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i’m off to new york city today for a little project this weekend.
then i’ll be in utah all of next week working on a different one.
{and squeezing in some family time! hooray!}
so blog posts might not be very consistent.
but i do have a rockstar giveaway scheduled for next tuesday,
so be sure to check back!
have a great weekend, loves!
p.s. see our new layout??!! ahh i love!
ellie over at rainy day templates helped me create it!
she is the best- and i am so thrilled with rockstar diaries new little image!
thank you ellie!
  1. Beautiful photo and can't wait to hear on your adventures !! Woooooo and also congrats to the polaroid winner too !

    I'm so envious :)

  2. Rhianne

    Have a great time! You blog is wonderful, I love the new layout :)

  3. janis

    you're sure a busy lady! have fun!

    ps. i like the new layout too!!

  4. Love the update to the site! Looks terrif!

  5. aDeLiNe

    I love the new layout! You're right to keep it simple, it works much better. Have a beautiful week-end Naomi!

  6. Loving the new layout!

  7. Have fun!
    Oh and I love the new layout :)

  8. Ellie is awesome, She helped me with my site too!

    I love the new look of the site.

  9. The new layout is lovely!

  10. Lou

    I LOVE those shoes!

  11. The new layout is fabulous!

  12. Chloé

    the new layout is great! i know that you don't really know me, or all of the million readers of your blog, but i am from Utah! i think you and your husband are super adorable, and your blog is incredible. you have so much positive influence over people. it is awesome. i can't tell you how many blogs that i have come across and they are posting about how much they love your blog. you guys are so cute! i hope you have fun in New York, and Utah!
    p.s. i love the new layout!

  13. oh dear. this new look is LOVEly. really.
    love it.
    happy weekend!
    happy adventuring!
    (nyc & utah, what a treat!!)


  14. Love the layout.
    Love the shoes.
    Love it all.

    Have fun in Utah.
    I miss it like crazy!

  15. buttons

    hey! while you're in utah, go check out the blue plate diner in the sugar house/slc area. best. burgers. ever.

  16. first thing i noticed was the new lay out… i is wonderful and so are those shoes in the pic!! and that brick road/pathway..

    ps… have a fun adventure!

  17. Meghan

    I can't wait to hear about all of these projects! I love the new blog look, btw! So cute and classy!

  18. love that picture :) have fun on your trip! i love the new "blog look", looks so cute! :)

  19. holtkamp

    have a great trip! i love the new layout!

  20. Ria

    Where did you get your shoes ?? They are so gorgeous!

  21. Lauren

    I LOVE the new look! Such a pretty photo!

  22. Lauren

    Oh! And be safe on your travels!


  23. missy

    have fun in NYC! I know how much you love it there. and love the new template. it seems to fit you.

  24. I love the picture above! your t-bars are way cute.
    come say hi in Utah! its getting a little colder but its still nice :)

  25. Kat

    love the site redesign – simple and cute!

  26. yay for new york..i have never been but i want to go so dearly…do you have any spots or places that you think should not be missed on a visit to new york? have a lovely weekend!

  27. Chelsey

    Yay for Utah! We live in Logan! Cute new layout too!

  28. oooh! I'm loving the layout….have a great time in New York…hope the project goes swimmingly!

  29. Lisa

    Yay for Utah. Such a good time to come home! The leaves are just amazing right now! Hope your trips are lovely!

  30. nice new look

    so many projects!!! Totally jealous. Success is spectacular :)

  31. oooh
    I LOVE your new look & layout :)

  32. sheila

    i love the new layout. jealous you are going to NY. and that you go so often! have fun

  33. Ellie

    Aw, thanks Naomi – you were an absolute breeze to work with, so my pleasure. I'm glad I could help you a few small touches and updates, but it's your images that are the superstar here! Happy blogging, and I'll talk to you soon. =)

  34. LOVE the bricks!
    I LOVE the new layout too!
    Wow! 2245 followers! You ARE a rockstar!

  35. Britty

    You are coming to Utah? I want to see you! I know that's weird considering I've never met you, but you are easily one of my favorite people!

  36. Emily

    I love the new lay out. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your trip to NYC and home to Utah.

  37. Carissa

    I love the new look! very cute. and I love that photo! you always take such amazing shots. I hope you have fun in New York and Utah!

  38. I love the new layout! :) Have a safe and exciting trip.

  39. Maizie.

    I am in love with the new layout. PERFECT!

  40. Maizie.

    I am in love with the new layout. PERFECT!

  41. Hanako66

    the new layout looks amazing!

  42. Emily

    The new layout is adorable!
    I love it.

  43. love the lay out. bon voyage a new york!

  44. becky

    oh! i am in new york for a couple days too…maybe i'll run in to you! good luck with everything…

  45. i lvoe the old one, but the new layout is even cooler! im loving the romantic fonts especially. have a safe and fun trip to nyc! say hi passersby for me. come home soon :)

  46. Sum

    love the new layout!

  47. Em & Gar

    So I'm sure you'll be ridiculously busy, but if a spare moment did pop up, I'd love to see you. I'm sure you know this! :) Give me a call if you can.


  48. The new layout is delish. :)
    Enjoy your travels!

  49. the best of luck in NYC! and with the fam, how good is family time hey?
    thanks for sharing on this here newly-revamped blog!
    i love it.

  50. createx8

    Have a nice weekend!

  51. Annie

    I'm new to this site, so I don't know what the old layout was like, but this new layout is fab! This is the cutest-ever blog, by the way. You guys have me jonesing for my own Polaroid camera now. :D

    Have a great weekend!

  52. respekt

    pleeease help, where do you buy your 120 film for your diana camera?

  53. Diana

    love the new layout! have fun and be safe!

  54. Ariel

    i love the new layout!! have a good trip!

  55. ooo can't wait to see your projects outcome! take polaroids in utah! gingerbread cookies soon to be on their way to you and husband!

    see the ones from my oktoberfest at my blog


  56. Alya

    I love it! I want to do a redesign on my blog too. It's been a while since I changed it.

    By the way, your blog is a little too wide on my browser. I use Firefox by the way. Just thought you'd like to know – maybe its the same with others?

  57. kwistin

    yay for coming to utah! i hope you make it up the canyons. i drove up the alpine loop few weeks ago and it was gorgeous…i hope you get to take that little polaroid of yours on an adventure or two. :)

  58. Katie

    Wow was the brick really so pretty in real life?

    Cute shoes:)

  59. andrea

    You're adorable and i love your blog

  60. J.Dimps

    love the new layout! very cute. have fun during your travels! :)


  61. hey taza and husband! l-o-v-e your guys' blog. if you'd believe it i found it searching for 25 main images on google and it lead me here! – anyway, i blog too. check mine out if you feel like! its http://www.the-italian-hippie.blogspot.com

  62. soooo cute! perfect Christmas gifts!


  63. Diana

    Totally random but someone posted about Jenny Lewis and she looked so familiar. Then it clicked! She looks like you!!

  64. marry

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  65. AHHH!!! Where did you get your shoes?? I have been seeing them in the past few posts as I'm reading through your blog from the beginning, and I want some t-strap mary janes like that!!! SO CUTE!!!

  66. @ruminativemusings, from urban outfitters!