rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a sponsored giveaway by otis b!
otis b’s shop owner, darrah, launched her online shop
of jewelry designs last december!  she is a busy stay at home mother of two 
gorgeous little girls with a penchant for all things shiny!
the giveaway item is one of otis b’s most popular pieces,
get excited!
the necklace is made of a genuine laurel leaf 
that has been stripped & then plated in sterling silver
 & is paired with a lovely cultured freshwater pearl drop 
on a sterling silver chain. it is a lariat, so there is no clasp, 
you loop it once around your throat & you’re done!
to enter, please visit otis b and leave a comment below 
before friday, july 31st! good luck!
*otis b is also offering a 15% off sale to readers 
who mention rockstar diaries in their note to seller 
during checkout! please note: discounts are given 
in the form of a credit card refund after payment is made 
because coupon codes are not accepted on Etsy at this time. 
**email me if you’d like to sponsor rockstar diaries 
& participate in a giveaway!
  1. saraH


  2. ciupa

    pick me pretty please!

  3. I think it's beautiful, the leaf looks so delicate. However it's not something for me, so please make someone else happy with it, but I do want to say that this giveawayconcept is very sweet!

  4. robin

    i want.

  5. so pretty. fingers crossed!

  6. bumbley

    Well I dont know if I qualify being from South Africa, but Im entering just in case :)

    P.S Love you blog – its the happy-go-lucky life I want to lead :)

  7. Mer

    BEAUTIFUL necklace! I love your pieces!

  8. This piece is stunning! And I must say I think it would look quite charming around my neck :)

  9. i love your little introduction of darrah. what exquisite work she creates.

  10. oh my, oh my, oh my!!!! I want. . . no-NEED to win this. SO so pretty!

  11. Ana


  12. Stella


  13. what a lovely shop full of so many beautiful things! i just love jewelry that is made from real leaves

  14. leahrae

    this is gorgeous!
    as is your blog, and you, and your hubby.

    it would make a beautiful belated birthday gift!

    pick me pick me pick me!!!

  15. This necklace is so pretty. Hope I win! :-)

  16. lovely!

  17. Alianna

    That necklace is gorgeous! It looks so delicate.

  18. that is stunning! i love it.

  19. how pretty! i love the laurel leaf!

  20. how pretty! i love the laurel leaf!

  21. i'll give it a shot.

  22. Alicia

    Oh my! I love this way too much. Simply lovely!

  23. This is lovely. I have no doubt it would feel at home around my neck. Thanks for sharing the love.

  24. Caitlin

    Love it! So pretty and perfect for my new red dress! :)

  25. so many delicate and wearable items!

    They are beautiful!

  26. Chessa!

    love love love!!!

  27. Emie

    So beautiful! :)

  28. Sara

    I would give it the best home. Seriously, my throat is always clean, and I think I have an excellent clavicle that would show it off very nicely. Just saying.

  29. Such a beautiful piece! I love pearls!

  30. Such a beautiful piece! I love pearls!

  31. Beautiful necklace! I want want want.

  32. So pretty!

  33. So beautiful. Pick me!

  34. Lindsey

    I adore this:) The pieces are beautiful, especially the empress necklace!

  35. That is a gorgeous necklace! I'll definately have to do a bit of shopping… ;)

  36. Nancy

    Beautiful. Just beautiful!

  37. Lindsey


  38. Diana

    So pretty!

  39. Anne

    that is lovely!

  40. Sabine

    Looovely :)

  41. Lyndee

    I can't help but think Lord of the Rings when i see this. Beautiful!

  42. Briauna

    So different and classy. The perfect addition to my jewelry.

  43. naomi, this is so lovely!

  44. pick me, pick me!

  45. bets

    yes, please. i'd like one.

  46. CathyH

    So many beautiful things in this shop! I love this and dark angel

  47. Gorgeous!

    Yes please!

  48. JoEllen

    Wow…I love that necklace! It could go with anything!

  49. Ooh, I want! Super fantastique~

  50. oh i would love that, pretty please with sugar on top?

  51. kelly

    my fav necklace just broke– fingers crossed!

  52. Ger

    So pretty!

  53. jen

    gorgeous necklace!

  54. jen

    gorgeous necklace!

  55. Jessica

    Yes please! Fingers crossed.

  56. c&p

    ahhh!!! i adore!! one can never have enough nature-themed accessories!

  57. jaclyn

    this necklace is screaming my name!!

  58. Taylor

    SO beautiful!! *hope i win! ha*

    i just came across your blog…love it! :o)

  59. I hope i'm not too late!

  60. gorgeous! i'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog!!

  61. I'm in love…..please, oh please let this be my lucky day!

  62. Brooke

    Adorable necklace…I would wear it constantly…and my baby boy would probably try to nibble on it! :)

  63. Brooke

    What an adorable necklace! I would wear it constantly…and my baby boy would probably try to nibble on it. :)

  64. miss d

    what a perfect way to immortalize nature…just beautiful!

  65. SauYee

    really love the network lattice pattern in leaves :))

  66. So pretty! I love the little pearl drop!

  67. So pretty! It must be so rewarding to make such pretty things!

  68. Otis B has such beautiful jewelry.

    Lariat necklaces are divine!

  69. Joy

    Her jewelry is stunning! Such great pieces! Love your blog and what a great giveaway!


  70. it's so so pretty…and a great site with lots of lovely things!

  71. Andrea

    Oooh, never heard of otis b until now. Very nice.

  72. Pat

    Pick me, pick me; pretty please.

  73. Pat

    Pick me, pick me; pretty please.

  74. Loooooooooove it!

  75. Loooooove it!

  76. Holy crow!! It is bee-you-tee-full!!

  77. oooh pearls and leaves clash so well!
    thank you for your awesome giveaways!
    love, christa

  78. chosha

    That's beautiful!

  79. oh , i just looooove the things you are making…
    i will keep my fingers crossed for this lovely necklace !!


    misspolkadot @

  80. This is beautiful! I hope I'm not too late!!

  81. Jacques

    So gorgeous!

  82. That is so pretty and delicate, but yet a great statement piece!

  83. i love the Swarovski Crystal Briolette on Sterling Silver Chain, With a Freshwater Coin Pearl drop

  84. emily

    Gorgeous. I've been looking for the right lariat for a while now, and this one looks like it might be it… please?