here’s to happiness, round 2 {by erin}

erin’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy: the smell of wet pavement from a heavy first rain when autumn & halloween decor goes on display in store windows red nail polish when my doggie nestles her head into my lap for a good nap the feeling of sand between my toes at the beach sushi– especially the philly roll discovering a new delicious recipe random love notes christmas cookies: making them, eating them… walking through antique stores thanks for playing, erin!... Read more

we love the county fair.

on saturday i put on my red cowboy boots & we headed to the montgomery county fair with friends. best.time.ever.

the fair is also a good excuse to eat lots of fried stuff! we tried fried oreos for the first time {obsessed} and also ate fried dough, funnel cakes, cotton candy, a bucket of fries & some yummy bbq chicken.... Read more

happy birthday little blog.

can blogs have birthdays? is that allowed?or is that just silly? so it’s been 2 years since our first post… oh my.

sometimes i can’t believe how much i love blogging…or that i am still blogging…or that i haven’t taken our blog private yet…

i also can’t believe how far along my sweet husband and ihave come since that first post…

this little blog has provided such a lovely little outlet for me…a place to collect my thoughts, post our photos,our online journal of sorts…

better yet, it’s helped me really focus on the beauty of life…and it’s taught me a lot about myself in the process....

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thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!

our giveaway winner is rosie who said:

email me your shipping address, rosie! and happy birthday! ... Read more