1. oh emma

    you look beautiful in the pictures where you are wearing yellow jeans! you have lovely teeth.

  2. janis

    i can't believe those were all taken on your phone!

    I LVOE THE YELLOW PANTS! very nice!

  3. It looks like you had the best time ever! I definitely need a holiday after seeing these! xx

  4. Oh! how I love palm trees….

  5. Julia

    That is my favorite application as well! I love it!
    You would also love the CameraBag, LOMO and OldCamera Apps. I have so many photography apps in my iphone…too funny.

    You're pictures are great! Have a wonderful day lovely lady.

  6. that gotta be an iPhone you're using right?? the photos are waaaaaaaay too good for any other phone…

  7. love the yellow pants…i once found a favorite pair in budapest, hungary but when i went back to purchase it…the store no longer had my size…so sad!

  8. Katie

    favvvvvvvorite app. cute pics!

  9. i love the way florida has beaches and swamplands right beside each other. makes for a dreamscape of the richest colors. SO BEAUTIFUL! i hope you show us more pictures. these are so lovely and floaty.

  10. Amy

    Ooh i have just downloaded that app, as love the grainy polaroid quality of these pics so much!

  11. Carrie

    Another great trip! :) My favorite is the third from the bottom…beautiful!

  12. Your outfit is killing me with cuteness. LOVE IT.

  13. Emmy

    Love those pictures! How fun

  14. Oh.. looks like a delight!

    Cool feature on the I-phone as well!

  15. Mara

    great photos! i have that app too! hope you had a lot of fun in florida!

  16. Jalouse

    Oh, I loooove these reports of yours!!

    So beautiful pics! <3

    And reminds me of my one and only trip to the States, L.A. California. Santa Monica Beach- Amazing! Even though it rained a lot then…

  17. I just downloaded the shakeit app!! so much fun! mwah thanks

  18. hey some of them look real nice! good work for a camera on a phone ey.. pretty cool indeed

  19. Lindsey

    Where did you go? I was born in West Palm Beach. Did you make it to Disney World?

    Funny observation…have you noticed how most of your horizon lines are tilted with the right side higher? Why do I notice that?

  20. You look like you're having such a good time on the lake (and I love love those yellow pants :)

    Aaaand you missed out on all the cold DC rain, lucky girl!

  21. Diana

    nice yellow pants!

  22. jones

    nice cords. my most favorite!

  23. Maddy

    I want an iPhone just for this app, so cute! Love the pics. Glad you enjoyed FL, Jacksonville is very nice!

  24. Maddy

    P.S. Are those yellow pants the straight cords from Gap? They look like the ones my store didn't get! (I work there) If so, I'm jealous! :)

  25. Reyna

    Being from Florida and all, you just made me the tiniest bit homesick. Isn't it a lovely place?

  26. Amazing iPhone app. I really need to get this!

  27. we were in jacksonvill florida, mostly. josh grew up there…

    the pants are the Gaps straight cords. i love them- and since i hate pants, that is saying something.

    thanks everyone!

  28. *jacksonville. sorry.

  29. I love these. Your yellow pants are so happy and fun, those pics are so full of joy. :)

  30. Jenni

    Wow beautiful photos. The iPhone amazes me everyday with the wonderful photography it takes. Love it.

  31. Meghan

    Like everyone else, I dig your yellow pants! LOVE them!

  32. umama

    hun these are gorgeous.. i always love the mood your photos create!

  33. Shauna

    your pictures are ALWAYS! so amazing. you have a gift!! thanks for sharing :)

  34. CAPow

    ack!! your photos are making me so excited! my boyfriend and I are going on a road trip to florida in 2 weeks!! I can't wait! Your pictures are so cute, I can't wait to see more.

  35. hey naomi –

    these photos are from the ShakeItPhoto app, not ShakeIt :)

    ShakeIt is a (less awesome) competitor…

    Love your blog!

  36. awesome purple sky! and love your outfit!

  37. BSJ

    that is my favorite app! I heart my iphone :) looks like you guys had a blast! so jealous :)

  38. buhdoop

    Cool pics, I need to take more. Maybe I'll buy a polaroid :)

  39. Emily

    Your outfit is adorable!

  40. lavelle

    is this on an iphone? love them! especially the one with the purple sky and the palm trees. <3

  41. yep that looks about right to me.

    You are probably the only person on earth who can wear yellow pants without looking like high school girl.

  42. pps

    I think Im gonna get an I-phone just for the shakeit app. Im assuming these were taken with an i-phone of course.

  43. -L-

    Try the polarock app too! I'm not sure which one I like better.

    Sweet pants!

  44. Carrie

    Don't you just love this app?! I use it all the time too. Great snaps. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Leslie

    Great pictures! I am so glad that you were finally able to make it to your hubby's hometown. It looks like you guys had alot of fun.

  46. Lynn


    as always your pix are so FAB! I adore how you two are going on little mini vacay's like this, no wonder you are one of the happiest bloggers/girls around! YAH : )))

    I started using this app a while ago, it's so much fun. Did you know that if you take one pic with it and then use the same pic again it'll make a double frame on the photo you use. It looks kinda cool on some brighter ones cos the more times you use it the darker/more distorted it becomes. oh iphone, what will you think of next??!!


  47. Well, that's a rather fun little app then, isn't it?

  48. badekizi

    yellow pants :D

  49. oh goodness, i got this app recently too… my boyfriend is seeing even less of me than he did when i discovered the line up app. i think it's possible that my iphone is taking over my life! :/

  50. lurrrrrve your yellow jeans. deffo need a pair of those. It looks so sunny. hrmf, i wish t looked like that here. :(

  51. By far my favorite App now! thanks for sharing !!

  52. boots

    that app is sweet! i wish i had an i phone!!

  53. Kenna

    Where did you get your blazer? I love it! Been looking for one forever!

  54. it might be a bit to late to ask – but where are your shoes from? they're adorable!