“all you need to do is, eh. er. it. er. and you’ll be saved.”

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today i feel like michael scott from
last week’s episode of “the office”.
somebody please come save me.
*you probably will not understand the title of this post unless you go watch last weeks episode.
which i highly recommend you do. unless of course you’ve never watched an episode in your life,
in which case, you’ll just be really confused.
**old polaroid of me by josh from 2006. i was just as moody, stressed and tired back then…surprise. surprise.
  1. okay i am laughing so hard right now BECAUSE i just got caught up on all of my shows last night, that episode of the office being the last one i watched. i thought it was so freaking hilarious. i was on my couch laughing out loud by myself, wishing someone was there to enjoy it with me.

    i wish i could come save you. really, i do. i am just as moody, probably worse. find sunshine somewhere today. life does go on, somehow, someway. much love naomi.

  2. okay that last comment from "zach and katie hillstead" is from me, jenna vela. she's my sister, and for some reason i was signed into her name! you were probably pretty confused. anyway, sorry about that!

  3. Howard 6

    Michael is always getting himself into something or another, isn't he? Great show, that is! Rockstar, I hope you feel better soon!
    Kristen in NC

  4. Love The Office!

  5. so I had a dream about you, and you told me to make a happy list, among other things. It was so strange. So I finally got around to it. And I finally got around to telling you about it.
    Have a happy day!

  6. hold on taza. did you get mixed up in organized crime? i will save you. do not worry.

  7. Celeste

    i hope you feel better! just remember the end: if michael stood up to the mafia, so can you :)

  8. anelieze

    fear not, little child, for you are His. {d&c; 50:41}

    u have a much better chance than michael did. he had to beat up the mob.


  9. i still have to catch up! missed pam and jim's wedding, thus could not watch last week yet. CAN'T WAIT. michael scott never ceases to amaze.

    i'm sorry you're feeling moody. it is impossible to tell that your moods swing because you always seem cheerful, wise, and sweet here on your blog. but i guess the truth is, the ups and downs of real life make it the crazy wonderful journey that it is. good luck.

  10. mattie

    sure hope you're not in trouble with the mob! feel better…i love your blog.

  11. buhdoop

    I love the office but I need to find time to catch up. Time, where are you?

  12. Yes, it's one of those days… so was yesterday for me. I need to think of my million dollar idea already… I think that would help.

  13. brigitte

    Naomi feel better!

  14. Heidi

    Last week's episode was brilliant. Even funnier than 30 Rock, so there you go. I hope salvation comes soon! :)

  15. I'm sorry I know how you feel. I've thought that on many occasions, I look at myself or others and think I could totally see Michael Scott in this scenario. I would save you if I knew how, have a better day!

  16. Hmmm…. I might have to watch that episode… feel better soon!

  17. oh "the office" LOVE
    … and i know this feeling well.
    i hope your day gets better dear.

  18. Just remember that you've gotten through all those other times before, you'll get through this time too.

  19. Nate

    Love the office! And even more that you were able to relate it to your post – you're the female equivalent to a stud!(for lack of better words)

    Thanks for keeping us smiling :O)

  20. ah! I can't! Husband and I are still one episode behind. We watch it every night and have to pause it when we are laughing too hard :)

  21. Feelmore

    HA! love your analogy. Perhaps because it hits so close to home… ha. And very much dig your blog. Officially following.

  22. …eh….uh….Bermuda Triangle….eh..ehh…don't call again!

    Hang in there, moody happens. But luckily doesn't last :)

  23. HAHA! that was such a great episode :)
    don't worry, these things shall pass!

  24. nikita

    ha. feeling like michael scott, even just a teeny bit, can never be a good thing. feel better soon dear!

  25. Brittan

    hahaha bermuda triangle!

    so funny.

    it's okay to be moody (at least that's what i tell myself) and you are still loved by josh and so many others, no matter your mood!

  26. Linda


  27. rora

    Haha, i loved that episode. Obviously, you saw it, but I am going to repeat a part of it as if you hadn't anyway…. :) I loved the restaurant, Michael says, "spaghetti with a side salad, if the salad's on top, I send it back."….hehehe

  28. Eri

    deep breaths! deep breaths always help…

    Also thanks for introducing me to the Shakeit app – best thing!!

  29. Hanako66

    that episode was hilarious…they always are hilarious!

  30. Emma

    I am having exactly the same sort of day! I haven't seen the american office yet, as i'm an english gal who is still addicted on the english version. However i know i need to check it out, as i've heard it's just as funny, if not more!

    Your blog makes me smile and i really needed it today!

  31. Shauna

    YES! you watch The Office! best ever!!!! i totally got your title right away! Hope you feel better! you are the absolute best!!

  32. amanda

    the office is always a good time. and i totally hear ya.

    things will turn up. keep the faith, naomi!


  33. TAZA.
    You inspired me to execute "The Summer to End All Summers." And to blog about it. It started with me wanting an alias like yours, and turned into me acting on whims and being a slave to my heart.
    I let go of the world. And in the same instant, found it again.
    I had passion and you inspired me to realllly release the rest of it. To be romantically involved with life, no matter the audience.
    You did this with cupcakes, and a random interpretive dance video.

    So don't be upset.
    There is magic in your veins.

    My Alias's Alibi

  34. marilee

    aww. you are a remarkable lady naomi. i think everyone i know looks up to you. hope that you can feel capable of everything you have going on, because you are. truly and sincerly.

  35. janis

    i was reading the comments above and someone stole my mob joke. too bad.

    so…here's hoping that you're not involved in credit card identity theft!

    take care. xo

  36. Maddy

    I'm sorry you're having a bad day. It's just been "one of those days" it seems (I dropped one of our favorite bowls on the floor and broke it, among other things!) I haven't watched last week's episode yet, but I have time now and I can't wait :)

    Feel better!

  37. Love The Office! My favorite line is: that's what she said. My dad says it all the time and always makes me laugh.

    Hang in there. :)

  38. Oh, I was dying laughing during that. Thanks for reminding me.

  39. jenna

    LOVE that show! Such a funny episode! How do they come up with this stuff?!?

    Hope you have a good day, Naomi. Hang in there!

  40. i love the office