanting around NYC as a part FBI agent….in fishnets obviously.

  25. 'IcHa'

    i love your bloh sooo much, Naomi.. :)

  26. "SUMAYA" in our language (Tagalog) translates "Be happy". :)

  27. She has amazing hair. very very amazing and im jelous!

  28. Hanako66

    she is just too beautiful!