still away…

i have so much to tell you…so many stories and photos to post… but i’m also struggling for air right now & i don’t feel like talking about it… perhaps someday. when i’m more courageous and trusting. when i’m a braver version of me. please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  and thanks for being my friend, i’ll be back soon.... Read more

boo boo’s {and giveaway winner.}

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i’m still on a blogging break {well, i think} but i logged into blogger to post our giveaway winner and before i knew it, i was uploading these photos of my twin sisters too. sometimes i can’t help myself. we spent a lovely few days together here in DC, full of lots of outings, shopping, dining, and late night conversations.... Read more


i’m taking a few days off from blogging… have a wonderful week while i’m away! and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! the winner will still be posted on friday! xoxo *photo from a the most darling little backyard wedding we attended in richmond virginia on sunday. ... Read more