rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a giveaway by ciao chessa!
the winner will receive a print of their choosing
from ciao chessa’s open edition line of prints in the shop.
the talent behind ciao chessa is the corporate dropout
turned professional NY-based photographer monica shulman.
monica left her career as a corporate lawyer to focus on her photography.
chessa is her childhood nickname, and monica says it’s also
her much bolder & less shy alter-ego!

so go head over to ciao chessa and start dreaming of
which open edition print you’d love to win …
then leave a comment below before friday, august 28th!
good luck!
  1. I REALLY need some art on my walls!

  2. Kristin

    love love love those pictures! i must have one!

  3. yayayyay. these are beautiful. i just moved into a real drab apt. would be amazing on the wall! would make my bones real real happy.

  4. CER

    oh, you will just have so many comments but i will throw my name in the hat — crossing my fingers!

  5. oooooo. my walls would look much prettier with one of these prints. pretty please?

  6. I love the wheel series! Thanks for the contest!

  7. Stella

    Would love one!

  8. I love your blog! My best friend Anna just moved to DC and sent me a link to it and it is wonderful! I also love the photos in this giveaway! Especially the one she has titled rain in her Etsy shop! I hope you are having a great break from blogging!

  9. this would be perfect for my new apartment! so hard to choose though…

  10. Leah

    oooooh goodness! love these!

  11. Chessa!

    I am so overwhelmed by the comments here! I wish I could personally thank every single one of you for your kind words and your support! It really does mean a lot to me and pls know that I have read every thing you've said here. THANK YOU!! xo I will definitely try to make my way through all of your blogs:) thank you, again, Naomi!

    ps–visit my blog to see more work too…

  12. Tiff

    Lovely pictures, they make me want to become a photographer!

    [email protected]

  13. Simply beautiful!
    I love 'walking from the past' but my absolute favourite is 'Paris vintage'. They'd at a bit of beauty to my bare univerity flat :)

  14. YES, please! Totally beautiful.

  15. rora

    Wow! We are so lucky, what an amazing giveaway! Also, such gorgeous choices, that's that kind of hard decision I like….

  16. krysti

    oh lala! what talent!

  17. amanda

    These are so lovely! I'd go for Rain or History in Some Bottles!

  18. Jeff

    i love these! i love each one equally for different reasons so much, i would do eenie meenie meenie moe to choose!

  19. These photographs at gorgeous, they show a true passion for the art & craft.

    I could stare at them all day (*ejem* *ejem*)…

  20. i'm a student on exchange in stockholm, sweden. it's my first time away from home (singapore) and my room's bare now. as much as ikea is everywhere here, i'm looking for something comforting to put on my walls and one of these prints might just be my ticket to transforming my room into a home.

  21. Oooh! Lovely! I hope I win! xxx

  22. Oooh! Lovely! I hope I win! xxx

  23. Wendy

    I LOVE them all!!! They are awesome!

  24. Katy

    any of these would look so great in my new apartment. my walls are so blank right now!!

  25. Emily

    i'd love to win the print with the bicycle. it makes me want to travel the world on my bike!

  26. Izzy

    I love "New York Freedom". I am obsessed with the old brick building and the bright red shutters. It reminds me of the time I spent in China. I would love to own this print.

  27. These are so gorgeous! I would absolutely LOVE to win one!!

  28. christy

    I really want the print of the wooden house by the water!

  29. I love these prints! I love Your Wild Horses and Paris Vintage! They are wonderful!

  30. Annie

    I just redid my whole room and one of these would go SOOOO well!!!

  31. kelly

    no need to browse, i love the bottles. what an amazing artist!

  32. Paris Please!! I love black and whites and Paris is my favorite city in Europe. x

  33. my chances are minimal, but i would absolutely love anything with the name "ciao chessa" to be up on my wall! her work is gorgeous.

  34. bring it on girl! these rock!

  35. You can count me in for Abstract Spring I! Love it.

  36. plates for sale catches my eye because the bright colors would make my dorm room actually nice to look at

  37. plates for sale catches my eye because the bright color would make my dreary dorm room livable!

  38. Hannah

    please please pretty please, i need something pretty to look at instead of the awful view of construction from my window

  39. maggie

    i have a black&white; OBSESSION, and i love "shadows of ourselves". . . but the hot purple lips appeal to my inner barbie. . . we all have one :)

  40. Shell

    oh joyus day, i love giveaways! never win but i can't help but gamble, i have nothing to loose!
    fingers are crossed!

    – shell

  41. LOVE these prints! the yellow grass print has wonderful color!

  42. Lemon

    will definately have a looksie at her stuff!

  43. Please please me :)

  44. Ana

    I love these prints! I'm reluctantly moving into a new apartment next week and one of these gorgeous photos on the wall could definitely help ease the pain…haha

  45. Fab photos! A new shop to add to my favs.
    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  46. Kathy

    Her photos really make you feel something. Some have a calming effect, others make me think, and a couple bring back memories. She has a unique, creative eye. Very talented! I love the colorful joy of the "Plates for Sale" It lifts me!

  47. Prints are beautiful! Just what I need :)

  48. Goldibug

    I love the Prelude to Summer print! It looks so fresh and alive! She did a fantastic job!

  49. I'm getting married in a week and a half and would love a piece of art for our new home! Please pick me!

  50. i've been to new york once. i fell in love with the city. i know it will be a very a long time til' i can go again. the photographer has captured every part of new york and her beauty.

    the long island waves are gorgeous.

  51. Jen

    Come to me, lovelies.

  52. Dot

    mmm I would love one of these to put in my boring cell-like dorm room to cheer it up.
    Either way I like your blog and Kudos to Monica for the awesome pics.

  53. Now all we need is more wall space :)

  54. Sarah

    Oh dear. I am dreaming of Air Dry. I can see my mother's head poking out of the window and reaching for her favorite day dress.

  55. these are lovely

  56. awesome giveaway! thanks for the opportunity! i'm in love with her black/white prints, paris vintage might be a favorite…but they're all so pretty! fingers crossed! ;)

  57. Robin

    So gorgeous!

  58. These prints are beautiful and would give out totally bare, newly painted living room a bit more character.

  59. Kimber

    oh goodness i love it!

  60. they're so nice. i love the black & white ones!

  61. I LOVE!!! Absolutely Amazing!

  62. Emilee

    "Plates for Sale" is absolutely lovely. I also love the red bicycle print. Both are so pretty!

  63. if i had that red bike
    i'd cycle to london and tell my best girlfriend i miss her and give her a big hug and then share some fish and chips together in the east.
    where would you go?

  64. if i had that red bike
    i'd cycle to london and tell my best girlfriend i miss her and give her a big hug and then share some fish and chips together in the east.
    where would you go?

  65. These are gorgeous! I love the colors.

  66. These are gorgeous!

  67. ciupa

    plates for sale would look lovely in my kitchen! pretty please?

  68. Jessica

    Wow – Monica is one talented lady. I love 'The Pair' shot in Long Island with two horses and kind of erie sky. Beautiful and would LOVE for it to be mine!!


  69. OH! I absolutely love the Abandon print. It would look lovely in my kitchen!

  70. crystal

    history in some bottles!!!

  71. Heather

    I just love the abstract spring or the vintage paris. They are all so great! Love your blog, and love the giveaway! Thanks! Hope I win! (fingers crossed)

  72. So great. some personal fav's:
    -on the way up on the way down
    -lost in translation
    -Rain ( love this)
    – you pick the place i choose the time
    -un petit jardin

    all very lovely. i'v never tried this before.. so hopefully beginners luck works! :)
    Pick Me oh Please

  73. Brandy

    The Little Red Bike would hang nicely above my little boys bed.

  74. errign

    My favorite is "On the Way up, On the Way down" :]

    What an awesome giveaway!

  75. They are all so so beautiful! I think that my favorite is On the Way Up, On the way Down as it really captures Paris atmosphere.

  76. chloe

    i love paris vintage, it belongs together with my room. :P

  77. J. Bare

    I just moved into my first house and any one of the three prints would look fabulous above our couch!!!!!

  78. SoFiA

    Ooh! love it!

    enter me in this great giveaway please!

    I love the "Un lago en el Cielo"!

  79. Joanne

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope you're enjoying the Capitol Hill/DC area. I'm one of the swaths of young people who work on Capitol Hill… although.. I'd much prefer being on the beach, like the Un Lago en el Cielo print! Have a beautiful weekend.

  80. Gorgeous! These would look so good in my new apartment. White walls are so boring!

  81. They are beautiful . Oh how I love the rain one.

  82. Julie

    Fantastic shots! Though, I'll have to say the Brooklyn Abstract is my favorite. Ciao Chessa makes me want to pick up photography again.

  83. Anna

    Oh Oh PICK ME!!!!
    My little SLC apartment is in great need of something fantastic to hang!!!
    Pretty please with a cherry on top?? :)

  84. Anna

    Oh Oh PICK ME!!!!
    My little SLC apartment is in great need of something fantastic to hang!!!
    Pretty please with a cherry on top?? :)

  85. oh so lovely!

  86. Simply gorgeous photography! I love In the Spring 1! Spring is my fave season.

  87. Ali

    Beautiful Prints. They simply belong on my wall

  88. beautiful! love the vibrant colors and different textures.

  89. oh such beauties.
    dappled light & foreign text & colours galore.

  90. These prints are gorgeous. I'm going to have to bookmark her shop and save up my pennies to purchase a print or two of my own!

  91. Shiloh


  92. Natalie

    Love! I need things on my walls soo bad and I never have any idea what to put there.

  93. Aya

    Lovely photography. This would be a great 20th birthday present for my sister! She's loves everything about photography.

  94. Oh There are so many good ones! I ADORE "green in tuscany" and "Spring II" and "the new yorkers" and "Brooklyn abstract" is genius!

    Love, love love to have one. so hard to choose which!

  95. Kate

    I love how she is a corporate dropout. It shows how important it is to do something you love. Such beautiful photographs.

  96. Shawna

    I love love love your blog! It's so cute and brings me such inspiration, as do these photos. I think I like "The Little Red Bike" and "History in Some Bottles" the best. Enjoy your week off!