before & afters of our bathroom…

{please excuse the bad quality of photos… the lighting is lame.} we don’t really know what was going on with our bathroom when we first moved in. lots of crazy shelving. so we took it down & wallpapered {it’s the removable sticker kind!} hung a new mirror {which we got for dirt cheap out in lucketts virginia} and framed a few of my black and white dianas.... Read more

eh hem.

ladies and gents,

after reading your comments, i feel the need to clarify. i’m NOT becoming vegan. while i totally respect my friends willpower and courage and awesomeness, i am a cheeseburger queen {hello!} i also love dairy a little too much. but i am taking steps to put better things in my body. like, hi-yah {most} processed foods.... Read more

little letters.

dear fishs eddy,

someday i’ll own lots of dishes from you. someday. dear running shoes, i couldn’t believe you this morning… you were the magic behind a successful run. my body has never kept up so well. thank you! dear beetle, sometimes i hate that you’re a convertible. i hate that husband always wants to drive with the top down.... Read more