1. ellen

    I cleaned out the R.S. closet last week and there was some Polaroid film tucked in there and I told the woman helping me not to toss it because it was a hot commodity! Hooray for Polaroids!

  2. -L-

    Your link is broken, but I think it's about polaroid film. In which case this is relevant:

    FujiFulm Instax takes polaroid-like photos. Walmart is having a CRAZY online sale where you get the camera plus 60 pictures for $100.

    I figured it was a better deal than buying 60 pictures worth of polaroid film! Mine is on the way to my apartment today!

  3. dang that is the sweetest camera i have EVA seen! i hope they don't charge a million for it…

  4. Noell

    I've never even had a polaroid before and your enthusiasm so makes me want to jump for this! I would love it though I know it!

  5. Caroline


  6. i need to get myself one of these. 430 bones is a lot, though. thanks for sharing. it may just make it to my christmas list. xoxo

  7. lavelle

    Yes! I heard,it is brilliant news! It was criminal to stop the production of the film in the first place xx

  8. jones

    oooh. hurray. can't wait to see more of your polariods. they are smashing.

  9. yep , that made my day !
    More polaroid !!!!

  10. Hanako66

    it is so exciting!

  11. Can you believe I left my polaroid camera in a box in Australia? Am now in London, and would happily sacrifice some of the clothes I thought were more important! Yay for Polaroid!

  12. Chessa!

    yes! yes! yes!! yay! yay! yay!

  13. Do I hear the Hallelujah Chorus right now? I believe I do, Sista!

    Happy dance? Amen!

  14. Care

    I'm so excited! I love polaroid so much! Is it really $430 though? That is a tad redic! Thanks for the alert, SO FUN!

  15. annie

    hoooray! i saved my last 10 pictures to take at a dinner party last week, but now, they are the first of many more images to come! thanks for relaying the good news!

  16. WooHoo!! :)

  17. OMG! That is so awesome. I can't believe it. I've missed having a polaroid. I mean what were they thinking when the quit making them anyway???

  18. Rudi

    Oh. My.

  19. Melanie

    yes best news ever! x

  20. Sum

    Right now I am ridiculously jealous of the winner! I love love love all things made by Taza!