1. Blicious

    have a great weekend! <3

  2. lovely.
    {oh and i like how your little diana sneaked into the picture there.. hehe :) }

  3. oh, I like your husband's shoes!! (and yours of course…) It's TOO hot and humid out in FLA. I haven't been to the beach all summer because it's been sooo hot. :-( I need snow, and season's, and less humidity!

  4. our summers tend to stick around for awhile in ca, but I still have plenty planned!

  5. Cute, cute photo!
    Happy weekend! :)

  6. Jenni

    I can feel that summer is ended as well :( It makes me so sad. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Oooo…are those booties you have on? Fabulous shoes-BOTH of you!!!

  8. geri

    wooooooo hoooooo!
    (so pumped. SO pumped!)

    p.s. i feel the same way about summer ending. it makes my little heart sink every time i think about it.

  9. robin

    happy weekend! we're headed to the Library of Congress and the Eastern Market. perhaps we'll see you there?

    and I agree, WAY too hot. i mean, like, c'mon. but soon enough I'll be complaining about the cold…


    p.s. great booties!

  10. AmyK

    I'm jealous. Summer seems to have ended overnight out here. It's been raining all day!

    Happy weekend!

  11. love your shoes dear(o:

  12. towards the end of summer i'm always wishing for the cold to come…then as soon as it does im back to wishing summer would return! im thinking i need to just sit back and enjoy it, huh? :) have a great weekend!

  13. Paulina

    Your shoes are awesome!!!!!

  14. Staci

    Let fall hurry up and come already! Oh my gosh you commented on my blog. You have no idea how jealous my sister are of me right now ;) Thank you for your sweet comment.

  15. kirstyb

    summer barely even started x

  16. so true. although i cannot wait to wear fall clothing!

  17. Im excited for fall and winter! but than again its winter in Florida, so it doesn't count really….

    cute pic!

  18. Sarah

    We're feeling spring in the air here in Australia. Definately worth a trip outside to enjoy it.

  19. Alessia

    cute photo! I Love both of your shoes!

    I hope you also have a lovely weekend!

  20. oh gosh, i love your shoes!
    could you possibly tell us where you got them??

  21. Sum

    I'm sad that summer 2009 is coming to an end. :( I will miss summer so so so much.

  22. i love shoe shots
    flip flop shots make me summer happy
    bon weekend tout le monde

  23. Adrian

    I like his dress shoes. What type are they?

  24. We are already seeing cooler days and nights here in Michigan. Summer is coming to an end too quickly.


  26. I KNOW! Why is summer ending so fast? I'm trying not to cry…

  27. Hi.. love your blog so much!
    You made your nation's capital so cool to live at.. I live in Canberra, Australia's nation capital.. not as exciting as DC tho.. haha.. would love to visit there someday.. Stay bubbly alwayz!

    Joyce :o)

  28. the kicks are to DIE for…

  29. those shoes are AMAZING. where in the world did you find them?!

  30. KLBK

    taza, you should so sell some of your adorable photos on etsy. it would be a big hit!

  31. I love how happy your blog always makes me so thanks for sharing.

    (Can you share where you tan booties are from? I have been searching for a similar pair to replace ones I trashed from wearing too much. Those look like exactly what I've been looking for!)