little letters.

dear husband,

i’m sorry i don’t go running with you at 6am. one of these days i promise it will happen. please keep believing in me.

dear capitol hill post office,

thanks for hiring such friendly people. but please do something about the indoor mosquitos.
dear scale in my bathroom,
i think you were lying this morning. i hope you were lying this morning.
dear corn on the cob,
i am obsessed with you.
dear driver who scraped my vw beetle last week and didn’t leave a note,
i am still mad at you.
dear meg & carolyn,
i am jealous you two are going to be roommates in a few weeks. how fun will your new address be?!

dear sleep,
please come back to me and let me enjoy you at night. tossing & turning & gazing at the ceiling is so boring.

dear new clean & crisp sheets,
maybe you will help me sleep better? i’m counting on you…

dear 500 days of summer,
i was so excited to see you, but you were 124 days too long and i’m sorry to say i didn’t love you.

dear husband {you get 2 letters because i love you so},
can we please have sushi for dinner tonight?


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