cereal eating contest.

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we’ve met some pretty cool people here in DC.
this group of friends below might have even thrown us
a surprise dance party when we moved in
and made us run through a “welcome” banner!
true story. sadly, i didn’t have my camera to document.
the other night, we got together for a cereal eating contest.
i’d like to take this opportunity now to tell you how difficult
it is to scarf a bowl of cereal under pressure. it is very very difficult.
i didn’t make it past the first round.
husband took third place (i think?!)
i’m so proud of him!

i don’t think we’ll be eating any lucky charms cereal for a very long time.
my tummy still hurts just thinking about it. ew.
  1. Chessa!

    I like husband's apron:)

  2. SUCH a fun idea. i belonged to a swim team for 8 years simply because in the mornings after our practice, we had access to every kind of cereal. not to brag, but i think i would have owned this competition. it's kind of frightening how quickly i can polish off a bowl of golden grahams :)

  3. Lindsey

    that looks like so much fun! i want to do that with my friends too!!

  4. That looks like such a great time! I'm jealous… but it does give me an idea for something to do with my son tonight.. LOL

  5. Suzanne

    ha! that is hilarious and AWESOME!

    i loooove cereal – when i first moved out on my own i'm pretty sure i lived off of corn pops for the first year :)

  6. Meghan

    Umm, this is hilarious! What a fun idea. If there were Cheerios or Special K, I'd be all over it!

  7. Anne.

    Aww, you guys are so much fun. Also, I second Chessa's comment, haha!

  8. Ariel

    what a fun night! i'm going to save that idea for my own friends. i love your jacket btw.

  9. Totally stealing that idea for a night with friends. I may not be the biggest fan of cereal, but I do love a good bowl of it ever now and then and my fiance lovesss cereal.

    Thanks for posting about it.

  10. Marjorie

    It sounds like you have an awesome group of friends! What a cool and original idea. I would have been all about some Fruity Pebbles. I went through like 2 boxes a week during the first few months of my pregnancy!

  11. Suzanne

    Please please please ask the lovely lady in the yellow shirt where she got that adorable grey dress!!!

    Please! It's too cute!

  12. Blicious

    HOW FUN!!! lucky charms are my favorite!! although i twittered/ tweeted about the organic oats and honey gronola cereal. AMAZING!! you should try it if you love cereal! :)

  13. i am kinda craving some lucky charms now!! very fun and cute idea…

  14. Liz

    this is hilarious! what a fun and random thing to do!

  15. Lauren

    That is the funniest and coolest contest idea ever!

    My friends and I have a pie eating contest every year after thanksgiving…it's good times.

  16. Maddy

    This looks so fun… I need to get my friends to start doing things like this. I love cereal!

    P.S. I also love your yellow blazer, so cute!

  17. your life is so damn cute.

    and sometimes i really miss the friendliness of americans :)

  18. Cereal? I would not do well. (But my husband and eldest daughter would.) Give me chips and salsa and I'd knock your socks off!

  19. hahahah so fun!!!

  20. ahhhh I hate cereal!!! thinking about that makes my tummy hurt! But it does look fun!

    How was regina?

  21. ohmygosh…how adorable!

    I have that blazer!

  22. I will most definitely be throwing a party like this soon! Thanks for the idea.

  23. I will most definitely be throwing a party like this soon! Thanks for the idea.

  24. I will most definitely be throwing a party like this soon! Thanks for the idea.

  25. I will most definitely be throwing a party like this soon! Thanks for the idea.

  26. Carrie

    That is the cutest competition I've ever seen. I might just steal the idea and have one with my friends. :)

  27. This all sounds awesome and made me really crave some Lucky Charms! I haven't had them in ages


    have a great weekend!

  28. Emmy

    How fun! I don't think I would do very good at this either.. my husband, another story.

  29. so funny.

    I'd be up for a cereal eating throwdown only if peanut butter capt'n crunch was involved.

  30. boots

    what fun!!! i need to hang out with my neighbors more, i met a few at a town meeting last night and most are 70+. lots of knowledge!

  31. oh my gosh! ok, i would have been defeated in the first round but this is an awesome idea. and now i want to fly home for lucky charms :)

  32. we had a whoopie pie eating contest this summer.. i'll still can't look at the box :)

  33. Wow what an awesome idea, sounds fun! I LOVE cereal, it's my ultimate comfort food.

  34. can we have another contest so i can get rid of the 7 half-eaten boxes of cereal in my cupboard?

    it was totally fun. did you see we're starting a rogue blog? we are so legit.

  35. lar

    where on earth do you find friends like this?

  36. looks like a ridiculous amount of fun!

  37. Too funny!! My college daughter and best friend did a cereal buffet by having all kinds of cereal to choose from and mixing and eating. The idea was a spin off from a Gilmore Girls episode. Nothing like good clean "cereal" fun. She follows your blog I bet she and her roomies try this at home as well. :)

  38. How fun!! My college daughter and best friend did a cereal buffet. Pick all types you want add together with milk and dig in. It was a spin off from a Gilmore Girls episode. She follows your blog, I can see her and her roomies planning this in the future. Nothing like good clean "cereal" fun!!

  39. Sum

    I love Lucky Charms! Marshmallow goodness! haha Sorry. Looks like tons of fun! I love cereal. Your husband is so cute! haha the only one wearing an apron.

  40. Amazing! I'm putting this idea in my back pocket.

  41. I love this idea! It would be great for a kids party too! I wouldn't be able to stop laughing either ;o)

  42. This maybe is something I dream about. I can't tell you how much I love cereal. Obsessed. I have to take vacations from it because I get into a groove where that's all I want for dinner.

    PS: The lucky charms look divine. Craving alert! Thanks for sharing love!

  43. nikita

    that's a really cute idea :) looks like tons of fun! if only i liked cereal a bit more.

  44. Mandi

    Oh my gosh, that looks like the most fun thing ever! I really want to have one too.

  45. That's hilarious. I think I wouldn't have gotten too far in this competition either.

    I tend to eat anything with a spoon like a turtle…except for ice cream.

  46. Yum I LoVe cereal, not sure I could do well in a contest though…I will have to try it :). Thanks for the fun idea!

  47. you are so cool! i dont even know how i found your blog, but i am obsessed now! keep posting!!!

    from a "i-promise-im-not-the-creepy-kind-of-blog-stalker" girl named megs.

  48. What a fun contest !! And congrats on your husband coming in 3rd. That's so great :))

    And I love love cereals,should have been there .heeee

  49. lavelle

    Haha! looks like lots of fun! xx

  50. This is so cute! I heart my Lucky Charms, so I don't think I would be able to participate. ;)

  51. mmm i haven't had lucky charms in years! love the plaid!

  52. Ann

    i love lucky charms, but have to agree…there can be too much of a good thing.

  53. You two are too perfect. And this blog is the most aesthetically pleasing I have ever seen. *envy quite literally steams from my ears*

  54. Alya

    I cant imagine it to be that hard, but yeah I usually don't scarf down cereal. I like to eat it while reading, watching tv, etc.. So basically, slowly.

    I just had it an hour ago. good stuff! haha

  55. Chloe

    that looks like so much fun. totally something i would do! i love your blog. so cute! i hope you had a great conference weekend! it was nice and rainy here in utah!

  56. Such a fun idea!

  57. Joy

    Ok, sso I know this post was about cereal but I'm in love with your yellow blazer. I've been obsessing about it since I saw the post. Where is it from?

  58. Rivers

    Ok ok ok…I know this isn't a fashion blog, and I'm probably way too late to get it – BUT can you tell me where you got that fabulous blazer?