that old vw bus…

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husband and i came  this close to buying an old junker vw bus
and driving it cross country for our honeymoon. 
but at one point or another, a few quaint bed & breakfasts around cape cod 
sounded more appealing and the vw bus idea was out.
when we ventured out last april in a different kind of vw.
but we’re still dreaming of someday driving around town in our own vw bus.
and while i’m probably one of the only women out there 
who actually dreams of owning her own mini van someday,
 i’d still prefer a vw bus to haul my children to soccer practice in. 
someone very lucky owns this one below and parks it near our place…
it’s absolutely beautiful and sometimes i go out of my way to drive by it.

photos taken with slightly cooperating b&w; lomography film
and my diana.

  1. Maren

    I have a serious thing for vw buses too!

  2. lavelle

    Me and my boyfriend have a VW camper, but its an 80s one (theres photos of it on my blog but its nowhere near as pretty as this) , I'd love a split screen like this one <3 xxx

  3. jadie

    girl that is my dream car! i almost got one for my first car but my parents thought i needed something more reliable. pssh.
    the photos are lovely, by the way.

  4. Naurnie

    my first love/boyfriend owned one. we drove it from tn to co. whenever i see one, they still make me smile.

    you better learn how to change oil and spark plugs, though!

  5. I have a love affair with VW buses too. I would love to drive around in one…

  6. the vw bus just sings fun, don't you think?

  7. Shelley

    Love VW's I wanted one growing up, but I have fallen hard for my little Mini Cooper! My dad had a 1969 super beetle in orange when I was little… I blame him for the obbsession for beetles!

  8. Sara

    I totally agree with you.
    I don't know what it is, maybe it's because it's so 70s.. everytime I see a VW bus I just think of free lazy sunny beachy days, with daisies in my hair!

  9. I, too, dream of having a mini-van. I currently have a PT Cruiser…it's kind of a smaller version I guess. My VW convertible Rabbit (1982) was the BEST car I ever owned. I miss it. If you watch the movie "Can't Buy Me Love" it's exactly like the one in that movie, only it wasn't white, it was tan. Ah…the 90's.

  10. that is so fun! there is an old old yellow chevy pickup near me and i drive the long way just to see it. great photos lady!

  11. ellen

    I learned how to drive in our orange VW bus. Oh the memories!

  12. J.Dimps

    ooo i love vw buses! &, well, vw's in general (prob why i own one!) :) these pics are precious!

  13. Lainey

    You know what's funny? My hubby and I were just talking about how much fun it would be to get one as well. we saw an orange one the other day, and it sparked my interest. It would be fun for a road trip, but he said it wouldn't be as practical for regular days. I still want one though!

  14. We had a VW bus growing up. Not nearly as cute as that one though.

    After squeezing my 3 kids into a regular sized car for 1 1/2 years I finally got a minivan last month. They are so much fun!

  15. jenny

    that is my DREAM car! i want one so badly…

  16. one of my family friends has had a vw van for years! he said its the most reliable car he's ever owned and he just adores it!

  17. Sometimes I call my minivan the Funvee (a la Iron Man), but THAT would really be a FunVW!
    Yes, you would tote your kids around with class!
    I dream of having one and painting it up Hippy style.

  18. Naomi,
    My husband Tommy and I have the exact same dream! I maybe even waited too long making a decision about buying one for a GREAT deal, and it passed us up.

    We have said time and time again, we cannot wait to own one, spruce it up, and drive down our beloved Pacific Coast Highway as the proud owners!

    I’m right there with ya girl – make me jealous and get one! : )

  19. My very dear friend has one just like this and he travels up and down the coast of California months out of the year…just livin' it!

  20. what a coincidence…b.c my boyfriend and i were just looking at vw buses on craigslist the other day for my move to portland. i think it would be fun to renovate one and make it my own.

  21. Fenke

    it is alex' and my dream to own a vw bus since… forever! we already bought one of those books that tell you how to build everything inside… still dreaming though.

  22. Meme

    When I was 19 years old (many, many years ago)I wanted a VW Bus but my Dad wouldn't let me get one. I got a VW Bug instead because it was $1000 cheaper and I could pay cash for it ($2100). This was in 1969….cars were pretty cheap back then but I still have Bus desire!!
    Love your's always fun to watch a young couple living a happy life.

  23. yes yes! lets do it!
    we shall be daring artists.

    love these b&w;'s.

  24. Sydney

    I've always wanted one of those buses! They're so fun.

  25. I love them! I had a friend who received a perfectly restored pink one for her 16th birthday!

    I long for an airstream…

    I am wearing one of your headbands today in my post!!!

    Have a good day!

  26. YAY to the V-dubbie post!! luv the old buses… such a free-spirited vehicle. i will be a VW owner for life

  27. mina

    gorgeous. i've always wanted one of these!

  28. Carlita

    i would never consider this a mini van. it is a bus, and will always be completely awesome and beautiful.

  29. love love love! if this van's a rockin' don't come a knockin'!

  30. *)
    we used to drive all over this beautiful country in a vw. 'twas delightful. my memories of summer are open windows and singing at the top of my lungs to whatever tape was in the deck.

  31. I'm dying for a minivan. My friends think I'm such a nerd, but I want one so bad. The automatic doors! The video player! All the bells and whistles, I want it ALL.

  32. Tiffany

    I have a VW beetle and I will never drive anything else for the rest of my life i love it so much! By the way, I had Mcdonalds Big Mac and Fries for the 1st time in years. I could'nt help but think of you too LOL!!!! It was heavenly….uh oh ^___~

  33. i love love love VW buses. there's an old man that drives a zebra one around town and i can't think of many things i wouldn't give to own it myself

  34. Rachel

    just one more reason why i LOVE you and your blog. My first car was an '86 Vanagon, borrowed from my parents. i have wanted another bus ever since they sold it when i was in college. if not to drive, i plan to eventually gut one and plant it in my back yard as my own little grown up tree house.

  35. Jenn

    That is so funny you dream of owning a mini-van. I can't stand mine. :) My parents have an old vw bus to toodle around town in complete with a bunch of fake flower bouquets taped to the inside walls.

  36. Amy

    I love VW Camper Vans so so much! Even if we could afford one, my husband won't allow it as they are "too slow" apparently! I think that just adds to their charm :)

  37. Rosie

    we have a vw bus! it's parked in our garage because my daddy doesn't feel like fixing it. but my family used to drive it, before i was born. we love it, frankly.

  38. a vw bus was my first car and i drove around australia in it (it took a whole year!). it was excellent and i still miss her. but loooong trips are definitely out of my system now. i'd love a little bug and a few bed and breakfasts though. :-)

  39. Shauna

    someone down the street from my house owns one too!

  40. Emily

    I loooove VW vans.
    So cute. I want one too.

  41. We had a red VW bus for a few years when I was growing up. When we went on trips to Utah (from California) and sometimes while driving slowly up steep hills, we kids (there are 6 of us), would stick our arms out the window and flap our arms in unison.

  42. not quite there yet:
    that has to be the cutest thing i've heard. adorable!!!!!

    and everyone else:
    so jealous of all you previous or current vw bus owners!! at least someone is living my dream!


  43. boots

    I would love to take a cross country trip with my love. honey moon or not, SO FUN!

  44. we were there a few weeks ago and my husband and I saw the very one! He has always wanted one of these, so we were fantasizing about having one after we saw it….how funny!

  45. Brittan

    Oh my, that is gorgeous! I love the idea of dropping kids off at school in one of these.

  46. Rachel

    love, love.

  47. i still read your blog every post. just to let you know i am still here. I love these pictures! ;D

  48. Taryn

    One of my next door neighbors owns three VW vans all from different years and in various states of refurbishment and improvement. I definitely understand the draw that they have :)

  49. I love your blog! We had a VW bus when my family lived in Athens, Greece for a year–it was a blast! We even slept in it when we traveled to remote villages. We also drove it all over Europe–through the Alps, Rome, Paris, the Autobahn… that bus had some serious horses! My family has also owned a minivan and I must say, it was waaaay more comfortable. I thinks it's fun that you would want a VW bus, but actually even cooler that YOU, Taza, dream of owning a minivan some day. You can make anything rock!!

  50. I want a VW bus so bad too!

    For the longest time there was one for sale on Little River Turnpike in Alexandria and I kept trying to talk my SO for us to buy it, when I finally convinced him it was sold. :(

  51. I love VW vans as well! So vintage and oh-so-fun! I could definitely see you driving your future kiddies around in one.

    My husband and I are moving to Nashville, and in the neighborhood we're going to live in there is this hot dog stand called "I Dream of Weenie" that is made out of a VW van. It is awesome, and I can't wait to visit there often. See some pictures for yourself:

  52. nifer

    I think that is the ONLY minivan I'd drive my future kids around in, just because it's got history. I'm so not normally a minivan kinda girl.

  53. If you drove your kids around in a VW van, you would so get coolest-mom-of-the year award, hands down!

  54. cupcake

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  55. Love it! my first car was when I was 16 and it was a '72 baby blue VW bus. so many classic memories until I busted the engine when I was 18 roadtripping through NC. I need to find those pictures ::sigh:: just classic.

  56. Lina

    Ah how cool! This reminds me of the show Lost. I wouldn´t mind to have one either. Love the photos!

  57. Jenni

    Cutest van ever. And great photos.

  58. BMarie

    I love that you want one. My b-friend and I used to cruise the west coast in a split window!! Loved it!! They are so beautiful and you can't help but smile while you're in it – let alone behind the wheel. If you decide to buy one get it out of sunny California or any other state that doesn't have harsh winters – less rust!

  59. When we married, my 6'4" husband drove us around in his yellow VW bug convertible. In the early 70s, with 3 toddlers, we regularly drove our VW Kombi up and down the East coast from GA to ME. It was fully outfitted with a double bed in the back with a pop-up double roof bed above for 2 children and a hammock over the front seats for our infant, plus eating/game table, sink and toilet, and awning over the double doors. Now he drives a red VW EOS convertible. A steady man. :)

  60. Linds

    My husband and I just got back from a 5 day road trip in our '69 VW Van. How lovely to find this post on my return :)

  61. Love your website. It's so cute. I was doing a search on women and classic cars, wondering why I couldn't just settle with a more modern bus like a vanagon or a eurovan. Regardless, I came across your blog and there are some women out there who are just as enthusiastic about buses as you. I bought an old 64 VW bus last year and I love it. It's deemed my "mobile office" and it allows me to do any of my design work at the beach. As my mom says, "it's not practical" but oh yes it is. :) I love it and that makes it practical. :) Hope you can get your hands on one… it truly does stand for a different era and a different way of life…

  62. it's ok- i dream of owning a minivan too. they're just so mommy-ish!! and they have great cargo space…