little letters (part II)

dear feet,
thanks for holding me up during that 50 minute wait for a table last night. i owe you one… especially since the meal turned out not really being worth the painful wait.
dear trader joe’s,
i could marry you, i love you that much!
dear whoever-made-up-the-ballerina-tutu,
do you have any idea how adorable little 4 year olds look prancing around in them? just darling.
dear isaac,
thanks for talking with me for a few minutes on the phone today even though your friends were over to play. it means a lot to your big sister.
dear gnats,
LEAVE my sunflowers alone!
dear communication skills,
i guess i need to work on you some more. sometimes you come out all wrong.
dear pie,
you are my new favorite. but i need help making your crust.
dear jokes i like to tell,
i don’t know why i’m the only one rolling on the floor laughing each time i tell you…i need a better audience i guess, cause no matter what people say, you’re really funny.
and dear husband,
you are in the other room reading. should we go to bed now or watch some more castle?
p.s. husband- thanks for changing our bed sheets. i was meaning to get around to that…

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