rockstar giveaway!

…get excited!
remember this sweet surprise gift i received 
from artist casey o’connell herself a few weeks back? 
{the painting i fell in love with and had blogged about before my birthday?} 
 because of the overwhelming positive response 
to casey’s artwork on the rockstar diaries
casey wanted to give away another print for all of you! 
after our email correspondence over the last few weeks 
i can honestly say casey is such a genuine and beautiful person 
who like any artist, loves when her art touches others and inspires them. 
 she hopes this gift will inspire one of you!
so this weeks giveaway is a big beautiful wall graphic 
of the painting when freckles collide by casey.
you can find out more about how these big wall graphics work here.
{me and my big wall graphic of when freckles collide}
read more about the talented artist casey o’connell here
and more on casey’s ltl prints here.
to enter, leave a comment below before friday august 7th!
good luck!
casey & ltl prints are offering 10% off to all rockstar diaries readers 
when they enter RockstarDiaries-09 at checkout.
so don’t miss out…
  1. This print is so beautiful. It reminds me of my love, who is so far away from me because hes in the military. So sweet and tender, just looking at it makes me smile.

  2. This print is beyond beautiful and I love the name since I'm covered in freckles from head to toe. Literally, I have freckles on my toes. How awesome is that!

  3. Please, please, PLEASE!

  4. Love the way the guy is holding the girls face in this picture! So tender and sweet! Being a freckle face myself I LOVE the title…"When Freckles Collide"

  5. molly

    oh if i could be so lucky to win my freckles really would collide!

  6. Emily

    So fun! Wishing luck to all the participants but am secretly hoping really hard that I win!

  7. Sarah

    Beautiful, just beautiful I would love to win!

  8. Exxie

    Her prints are so lovely, they make you feel carefree just by looking at them!

  9. Sara

    I also instantly fell in love with this painting, the moment you blogged about it! What a fantastic artist, willing to share her gifts with everyone. I'm crossing my fingers!

  10. I can only imagine the simplicity and wonder that piece would bring to me and my hubbys first home, since i do day dream about it…often. I just may be as lucky as he says i am..

  11. kelly

    i love love love love love this oh so very much!!!

  12. Lindsay

    911 comments! that is a lot. I love, love, love, and know exactly where it would go!!!!!fingers crossed!

  13. This is my third try to comment. The first time I wrote "he" instead of "she", but I don't think I did anything wrong the second time and still… Would my third try get me in the running? I normally wouldn't act so needy, but this is an amazing print.

  14. Blythe

    crossing my fingers!

  15. Madi

    My goodness! That painting is simply divine and so unique. The colors are georgous. It would surely brighten anyones day!(mainly those romantics like myself) Im keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  16. Madi

    How do you find all of these cool givaways??? I luv the painting and I luv your style and your blog!

  17. Dear Casey (and Rockstars)– oh what a fan I am! I would love to win this for my dearest mama who has recently discovered her talent for painting! Oh what a joy it would be!!

  18. Elisa

    Yeah! Love love love her work.

  19. Whitney

    I just stumbled across your blog and pretty much read almost the whole thing! I love it! And I would LOVE to have that painting for my house! It is beautiful!

  20. Whitney

    I just stumbled across your blog and just read pretty much the whole thing! I love it!

    And I would LOVE to win that painting for my house! It is beautiful and would look great on my living room wall!

  21. oh,i do hope you ship internationally, in love with.

  22. you are so blessed. it's so wonderful to know that people are intrested in making your day!

  23. This is an amazing Painting… I hope I win :)

  24. jenny

    i'm crossing my fingers!

  25. Ashley

    Thanks for introducing me to a fabulous artist…I checked out her website and I fell in love with a lot of them!

  26. Pick me! Pick me! pick me!

  27. Lisa

    The best thing of my life…….love it!

  28. Please, please pick me Taza. I'll be your friend now and forever!

  29. Please, please pick me Taza. I'll be your friend now and forever!

  30. MaKenna

    I have plenty of freckles, and would pass them out for free if I could. (I am not too worried about running out of them, I just need to step outside for 5 minutes.) it is also my birthday week! My 21st. It would also just look lovely in my new home after I get married.

  31. heartwarming

  32. Kristen

    Just bought a new place and we have embarrassingly bare walls! Would love this!

  33. Nana

    I'm lusting after some of that artwork!!! <3

  34. Maryam

    I love this so much!

  35. Oh please oh please oh please pick me.

  36. i want this piece of art soooooo badly!!! we just moved into a lovely apartment in LA and i am in much need of something to spice up our new place!! PICK MEEEEE!!! PS i love you guys ;)

  37. does it increase my chances if i comment more than once??

  38. am i any closer ??


  39. me + Casey = true love… She is amazing. and I am crossing my fingers.

  40. I'd kill to win this,since I never win anything!

  41. This would make a great addition to my home office!

  42. Cindy

    i would love this print, so cool, thanks for the shot!

  43. Meg

    This painting makes me think of the Postal Service song "Such Great Heights"…LOVE it!!! Its also pretty rad that it looks like my hubby when he is sporting a beard. Thanks!!

  44. Echo

    I have heart eyes for this pic and would LOVE to put in in my apartment! sigh True Freckle Love Forever!!!

  45. J. Bare

    Art is so lovely, especially this piece!

  46. Kelly

    my apartment is in dire need of a little pick me up. this would be perfect on my bare white wall. i love it!

  47. daneil

    Wow. What an amazing and beautiful piece. I love that Casey's art seems to capture such wonderful life and emotions. Full of color and beauty. I would love to own one myself.

  48. SoFiA

    On the mere chance that I can get chosen I am leaving this comment.

    But I gotta say her artwork is gorgeous.

    Whomever gets it is a lucky person.


    thx for having this lovely giveaway!

  49. Tara

    Fingers crossed… tightly!!!

  50. Pick me, pick me! My wall NEEDS this. And my hubby is a photographer — so I'll "Pay it forward" and make him give someone a free photo shoot on his blog.

  51. luhugh luhugh lughugh it.

  52. karlee


  53. karlee