1. Britty

    So I saw this tweet the other day, and I felt the massive urge to build one, so I did!!!! It was so much fun!

  2. Eri

    I hope you and Husband are entering!

  3. so cozy and wonderful. we'd read inside our fort for hours, then kiss a little. mmmmm, dreams that can so easily come true. YEAH FOR SIMPLE FREE PLEASURES!!!

  4. ok, this has just inspired me and guitar hero to enter… i am so excited now!!!! Are you and Josh entering? You should!!!!!!

  5. Mara

    aw theirs are good but yours were pretty special (i don't think these included a proposal). but still very impressive!

  6. Lauren

    I'm thinking a little "how-to" post on fort-building is in order. :)

  7. If I had a man as special as "husband" to build one for me. You are blessed lady, blessed indeed.

  8. ok, my favorite is the girl on the street in a cardboard box fort. with the orange clorox wipes on the side :)

  9. you have to enter!!

  10. how excited are you for wild things to come out? kiwi wants to be max for halloween…

    these forts are amazing! i want to curl up in one right now!

  11. Wow–love this contest! You should enter, most definitely. :)

  12. Sara

    Umm, yeah. I DO wanna build a fort! Who doesn't??

  13. amanda

    what creative, "think out of the box" ideas! love it.

    and i loveeee where the wild things are.

  14. AmyK

    Silly other-commenter-Nicole Addison! That's not orange clorox wipes–that's lovely mod podge! :]

    I think one of these days I'll surprise my hubby with a fort.
    He'll come home from work to a fort in our bedroom and we'll crawl into it and watch old movies and snuggle and eat fattening treats.

    I adore your blog, lovely lady Naomi <3

  15. these are just awesome.

  16. Noell

    Okay, this is where I have to disagree Mrs.Taza. :-) these forts are great, but do not even compare to yours and your hubby's!

  17. love forts :) love.

    my roommate and i just slept in one the other week. it was magical!

  18. Yay! So glad you posted this! I think you and Husband could come up with something AMAZING!! Wendy.xx

  19. This is so freaking cool! I miss those times as a child, building forts and such. So glad you shared these!

  20. shoot these are cute!
    but i would definitely want to build a fort WITH someone… building a fort by yourself doesn't seem like as much fun….

    i agree with everyone else – you + husband must enter!!!

  21. The second one reminds me of the forts my step dad used to build for me when I was little. I don't think building forts ever gets old… along with tea parties and playing dress up. :)

  22. 7upkels

    after seeing this i am determined to build the coolest fort one ever did see this weekend!! how fun!!

  23. jen

    i love it! i doubt any fort i could muster up would be as fantastic as these. although i do remember making some awesome ones as a kid, but they're never as cool as when you're 3 feet tall.

  24. I love the first one with the fake tree and everything.

  25. Care

    I just stumbled upon your blog and have spent my entire day catching up! I LOVE it! I am building my fort tonight :)

  26. geri

    i still vote for your fort. (but the "good sam park" fort is pretty rockin.)
    what a fun little contest! thanks for sharing.

  27. Kelly

    I just wanted to step in here and thank everyone for their kind comments about my forts up above. I have been following the trail around trying to keep tabs on who is linking my photographs and where and stumbled upon this. So, thanks everyone. :)

    http://kellyburgess.net to see the rest of the series, for those that are interested. :)

  28. jules

    Fort building was so much fun as a kid! Now I think I'll bring it back!
    (Along with "The floor is lava." Best game ever!

  29. i was fort builing pro when i was little…
    these pics really made my day!
    thx for sharing.