1. boots

    i already have my tickets to see this tonight, i can't wait , then im off to portland for a crafty weekend with my girlfriends. YAY

  2. -L-

    I definitely won't hate you. But I was hoping that you could answer me this– will you be putting any new headbands up on Etsy? I'd like to purchase a couple!

  3. janis

    no hate at all!

    i can't wait to see the movie either! it looks fantastic….

    hope you're having fun in jacksonville!!


  4. one of my alltime favorite stories come to life! unfortunately, my little girls don't like anything remotely scary (which includes things like cheese and pizza sauce) so I'll probably have to wait for it to come out on video…

  5. We could never hate you! :P

  6. Maya

    can not wait to see that movie!!!

  7. hmmmm maybe this should be the first movie we take our son to- think a 13 month old will sit through? it would be a shame to have to spend all my time in the hallway…

  8. Amy

    So excited to see this movie too!!

    Hope you are having an amazing time in FL!


  9. Cathi

    have a great time in Florida..!

  10. Denise

    can't wait to see the movie too. reminds me of Never Ending Story.

  11. that movie is going to be the best! i'm taking my daughter to go see it today! so funny…i grew up with that book when i was a kid…and now my daughter can see the movie…its going to be so awesome!

    i thought you'd like that movie..you should totally share your review, naomi!

    you'll be keeping me in suspense…but i can wait till monday! i hope i win.


  12. Kelsie

    im seeing where the wild things are -tonight! im way excited. got my t-shirt and and stuff all ready. yaay

  13. Oh I wish I were in Florida right now. Enjoy!

  14. Not in a million. Could never hate the Taza! Take your sweet time.

  15. oh i would love to enter hope its not to late. i love shabby apple. [:


  16. I am so so so excited for the Wild Things. :) Hubby and I are seeing it tonight.

    Put off the drawing, you are on vacation. Have a beautiful trip.
    Love, H

  17. I wish I won your last giveaway. oh well! Can't wait to see that movie tooo! I wish I was back in the warmth of FLA, I am stuck in Syracuse for the weekend

  18. ahh! i'm going to see it tonight, and i can't wait!! yay!

  19. oh we do midnight showings around here.

    so good!

    does this count as entry #2 in my quest for an au natural breast reduction?

  20. Hairica

    This the one thing good I have
    to look forward to this weekend.
    That and the movie theater popcorn. :]

  21. Hanako66

    hope you're having fun!!! I found out this morning that I am going to DC for the first time early this December…I'm so excited! I am going to have to go back and read some of your posts since to move for ideas of what to do!

  22. la bella

    it doesn't come out until december in australia! but oh, won't it be worth the wait

    B :]

  23. Lemon

    want to see it. want to see it!

  24. annie

    Oh, let us know how you like the movie! My husband and I are planning on seeing it, but I'd love to hear some other people's perspective first.

    Hope you're loving Florida~ if you have time, you should drive through Tallahassee on your way back to D.C.~ it has such beautiful canopy roads. I think you'd love it!

  25. Ooh, I'm going to see it tonight, can't wait!

  26. Jeff

    i went to this at 12:01, and I DO NOT fall asleep in movies, I never have. but I was sooo tired, and couldn't keep my eyes open. I literally was lounging across three chairs, dead asleep. So sad! but everyone I was with LOVED it! so I guess i'll just have to wait til it goes to the dollars. Sad story huh?

  27. Lauren

    can't wait to see this. going with my sister tomorrow! hope you enjoyed the weekend. xx

  28. Saw it and loved it. "Who threw Richard?" & "That was my favorite arm!" are some classics now. :) Hope you loved it as much as we did.

  29. Jo

    Saw it. Love it.
    A definite must see on the big screen!

  30. Saw it at the drive-in and I must say that we were not that impressed. Although we like the book, the movie seemed a little jumpy and hard to follow. It also seemed like it could be a bit scary for children, which is funny considering that it is a children's book. I don't know…maybe everyone else loved it but we just weren't feeling it.

  31. Lindsey

    Did you see it? Did you love it? Maybe it was just my mood that day, but I think it was such an emotionally heavy movie, especially for a children's book spin off. I totally dug it. And the super soundtrack by Karen O.