little letters.

dear fishs eddy,

someday i’ll own lots of dishes from you. someday.

dear running shoes,
i couldn’t believe you this morning… you were the magic behind a successful run. my body has never kept up so well. thank you!
dear beetle,
sometimes i hate that you’re a convertible. i hate that husband always wants to drive with the top down.

dear bedtime stories,

i love you.
dear friends in nyc (and chicago),
i don’t know what happened to cause you all to become vegans in my absence… but maybe you’ve inspired me to make small changes and think about what i’m putting into my body.
dear oreos.
dear secrets that never stay secrets,
it’s all just really unfortunate. and disappointing.
dear pumpkin festival in germantown,
hay rides and corn mazes? pumpkin picking & hand-dipped caramel apples?
polaroid taken last weekend at fishs eddy in nyc.

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