these darling little twins sisters of mine are all grown up…

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they are suddenly 18 years old and off to college on the east coast…

how did that happen so fast? but first, before they jet off to college, the boo boo’s {as we’ve always called them} are in the air on a plane as i type this… on their way to dc to spend a few days with husband and me.... Read more


have you heard? thank you urban outfitters for supporting the impossible project! read more about it here. instant film will be back in early 2010! good news since the stock pile in my fridge is practically out. a polaroid of me in front of our polaroid wall in our home. ... Read more

“…meet me at the fair.”

“meet me in st. louis, louis, meet me at the fair, don’t tell me the light are shining any place but there; we will dance the hoochee koochee, i will be your tootsie wootsie, if you will meet me in st louis, louis, meet me at the fair!” i’ve been singing meet me in st. louis all morning.... Read more

still happy.

i keep having terrible dreams where terrible things happen. i’m stressed. and sleep deprived. my skin is acting up. i need to have my eyes checked. i yawned like 20 times today. and, we’re still waiting. but i have the coolest little desk. my husband makes me smile and laugh. my cuticles have never looked so good.... Read more