things i never did until you showed up.

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my husband is rubbing off on me.
before i married this man i NEVER
watched a firefly episode
salted my food 
wore a black hoody over my head while sleeping to block all light
ate ice cream straight out of the carton {let alone a 1/2 carton in one sitting}
wore men’s old spice deodorant
{ok, i don’t think he likes that i wear his deodorant either,
but it works so much better and smells so darn good}
drank sprite
ate so many burgers 
popped my knuckles
and i’d like to kick some of these new found habits rather quickly.
especially the ice cream and salting everything i eat part.
husband, you’re cute doing these things but it’s not so cute with me.
*i know i should note all the wonderful quality traits my husband has 
that i’m hoping eventually rub off on me
 {like never raising his voice and folding his clothes so nicely}
but i’m still working on those and they haven’t shown up yet.
  1. esther

    SO very cute. and i'm loving the new blog header!

    happy thursday!

  2. that's adorable! i wear my husbands deodorant too! it's like perfume on a stick.

    my husband's the most organized person i know, and i just have to remember that opposites go well together, cause that's not rubbing off any time soon.

  3. Carrie

    Aw, you guys are always so adorable. :)

  4. how funny…i think i smell amazing when i wear my boyfriend's deodorant. i'm not sure if he feels the same :)

  5. haha…I've worn my husbands old spice too…I love the smell! And I could make a similar list .. replace burgers with buffalo wings..yep.

  6. you two are so unbelievable cute.

  7. Linka

    What's up with these men and ice cream! My husband loves it!!! He'll have it for breakfast lunch and dinner!! and no….I've never seen him use a bowl! :)

  8. I totally use my husband's deodorant, and he hates it. You are right though- it lasts much longer and smells really good! I keep some flowery smelling stuff for special dates.

  9. Ha ha, I know what you mean. My BF has rubbed off on me too. It's fun isn't it? Oh, and I salt my food too. Don't feel bad but I don't think that will rub off on my BF. He he.

  10. ha ha i wear men's deodorant too! that's really funny. i agree, it works better and smells better.

  11. Rachael

    You guys are adorable!

    My man's eating habits have rubbed off on me too, much to my chagrin. I'm trying to make some of my good ones rub off on him…we'll see how that goes, hahaha

  12. Alyssa

    mens deodorant is better and I think it smells better too! and folding clothes..nicely? I dont think I will ever have that habit!

  13. haha! great post!

  14. oh and i loveeeee my bf's deodarant! haha

  15. It's fantastic that you're reflecting on how he's changed you. :) You really do become one person, don'tcha?

  16. Kris

    Very cute list!

  17. erin

    ha! me too! james's old spice is the only thing that works!

  18. I know what you mean by that Old Spice deodorant. That's the kind my boyfriend uses and it smells soooo good! Just like cologne.

  19. Before me my husband never ate candy or ate ice cream out of the carton. Before him I lived off of peanut butter sandwiches, now I eat real meals.

  20. stacy

    keep the ice cream loose the salt!

  21. lauren

    what i love about this post is that some of these things resonate with me as well. things like how i never, ever salted my food before i got married or ever thought i'd wear male deodorant. though the nice part is i now eat less sweets and more vegetables… for better or for worse. :)

  22. AmyK

    What a list. It's amazing how many boy habits aren't so becoming on girls. Ha. Before my hubby came along, I never ate as much pizza as I do now. How he doesn't get sick of it is totally beyond me.

  23. really, men's deodorant works better? I'm so trying that, I feel like no matter how pretty womens deo smells I can't seem to find one that lasts long enough!

  24. I couldn't find my deodorant the other day & only later, after catching a whiff of it while he was driving, did I realize John had taken it.

    I can't blame him. It smells so good I could eat it (but won't).


  25. haha, too funny! But I'm glad to see that a lot of ladies fall into the wearing men's deoderant! That's comforting!

  26. Lainey

    This post was so adorable. I can't even count the number of habits I've acquired from my husband since I married him. From the way he talks to the way he eats…it's all rubbed off on me. Lol :)

  27. Brittan

    the firefly watching is not a bad thing, come on!

  28. Amanda

    so sweet! i love each and every one of your adorable relationship posts – you give us single gals something really cute to look forward to :)

  29. Watch every episode of Firefly and you will be hooked. :) M

  30. umama

    Old spice is the bomb!!! I can get lost in his pits!! How sick is that!!

  31. Rhianne

    hehe, I love this! There are so many things I didn't do as well, though I think my boyfriend can say the same thing about me rubbing off on him :)

  32. Megan

    I could def. add watching Firefly to my list like this too! Love that show now.

  33. Julie

    My husband made me watch the entire Firefly season and the movie Serenity while we were dating, all within about 36 hours.

  34. kailee

    i love this blog header!!! i've always loved the smell of old spice too….why don't more boys wear that instead of the nasty spray on junk that is to strong???

  35. Widge

    I sooooooo know what you mean. My husband and I have been together for 12 years and we now have the exact same sense of humour. we laugh at exactly the same things with the exact same laugh. We quote movies in everyday conversation and we are the openly two that get it. i have learnt to sleep without a top sheet and have the fan blowing in my face all night during summer.

    He listens to rain on his i pod as he sleeps. I haven't picked up on this one yet though. or the video gaming.. blaaah!

  36. that is so funny! i wear my husband's axe deodorant and he hates it! it is so funny how you pick up so many quirks from eachother!

  37. Megs

    aw this is so cute! i may have to steal this idea and write a similar post (just giving you a heads up haha)

  38. I got my own, and now my hubby steals it when he can't find his! But we're a Mitchum family. They have a girl version, but it's not nearly as good.

  39. Krista

    Love this post! One thing I never did before marrying my husband is run to the grocery store just because I feel like a soda or go to brunch! Funny how they shape us!

  40. marli

    yes! i love that so many of us wear guys' deoderant. i love my old spice. it smells better than any girls'.

    here's to loving smelling like guys! =)

    great post.

  41. i know! i totally share my husband's old spice deodorant. and eat burgers. and pizza other than plain cheese. and i even tried a beer(but hated it after the second sip).

    oh and ditto to good traits i wish would rub off. he's so good.

  42. Lindsey

    Ditto for me on the burgers. I hadn't eaten one in years before I got married. I wear my husbands pajama bottoms. They are so comfy.

    Fun post!

  43. Lynn

    ooooo, i may have to try that black hoodie idea, so smart!

    my boyf uses this Aveda mens deodz that smells so yummy. kinda cinnamon meets fresh warm breeze, i adore it and also his cologne too. what is this firefly thing though, i'll have to check it out : )

  44. Diana

    My husband and i love Firefly! Have you watched Serenity yet? It's the movie based on the TV show. Amazing.

  45. Shiloh

    ah yes, husband's old spice deoderant. I too am guilty of this. I agree about the smell. It smells like "feeling safe". My dad wears it too. I love it. Plus, real men wear old spice, right? Can I get a hell ya?

  46. so funny! just yesterday I was wearing my hubbs Old Spice!

    it smells so so grand!

  47. I think I started eating ice cream out of the container when I was about four. My mother taught me how.

  48. thebeautyfile,

    that's so funny! my mom never let us! i wish! if we wanted ice cream we had to dish it into a bowl. if you wanted more, get a second bowl. but never out of the carton. maybe that is why i am over doing the carton eating now… cause my mom's not here to get mad. haha. being your own adult is fun sometimes!


  49. Chessa!

    ohdear. I think my husband's list would be quite long too…I have such terrible habits that I'm trying to work on thanks to him but that have sort of rubbed off on him too…like never opening the mail until it piles up so high that you can't ignore it anymore and not caring if the bedroom is messy as long as you close the door and keep the rest of the place immaculate…and the list continues. One thing's for sure, like you, I've never eaten so much ice cream in my life!! :) my developing rolypoly belly is not amused.

  50. if I made a list like this "watched a firefly episode" and "salted my food" would be on it too!

  51. Jenn

    This topic would also make a great coffee-table book project! And what's it with guys and salt? My husband gets into a panic if the shaker isn't within arms reach during dinner.

  52. Liz

    I've been hoping that I would learn how to fold clothes properly ever since I met my bf…it hasn't happened. For all my clean-freak-ness, I can't fold. Or iron. And I definitely eat more burgers. :)

  53. Kristin

    I definitely never used Axe body wash. Ah ha.

  54. Hayley

    so cuteeee (:

  55. BECCA

    Ditto on stealing the old spice deod…… He wonders why he runs out so quickly :) Ever tried mountain rush, it is one of my faves!

  56. I hate that my husband never raises his voice. And by hate I obviously mean really like. I have a hard time not raisiing it in any occasion. Dang it. :). Love those men!!