that one big city we used to call home…

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we spent the weekend in new york city.
it was nice being back… 
especially since our tummy’s have been craving good pizza
and we haven’t really found any in dc yet.

it was lovely visiting all our old favorite places in the city,
seeing old friends, eating too much good food 
and reminiscing about all the wonderful memories 
we made there over the years together …
but we must let it be known,
we’ve fallen hard for dc. 
it was beyond comforting driving back into capitol hill 
last night and seeing our sweet little home.
it feels so good being back in dc.
  1. KLBK

    I heart that last little picture!

  2. Alisha

    I love your new bangs! One day I will go to NYC and I will see all of these wonderful things you love :)

  3. loupita

    These are very sweet pictures. Looks like you had a really great time in NYC. :)

  4. the first shot is amazinnnng!

  5. Rhianne

    I feel the same when I go to London for a visit and then come back to Leeds. I loved living there but I'm always happy to come back home.

  6. Shiloh

    I love NYC too, but I am more partial to Brooklyn. You should try Fortino's Pizza in Williamsburg next time you are here. You won't be disappointed. Get the Al Roker and a Margherita Pizza…..simply heaven.

  7. Emma

    Such cute photos, loving the new fringe too!

  8. Katie

    I have to admit…I live in NYC, but visited DC with my husband in June. On your reccommendation we tried Fratelli La Bufala in Georgetown and we LOVED it! Is it no longer a good option?

  9. katie, fratelli la buffala closed down! we'd only been twice and then baam, it was shut down. a shame too! glad you liked it though!! i miss it!

  10. Paulina

    I'm moving up to NYC soon and I am soooooo excited! The pizza there is my favorite. Husband used to work at Patsy's on 74th (?) street back in the day and they have great pizza.


  11. Rose Red

    I'm glad you had a fun weekend. The pictures look great.

  12. Sara

    must feel great to be back "home"

  13. So happy you came to NY & had a lovely weekend. We told them you were coming & asked them to hold off on all the rain. Luckily they listened! The bangs are great and the pizza looks delish. Where's it from?

  14. Belle

    Fabulous pics! I am glad you had a wonderful time.
    I ADORE your shirt! Where did you get it from? xxx

  15. sheila

    your pictures look all too tempting to make me jump up and take the next flight to NY, to eat good pizza is a good enough reason.
    btw. I really like your hair down.

  16. aww, home. it sounds good to hear you say that! i'm still in limbo, but dc seems better with each passing week.

  17. adin_22

    Ohh…how I miss both DC & NYC…..:)

  18. missy.

    that pizza looks fantastic. mmmm!!

  19. Hanako66

    oooooh, I love these photos…I must visit both NYC AND DC!

  20. Kat

    either youre really tiny or that is one big ass pizza!

  21. Lisa

    I am so jealous of you and your East Coast living. I have never been anywhere East…(Well,we had a lay-over in the New York airport on our way home from Aruba- but 12 hours and trying to sleep in the airport.. NOT FUN) Anyway… Just keep having fun and loving every minute of your cute lives together. Someday I will make it to New York City. :)

  22. aww i'm glad you had a good little trip and that you're loving your new home!

  23. yum! that pizza does look delicious!!

  24. aw so sweet. i love my home, but i feel like i have a bad case of wander lust and thus everywhere seems so fascination in comparison.
    but home is where i feel the most comfortable, where i can sleep and look like a slob, and be a mess.

  25. How wonderful to visit your "old" haunts. :) That's always so fun.

  26. That pizza is crazy big. I'm sad I never got to try pizza when I was in NYC.

  27. nikki

    Naomi… how do we keep missing you when you come here??? I am so sad that I haven't gotten to see you on your past visits. Hopefully soon. Glad you guys are loving DC. JH is big… almost walking.

  28. don't you love when home…feels like home? that last picture is adorable and i love how you always notice different angles that most of us would miss.

  29. I love visiting places I used to call home!

  30. I love your bangs, they always look so great! ;)

    That pizza pic looks delish!

  31. Krista

    I love the pizza in New York…really nothing can compare…not even the places that say "New York Style:" they just aren't the same!

  32. Lainey

    Amazing photos as always! I can't wait to go to New York. And I especially can't wait to try the pizza there!

  33. Heyyy you got your bangs trimmed! I quite liked them longer, actually. But they still look amazing!
    Ahh those photos are beautiful.

  34. Me

    Love your bang trim! Looks great!

  35. Me

    Love your bang trim! Looks great!

  36. all the pictures, especially the last, are adorable.

    have you tried matchbox in dc? there are a lot of naysayers, but i love it. and you can add garlic (for free) to any of the pizzas. the veggie is my favorite. :)

  37. Jenni

    That pizza looks so tasty!

    And cute photo of the Diana with ice cream.

  38. Both you and that pizza look delightful :) Wow!!!

  39. Mandi

    omg, Naomi, that pizza is bigger than you! heee!

  40. MK/HK

    Hey darling,

    I'm going to NEW YORK CITY next week and I did write a bunch of things down to do in NYC on my blog
    but I still need much more additions.

    Help a girl out?

    And cute entry. I'm glad you had fun back in your hometown.