i’m taking a few days off from blogging…
have a wonderful week while i’m away!
and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
the winner will still be posted on friday!
*photo from a the most darling little backyard wedding
we attended in richmond virginia on sunday.
  1. Enjoy! I hope the meanies in the blogging world aren't getting you down. xo

  2. I hope your break is refreshing and relaxing but I hope you come back too; your blog makes me smiley daily :)

    Thank you for writing such lovely posts!

  3. I hope your break is refreshing and relaxing, but I hope you come back too! Your blog makes me smiley daily :) Thank you for writing such lovely posts!

  4. Awe, you will be sooooo very much missed! But I hope you enjoy your relaxing time off blogger-land! :))

  5. Susie

    Cool picture. Have a nice weekend!

  6. have a nice week off naomi :)
    your blog is amazing, never forget it!

  7. Carrie

    have a lovely blogging vacation! :)

  8. my cousin lives there :) it's a cute backyard by the way :)

  9. erin

    happy blogging break–enjoy it!

  10. Emma

    I hope it's not a long break.
    Your blog is a daily read of mine, i adore it.
    have a great break x

  11. Melissa

    Have a great week!

  12. Paulina

    Great picture!!! Have a nice get-away!!!

  13. Enjoy your break and your darling sisters!

  14. Enjoy your time away… hope it's relaxing and refreshing!

  15. Laura

    Oh no Naomi! Ok ok, I know you can use a break, I'll allow that. Have fun and enjoy it.

  16. boots

    you'll be missed HAVE FUN!

  17. That's a really beautiful photo!

  18. we'll miss you deary!!

    i hope the mean people online arent getting to you…

    boo!! to you blog haters out there leave ms. naomi alone shes nice as can be!

    have a lovely week ma'm!

    -mrs tharpey

  19. Lynn

    dearest rock-doll! i wish you such a wonderful sister-visit!!!! They will for sure fuel your engines, family is so important.

    I will miss your posts and sure do hope you come back cos i just really adore you and if some awful folks are getting you down on the blogging thing than it's totally understandable. i empathize & only wish you love in your destiny!

    Always remember this though:
    1. “Nothing real can be threatened” – Translation: Only love is real.
    2. “Nothing unreal exists” – Translation: All fear is an illusion.
    3. “Herein lies the peace of God” – Translation: Choose love over fear and you will be way more chilled out.

    (__/) (_(
    (='.'=) (=':')
    (")_(") (,(')(')

  20. KLBK

    good for you taza! Enjoy! :)

  21. Can't wait for you to be back !! :))

    Love the backyard photo <3

  22. umama

    good for you! Sometimes we all need a break!

  23. oh, Naomi… I've sent u an e-mail the other day.. ;.. I'm from Brazil and I read your blog daily! ;D You'll be missed for sure..
    All in all, have a nice blog break!

  24. Kate8085

    Enjoy your break!!

    I really don't like all these meanies, being jerks to you and my pal Kat. Not cool.

    Have fun with your sisters!

  25. have a wonderful relaxing few days! and lots of fun with your sisters!

  26. fra

    I hope you'll have a lot of fun!!! (but – got to say it- I'll miss you posts!):)

  27. Oh, you were in my city! I don't recognize the backyard tho.

  28. emma

    Be sure to come back, we'll mis you :]

  29. Hope you & your hubby have a blast with your sisters!! can't wait to see some GOOD pictures of some GOOD fun :)

  30. have a wonderful break! xo joanna

  31. Diana

    Personal breaks are great. Come back soooon.

  32. few things. I love your hearts in your header. I think I want a tattoo of them.

    Speaking of cute things, I have a great poop story today
    come read.