rockstar giveaway! (closed)

we have a lovely giveaway for you this week by shabby apple!
taken from the shabby apple website,
“shabby apple was founded by two lovely ladies who,
after years of not being able to find stylish dresses
that covered enough skin to make you really feel comfortable,
decided to do something about it.
shabby apple’s mission is to design and provide affordable, fashionable,
hip dresses for women, little girls & mothers-to-be…
without having to compromise anything else.”
the giveaway dress is the fuschia broadway dress
designed for shabby apple by rebekah mckinney.
it features double breasted dream buttons & pockets in the front.
find out more about the dress here.
and of course, the winner will get to select the size!
to enter, please check out shabby apple
and comment below before friday, september 11th!
good luck!
shabby apple is also graciously offering 10% off
everything on their site to rockstar diaries readers!
simply enter rockstardiaries10off at check out!
*this giveaway is open to international readers as well!
  1. Do I have a chance?! …

  2. Mallory

    modesty, comfort and stylishness? a dream come true!

  3. i love this dress its sooo cute.

  4. Michelle

    in LOVE with this dress. so sophisticated

  5. Ash

    Cute! I love pockets!

  6. Hillary


  7. To die for! Thanks for introducing me to Shabby Apple!

  8. mpierce

    Hmmm…you know who this would look great on? Me! I do love shabby apple…

  9. LOVED the dress. The color is delicious!

  10. Nikki

    I love Shabby Apple…have had dress lust for all their dresses years! I love this one!

  11. KATIE

    I love the daring color! I'd have to mark on my calandar when I wore this each time so I wouldn't over do it.

  12. Brooke

    count me in!

  13. laura

    What a great giveaway!!

  14. This dress is amazing! I love everything about it, its nice to see a color that would look great with my strawberry blonde hair!

  15. Wow there are a lot of comments so my chances are slim. Regardless, I love it, even though I don't usually wear dresses like that. There is just something about it. Fingers crossed.
    Love the website!

  16. Ginger

    flattering cut, unique design.

  17. LOVE the dress, long time fan of Shabby Apple and now love your blog!

  18. Stacee

    What great clothes!!

  19. love the color, love the dress, just beautiful

  20. Beautiful! Boy, do I love dresses!

  21. Pick me! I just bought 2 of their dresses and love them both!

  22. amazing! What a cool company. I didn't even know they were out there. Immediately bookmarked!

    — Carrie

  23. Cristen

    I love the classic styling of this dress, paired with the modern choice of fushia. Would love to wear this!

  24. Candice

    What an adorable dress – I would love to win it!

  25. Kate

    I wish, but I never win anything! *sniff* pick me!

  26. tlr

    Love, love, love! Coverage and style – love it! Thank you.

  27. tfox2

    Never bought anything at shabby apple in fact never heard of them before this post but now that I see them i like what they sell and their styles maybe ill head over there

  28. Oh my goodness, this dress is both modest and beautiful–the rare and perfect combination! It is terribly hard to find them both in the same dress! Pick me, pick me! Thanks and have a superb day, Naomi!

  29. jessica

    Oh. My. Gosh. Is it bad that I already picture myself swishing through an Autumn farmer's market in this fabulous dress? Basket in hand, veggies spilling out the side. Man in tow, of course. Le sigh.

  30. Ooh, this is the very dress I've been wishing for from Shabby Apple!

  31. Kat

    Pretty Pretty Pretty Please let me have this Pretty Pretty Pretty Dress!

  32. Noelle

    Love the cut and color!

  33. Erica

    I'm so crazy about this dress! I'll be sure to check out shabby apple!

  34. Amber

    I'd love a pretty and modest dress. Maybe one day I'll be daring and order a dress online…such cute stuff!

  35. So purdy!!

  36. Bethanie

    I just love this dress! I went onto the Shabby Apple website and i fell in love with all of their pieces :) It would be amazing to have this dress.

  37. danielle

    hey taza— new reader. :) i think you're positively fabulous! i love many of the same things you do – regina spektor, shabby apple, bloggies, the church, etc. i also adore the dress!

  38. Fifi

    Nice color. I think I'll find a little pleasures on an hectic hours at work on that dress. Cheers!

  39. shabby apple is fantastic.
    and that dress is a stunner!

  40. RaCh

    oh oh please pick me, I need a new cute dress to inspire me to loose my baby fat!

  41. I want it….please =)

  42. Love shabby apple. Love the color. Love the dress!

  43. LindaSol

    That was stunning :)

    Klem fra Norge

  44. Oooo I love the fuschia broadway dress what an amazing giveaway! Shabby Apple is amazing in general though with their fit to flatter in combination with all of their classic designs make looking fab effortless!

  45. sharon

    Hey I'm international I like the dress but I really like the buttons and the color does sing to me. Never heard of Shabby apple before this but will start checking it out now :0