23 years old. Or 6.

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last night I had spaghettios for dinner.
tonight, classic pb&j; with a big glass of milk.

I feel so much better.

I’m having pb&j; again tomorrow for breakfast.
  1. Erin

    i'm 30 with two sons and my husband and i love nothing more than cereal for dinner sometimes with our p.j.s in bed!

  2. Hmmm…sounds like my diet about 20 weeks ago when I had whatchamacallit…oh yah…morning sickness!
    Any secrets behind the nostalgic meals?

  3. Sometimes life just calls for food like this. My favorite: Kraft macaroni and cheese and applesauce.

  4. i feel really silly when i take my lunch onto my college campus and it's nothing more than a pb&j; and a fruit roll-up. but not silly enough to stop taking it!

  5. Shannon

    I'm right there with ya! My childhood comfort food is boxed mac n' cheese. Preferably Velveta shells and cheese that you squeeze out.
    ** Happiness Is…**

  6. Angie

    PB&J; is the best!
    Especially at midnight :)

  7. Nettie


  8. Cathi

    pb&j; sounds great…only I like it with chocolate milk!! enjoy your breakfast! :)

  9. janis

    i've been having a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches lately. so delicious!

  10. Courtney

    mmm I just rediscovered my love for pb&j;'s heavy on the j a few weeks ago.

  11. Maddy

    I love pb&j;, I eat it at least 3x a week (and for breakfast all the time, too!)

    Glad you're feeling better!

  12. PB&J; makes everything OKAY!

  13. right on sister!

  14. sounds perfect. I hope you are doing better. I've been thinking about you today.
    Loves, Andrea

  15. sounds lovely! i swear I am equal parts 6 yr old and 24 year old…

  16. Julie

    spaghettios fix everything.

  17. How amazing are pb&j;'s?? They are at the top of my list! So simple yet so delicious

    you made me want one! ahhh


  18. my boyfriend, who is a total 6 year old in a 20 year old's body, eats cheasy toast baked in the oven covered in spagettios. apparently it's an english thing, but he claims it's wonderful.

  19. i love you for posting this. six was my favorite age ever and comfort food makes the world go round!

  20. Brittany

    I love a good pb&j;!!!

  21. respekt

    yummmmm pb&j; good choice
    who cares if you eat like a six year old, we all do sometimes!

    ps: i get so excited every single time i see a blog of yours posted. this is by far my favorite thing to read everyday! so thanks for that ^_^


  22. createx8

    That sounds surprisingly good. So simple yet delicious :)

  23. i love this Polaroid, so cute! pbj and milk is the best combo! ahh childhood memories. :)


  24. Jenni

    Isn't this normal? I have these type of meals at least once a week. Especially spaghettios and grilled cheese (yum!). And people always laugh when I pull out my lunchable at work.
    I don't see the humor. This is good food!

  25. Maya

    PBJ and milk=perf combo ever! and always makes you feel good :)"kiddie" food is so fun to eat!


  26. Naomi,
    Where in Florida can you get polaroid film? A friend wants to use it for a project at her daughter's wedding and we do not know if the film is accessible. I knew you would know if anyone did??
    Thanks Tracy Langgle

  27. jenna

    I am 24 and I had Mac & Cheese for dinner last night. Comfort food = wonderful.

  28. adorable post! your photos make me want an iphone just for that app.

    i love eating little kid/comfort food too. i have never liked pb&j; though, i always eat peanut butter honey and banana sandwiches!


  29. Have you ever experienced the wonderous grilled pbj? It's so fantastic! It's just your regular pbj, fried up like a grilled cheese. The peanut butter gets very melty and messy… but it's worth it. You should try it! I think you'll love it. Just have your glass of milk handy!

  30. i'm totally having that for breakfast. it looks so good, especially the milk

  31. Naomi

    I have a PBJ & milk most mornings for breakfast. It's the way to go. In fact, I am finishing mine right now as I type. Oh such goodness never gets too old.

  32. Jackie

    Those sound like the best dinners ever! Tonight I'm having grilled cheese and tomato soup =] Nostalgic meals/comfort food dinners are the best.

  33. Mac and cheese is good comfort food, too. Or a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese that you can dunk!

    Feel better soon. Remember tomorrow is another day and the sun is shining (at least in NYC – hope it is shining by you too!)

  34. amanda

    pb&j; is one of all my all favorites. i loveeee peanut butter! that meal looks beautiful in the picture. minus the milk.

  35. Emmy

    PB&J; is one of my favorites!
    One of the benefits of having little kids, you have an excuse to eat things like this all of the time.

  36. brittany

    i love love love pb and j.

  37. Em & Gar

    i had mac and cheese last night. sometimes it's all about the classics for some comforting food!

  38. ahhh, comfort food, from when we were young… mine is birds custard with milk… yummy!

  39. Carrie

    Kid's foods are the absolute BEST comfort foods. :)

  40. Carly

    i adore your blog. and i will now go have a pb&j;!

  41. very few things are better than a pb&j.; seriously, very few!

  42. i'm so with you on both. i love my pb and j's and spaghettios… !

  43. Mara

    yum i love pb&j; and milk!!

  44. Tyr this. (if you have a sandwich grill thingy it would be better) marshmallow fluff on toast. Yum!

  45. Lauren

    Isn't PB&J; so so so good?! Love it.

  46. so cute… i think everyone finds comfort in PB&J…; I pray my children don't have a peanut allergy! :)

  47. yum! my guilty pleasure food is pizza rolls. i may or may not have gorged myself on some last night…

  48. I adore PB&J; and Smuckers went and made them even easier with "uncrustables" that I can toss in my bag, next to my knitting or next project and run out the door with them only to see it sitting there looking all delicious and peanut buttery.

  49. Chloé

    those are some of my favorite meals. simple and delicious!

  50. There was one other comment about "morning sickness" above … peanut butter is the ONLY thing I had a craving for when I was expecting – hmmmmmmm …. ?

  51. Luna

    sounds good to me. simple foods that you like are great and definitely make me feel better. who cares if i'm an adult. i still like pb sandwiches and a glass of milk. i love mac & cheese, and definitely gotta have my cereal too.

  52. Blicious

    i love those nights/ mornings!!! i miss being a kid. ok who am i kidding, i still act like one! :)

  53. Hanako66

    On nights my husband rides his bike, I have pb, banana, and agave nectar with a cut up apple on the side:)

  54. Diana

    I love pbj! after going vegan, i have pb, with banana, agave and cinnamon. it's like my own grown up version.
    who am i kidding, though, right?? :)

  55. Alina

    taza!!! guess what, for dinner last night I had a peanut butter & honey sandwich, yum, I think I'm going to have one again tonight and im 25! haha

    love the little things in life

    : )

  56. jules

    PB&J; on toast with milk is one of my favs!

  57. CAPow

    I haven't had a pb&j; in FOREVER….you're making me crave one…

  58. Jessica

    I just got done eating a fluffernutter sandwich. AND a nutella sandwich for dessert.
    I had another fluffernutter sandwich for lunch today, and for dinner last night.
    I could never get sick of it!

  59. this is a genius idea! I'm so glad I haven't eaten yet:)

  60. we've been loving scrambled eggs with toast (dunked in tomato sauce) for dinner these days. sometimes simple comfort food is what you need!

  61. i'm doing this tonight. so easy, comforting, and yums. thanks for the idea!

  62. how appropriate. we, here in salt lake city (where i live) are celebrating pb&js; this week at the lds institute which stands for, as you may well have guessed: pray, believe, journal, and study scriptures. awesome. those sandwiches rock. in a really big way. good choice.

  63. lar

    have you ever tried it on a toasted english muffin? my husband turned me on to it when we were dating and i've been hooked ever since. on him and the sandwich! :)

  64. the older you get, the more you can appreciate the beauty of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  65. Alya

    I think there are few things as yummy and satisfying as a pb&j; sandwich. Would you believe me if I told you I've never had it with grape jelly? Always strawberry.