brown paper packages tied up with string…

thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!
your comments were very sweet
and i was surprised by the kind response.
our giveaway winner is heather!

heather, please send me your shipping address…
i’ll post a few of my favorite things next week
before i send them off to heather!
  1. thats sper im sure heather will be super duper happi for this [:

  2. Maddy

    I hope those are your feet so I can comment on those AMAZING tights, so cute!

  3. Congrats!! I cant wait to keep reading your blog..Check mine out! <3

  4. Sarah

    very happy for heather! lucky girl! adorable poloroid …

  5. Paulina

    yay! I love seeing love spread! Congrats heather!!!

  6. So close. I wish I was the right Heather. I still love you! :)

  7. wow! i don't think i have ever won so awesome in all my days! i am thrilled to be the lucky winner! i'll email you my address :0) thanks taza- aka #1 rockstar!

  8. Jenni

    If Ms. Heather doesn't give you her mailing address – I'm more than willing to take her place ;) Only kidding!

  9. This is my first visit to your blog and I am absolutely in love :D
    You and your husband are both beautiful people :) and I can see how happy and in love you guys are.
    I can truly say you are an inspiration :D
    Regina Spektor is amazing! Thanks for the wonderful interview :)
    Have a wonderful day

  10. Congratulations Heather!!

  11. Go Heather!!
    Yes, your tights AND shoes are awesome :)

  12. congrats to heather!
    i am curious about the things you will put together fo her!
    You dont have to be surprised by the kind response…you know you are a blog rockstar!!!
    keep on blogging, girl!

  13. Sara

    I love those tights.