my best friend, sumaya.

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she has graced this little blog of mine many a times. and she has been one of my best friends since freshman year at juilliard. and a roommate for two of those years… she is a very good, genuine and loving person… who has seen me at my worst {too many times to count} and still loves me.... Read more

happy halloween weekend!

i could not be more thankful that it is the weekend. enjoy yours! happy halloween! … and little miss princess lasertron is our giveaway winner! email me your shipping info, ring size and what you want your sweet ring to say! xoxo *photo from my front yard in utah the other day. i love seeing autumn try to hold its own against the big winter storms.... Read more

getting to hang with the cool kid on the block…

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i just finished a little project here in utah this evening (and thankfully it was a success! now i can go back to sleeping at night…) i head back to DC tomorrow.

on monday i woke up really sick so the past few days have kind of been torture for me. i hate being sick. and stressed....

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rockstar giveaway! (closed)

i am so excited about this weeks giveaway by our sponsor tinahdee! about tina: “making jewelry for people makes me happy. i can be having the worst day, and when i head out to my workshop & get lost in creating, all my troubles float away!” tina is giving away one of her recylced silver rings!... Read more

hello. goodbye.

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i’m off to new york city today for a little project this weekend. then i’ll be in utah all of next week working on a different one. {and squeezing in some family time! hooray!} so blog posts might not be very consistent. but i do have a rockstar giveaway scheduled for next tuesday, so be sure to check back!... Read more