here’s to happiness, round 2 {by elise}

elise’s 1o things that make her terribly happy:
  1. a rainy evening curled up on the couch with my hubs & a bowl of campbell’s tomato soup
  2. a guilty pleasure read {currently: emily girffin’s baby proof} under the comfy duvet in our bedroom
  3. saturday morning garage sales
  4. a piggyback ride getting lost in the middle of nowhere
  5. surprising my cute hubs with his favorite candy {gummy bears, of course}
  6. spending hours doing absolutely nothing
  7. scouring thrift stores for the perfect dress
  8. walking to the local coffee shop for a toasted sesame bagel with lots & lots of cream cheese
  9. dreaming up new decorating ideas for our first home
  10. the look on my happy husband’s face when i started reading harry potter
thanks elise!
{photo via elise via here}

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