when freckles collide.

oh i have something so exciting to tell you 
that i’m typing too fast and making silly mistakes.
slowwwwww down, naomi.
ok, so remember when i blogged about this painting 
by the fabulous artist casey o’connell last month around my birthday?
 the painting is called when freckles collide 
& i fell in love with it the moment i laid eyes on it. 
it’s easy to fall in love with all of casey’s work, though.
it’s not only beautiful, it’s inspiring, honest, real.
casey emailed me the week after i blogged the painting to thank me,
which gave me goosebumps for about a week after that. 
{i get really jumpy & excited when people i admire are so kind}
well last week something magical happened.
i received a large mysterious package in the mail from ltl prints.
after opening, there it was: a huge wall graphic of when freckles collide.
there was also a little note wishing me a happy belated birthday from casey
i hadn’t expected it and never imagined something like this 
would happen when i posted about the painting last month. 
i gasped. i screamed. i clapped my hands and jumped up & down.
and then i cried. i was so touched that such a talented & established artist
would gift something so special to a complete stranger. 
such a kind & thoughtful gesture that i never expected to receive. 

thank you casey {and ltl prints} for making me such a happy girl!
also, our new home suddenly rocks in decor!

**i also have to say how thankful i am for the beautiful people i’ve been blessed to meet
 both online and in person through this little blog.  so many inspirational people, new friends & loving individuals. i never imagined when i started this little blog that it would provide me such great opportunities with work & projects or introduce me to some of the most admirable and inspiring people i’ve come across. you all mean a lot to me, and i’m so happy to have you here. thanks for all you do… xoxo

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