rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a giveaway by ciao chessa!
the winner will receive a print of their choosing
from ciao chessa’s open edition line of prints in the shop.
the talent behind ciao chessa is the corporate dropout
turned professional NY-based photographer monica shulman.
monica left her career as a corporate lawyer to focus on her photography.
chessa is her childhood nickname, and monica says it’s also
her much bolder & less shy alter-ego!

so go head over to ciao chessa and start dreaming of
which open edition print you’d love to win …
then leave a comment below before friday, august 28th!
good luck!
  1. aDeLiNe

    I'd love to get the "Your wild horses" for my mom, she'd love it.


  2. I hope I'm not too late to enter – I'd love to win one of these beautiful prints!

  3. Lara

    Oh geez. Gorgeous.

  4. Fufoo

    what a gorgeous point of view!

  5. M-Ware

    so fantastic!

  6. Kate

    Great giveaway! Would be the best thing on my wall!

  7. Lady P

    wow! that is quite some competition for one of those absolutely great photos – but hell
    put my name in
    maybe lady luck will be with me

  8. TJ

    I would love to win one for my home, they are beautiful

  9. Aw, I know the giveaway is over but I just saw this and had to say how much I love Monica's work. I have that beautiful print of the house in the Hamptons actually.