and a few months later we’d fall in love and plan a life together…

i was going through some old polaroids tonight 
and found this old one of us.
 it’s one of the first polaroids we took together.
i had to hurry and scan it 
before it got anymore messed up lying around.
and oh the memories it brings back. 
this was taken before we were husband and wife.
before we were engaged.
before we exchanged “i love you’s”.
before i was even calling him my boyfriend.
so many things were just about to happen…
which is why i love it. 
we didn’t know anything about our little future together.
about what we’d go through together and learn.
or about the little bumps and hiccups we’d find along the way…
how they would shape us individually and as a couple.
how they would eventually make our love stronger 
and bring greater happiness into our lives.
we could only dream of it, and hope for it.
we don’t have a perfect marriage but i’d have to say 
it’s incredibly close to what i imagined it would be.
{mostly thanks to the man i married. 
he’s taught me a great deal about kindness and love,
dealing with hardships and being the best i can be. 
but i’m still a monster most of the time.}
but anyway…
i just love that we didn’t know any of this back then 
while we wore our little in-n-out hats 
and smiled for the polaroid camera…
i hope i find more old polaroids of us somewhere…
i know we took them…there are many… 
{i just wasn’t very organized back in my college days 
and didn’t own a scanner}.
p.s. in-n-out sounds so good right now!

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