rockstar giveaway!

i am so excited about this weeks sponsored giveaway
magnolia family vintage is a completely family run mom & pop vintage shop.
they “bring you a carefully edited and affectionately cared for
selection of vintage from all over the country.”
they…”love vintage clothing, not just trends!”
the winner will get to choose which vintage goodie
they like best from the selection of vintage jewelry displayed here
(more giveaway options to choose from here)
or a lot of ten colorful, beautiful vintage scarves…
the choice is up to the winner!

click here to see the rest of the jewelry options for this giveaway.
to enter, please visit magnolia family vintage
and leave a comment below before friday, september 25th!
good luck!
*open to international readers as well!!
  1. Emily

    Such beautiful pieces! Fingers crossed!

  2. Love the bright colorful vintage scarves! Perfect for Autumn.

  3. Sarah

    ahhh I love this jewelry…I love most jewelry

  4. Robin

    All these pieces are gorgeous. I would die of happiness if I got that first necklace pictured. wow.

  5. What s great give-away! Those scarves are delicious!

  6. so gorgeous! how do they make such beautiful things? v. creative!

    ps love your blog

  7. Hello, i am an international reader (ohh that makes me sound so posh!) and i love these! PLEASE pick me!!!!!!!

  8. I'm a big fan of the Magnolia Family.

    Love their stuff!

  9. zanninon

    oh my goodness! such beautiful pieces!

  10. All the pieces are lovely! :)

  11. loving the black broach so very much! it would look fantastic with my sweaters this fall!
    hugs, katie

  12. amazing giveaway! I'm such a sucker for vintage jewelry. thanks Naomi!


  13. Ashley

    love the bracelet… actually, i just love everything!

  14. Lydiia


  15. Hannah

    i dont even know how you would decide which one to get. I want all of it :(

  16. Ains

    I don't know how I'd choose!

  17. Deb

    heart'ing the orange and gold bracelet. i would so be a rockstar wearing that;)

  18. oh, i would love love love one of these pieces! very beautiful!

  19. oh my. what an amazing giveaway!!!! this would be a joy to win!

  20. I love the vintage jewelry and scarves! So pretty! Also I am so glad you had fun in Brooklyn! Happy Fall to you!

  21. I love vintage! Such a great give-away!

  22. Love it all! I see my vintage jewelry collection growing in the near future!

  23. LLWJ

    I almost hope I don't win (highly unlikely anyway – there are so many entrants!) as it would be very difficult to choose. Everything is so lovely.

  24. lovely! I would adore one of these little baubles!

  25. Jessica

    lovely, lovely, lovely!

  26. Ally

    These are so gorgeous!!!

  27. jess

    sending happy vibes your way!!!

  28. Lisa

    628, hope it's my lucky number!

  29. mj


  30. Ashlee

    I spent all summer in NYC looking for the PERFECT red beaded necklace but couldn't find one as good as the imaginary design in my head… but now I finally found it!

  31. So beautiful- I don't know which is my favorite!

  32. Jennifer

    I'm in! Vintage vintage vintage.

  33. How pretty! It would be awesome to win something from here the day before my wedding:)

  34. oh these all are darling. i used to love rummaging through my grandma's stuff and finding beautiful things like this!

  35. Jessica

    all of magnolia fam's stuff is incredible! I love how a vintage piece can change an entire look while being completely unique at the same time.

  36. ohhhh i love LOVE the scarves!!
    fingers crossed!!

  37. MaryPosa

    These are all so lovely…

  38. Lainey

    I just want to jump into that pile of scarves! Gorgeous!

  39. Erin


  40. Amy

    i love the picnik collage – super fun!

  41. so beautiful! i love the first necklace (it reminds me of my grandmothers) and the scarves. thanks for the link!

  42. Caitlin

    ooooh so cute!! :)

  43. Haydee

    My oh my what beautiful things! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win.

  44. please! please! please! be me!

  45. Tiffany

    Wow. It's all so beautiful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed…

  46. Tiffany

    Wow. It's all so beautiful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed…

  47. Pick me! Pick me!

  48. lynette

    What a fun little shop! Yay!

  49. Briauna

    I love that brooch or the super cute orange bracelet. Orange is my favorite color! I hope I win!

  50. YOU'RE the rockstar <3

    I'm tres international, Australian to be exact, and adore your blog! All of the trinkets are to die for, and if I had to pick one, it'd be a toss up between the amber necklacce or the bracelet. Fingers crossed -x-

  51. Cynthia

    great stuff!! hope to win

  52. DL

    Eveything is so beautiful!!!
    I hope i win :)

  53. DL

    Eveything is so beautiful!!!
    I hope i win :)

  54. My birthday is on the 26th and I would be happy to add any of those beauties to my little jewelry box!

  55. Frances

    hello:) i love all of them, and i really really love your blog! seriousssly!

  56. just had a baby 2 weeks ago, and winning one of these gorgeous pieces would sure be a wonderful way to celebrate!

  57. I simply loved all their wonderful jewerly! I'm a fan of vintage clothing and jewerly, so, needless to say, I could expand my growing collection.

  58. what fabulous jewelry!! pick me please!

  59. Pin

    I love all the jewelry in the giveaway set, but the last necklace {the trapezoid (if I recall correctly from geometry)} immediately caught my eye. Stunning!

  60. so unique and beautiful! i feel like the person wearing it should read a book while sitting in a corduroy chair and then walk in a garden.

  61. C

    ohhh pick me pick me !

  62. laura

    Gorgeous!! Maybe I"ll be a lucky winner! :-)

  63. Vanisha

    I've suddenly found myself swaying towards accessories.

    The beautiful neckless (at the top of the post) would be a prize addition to my lacking collection.

    Finger and toes crossed x

  64. I just have to win I love love love this jewlery!

  65. Everything is so pretty.

  66. Alyssa

    yes please!

  67. I'd gladly take anyone of those them!

  68. B

    WOW such gorgeous things!!

  69. jb

    that pendant is BEAUTIFUL! i would wear it everyday and feel like royalty.

  70. JKreids

    Beautiful fall colors!

  71. jen

    i love jewelry

  72. Goah. THe pressure of saying the right thing.


    Love these! And brooklyn!
    Im repping the Bushwick neighborhood for the time being!
    Love your blog! :)

  73. They are all so gorgeous! I do hope I will be picked! xoxo

  74. I love your blog – and the orange and gold bracelet!

  75. Jessica

    Ahh, love it all

  76. Carrie

    Beautiful, lovely, charming and oh so nice. Would love to have anything. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  77. i LOVE the painted bracelets. what a beautiful giveaway!

  78. i LOVE the painted bracelets. what a beautiful giveaway!

  79. Becky

    Your last top 15 happy list was great. Thanks so much. Pick me!

  80. Oh my goodness these are so fabulous. Givaways!!!! <3
    Cute as a button i would love to win one!

  81. Emily

    I love this, best giveaway so far!! Pick me!

  82. So elegant. One of my favorite giveaways yet!

  83. Noell

    All I can say is {LOVE it all!}

  84. Noell

    All I can say is {LOVE it all!}

  85. Heather

    oh my goodness they have the most beautiful jewelry! i hope i win!!! :)

  86. It's all so pretty, it's hard to choose!

  87. Lovely, absolutely lovely. My 25th birthday is Tuesday!

  88. love the colors. i could use some more color in my life.

  89. StaceyQ

    I wonder if I'm too late to enter…hmmm.