1. wow you and your dad really do look so much alike. hehe isaac looks adorable in that pic.

  2. Tara

    today is my mom's birthday, too! happy birthday to your dad!

  3. Collins

    Oh my…that picture is precious!

  4. Shelly

    WEIRD! Your birthday was the same day as mine, and our DAD'S birthday's are a day apart…his was yesterday. :)

  5. Paulina

    Oh, what great links! I wasn't a follower this time last year and I love the list you made for your dad last year….he sounds like such a great dad!!!!!!!! The barbie playing, the robot dancing, the not giving up on you. He sounds like an amazing man (Happy birthday!!!!!)

    This may be TMI, but whateves. But I wasn't as lucky in the father department and I never harped on it. Instead I always said that I was going to make sure I gave my future children an amazing father. I am so proud to say that my husband, and father to my son and another baby-to-be, sounds a whole lot like the type of man your father is. And I am so proud of my husband!!!

    anyways, sorry for all the words :)

  6. jasmine

    awwww! that is such a cute photo! you and your ENTIRE family look so much alike! your little brother looks like your twin sisters in this photo. happy birthday to your dad! he sounds like a terrific man and a wonderful father. :)

  7. You look like your dad =]

  8. Ali

    Naomi, you look JUST like him! I can't get over it! Too cute.

  9. CAPow

    awww! you guys look so much alike! happy birthday Naomi's dad!

  10. jen

    Happy belated birthday to your dad! He has the same birthday as my hubby!

  11. kathleen

    This is wonderful of you. My dad died eight years ago and I would do anything to wish him one more happy birthday. Xoxo