boo boo’s {and giveaway winner.}

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i’m still on a blogging break {well, i think}
but i logged into blogger to post our giveaway winner
and before i knew it, i was uploading these photos of my twin sisters too.
sometimes i can’t help myself.
we spent a lovely few days together here in DC,
full of lots of outings, shopping, dining, and late night conversations.
i dropped the boo boo’s off at the dorm yesterday and like a proud sister,
i cried alone in the car on the 4 hour drive back to DC.
they are such intelligent, beautiful & courageous girls.
and i am so proud of how far they’ve come and who they are today
despite some serious hardships along the way.
i love you, boo boo’s!

and let’s not forget the main reason i’m blogging today:
our giveaway winner:
congrats! email me you which print you’d like & shipping address!
and to everyone else,
thanks for being awesome.
have a great weekend…
be back soon!
  1. sometimes, when i'm walking around DC, i secretly hope i'll run into you


  2. aDeLiNe

    They look absolutely beautiful! And their smiles are just irresistible!

  3. Morgan

    Your sisters are absolutely darling! Glad you had a great week with them. :)

  4. mina

    You look so much like your little sisters! Do people mistake you for triplets? I wish I had a sister!

  5. Great pictures! Your family sounds like wonderful people. :)

  6. Spend time with sister (s) is Precious .
    Mine got married today in a small island with just hubbie.
    Your sister look adorable !
    Have a great time during your blog breaking :)

  7. boots

    too cute! they look just like you!

  8. Lauren

    Such cute sisters! Love your photos!

  9. Sara

    You have gorgeous sisters!
    I like to think I will be a great older sister (like you) to my younger sister and brother!x

  10. Cassie

    You all have such beautiful smiles!

  11. sarah

    Your sisters are beautiful!

    I have secretly always wanted a twin.

  12. *Lesli*

    you and your twinkie are adorable!

  13. Sum

    I'm so glad you're back from your blogging break! I've been on a month break and now I'm trying to catch up again! Your twin sisters are so pretty!

  14. Super damn cute they are! What a lovely blog you have too!

  15. jwookie

    you know, i'm also a twin. and it's a blast. i always thought growing up it was normal to have a twin, and it'd actually be weird without one. I realize today that she was a built in best friend. and our younger sister is also part of our little secret group. kudos to you and your sisters. family and siblings are more than just kin – they're our security blankets.

  16. Ali

    Wow Naomi, they look a lot like you!

    Triplets? :)

  17. Elise

    Hi, I'm leaving a comment for you because you have a wonderfully beautiful blog. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and got really absorbed by them ! You have fabulous pictures too. Thanks for sharing them all and best wishes….

  18. Hey Rockstars, I heard Mormon's don't drink coffee or hot drinks. Could you please explain why? Also, does that mean you can drink iced coffee/tea? Thanks!

  19. errign

    your sisters are so beautiful! sounds like you all had a lot of fun together!

  20. Emily

    what lovely sisters! siblings are the best. :)

  21. have a good break…your pics make me so wish I had sisters!x

  22. Jenni

    Great photos! Glad to hear you had such a great time with them.

  23. Your sisters are just plain adorable, and I love the vintage look of these photos. Could not be cuter!

  24. I've missed your daily posts! I'm glad you had fun with your adorable sisters. At least they're only four hours away! Can they come and visit you by train?

  25. I love the look of these photos – what camera and/or setting did you use?

  26. Your sisters are gorgeous. Thanks for your comments on my blog, and I hope you return very soon.. it's not the same without Taza and Husband in my mornings :)

  27. congratulations and best of luck to your sisters!