giveaway winner, a few other things and a pretty photo.

{via papertissue.}


it is the weekend. hooray!
it is so hot and humid here in dc right now i could die.
and there is a big fly in the house that won’t leave me alone.
husband and i were planning to go to the zoo tomorrow to see the pandas
{mostly i just want to see the elephants
but husband won’t stop talking about panda bears}
i really hope we make it there…
i made a to-do list of things we have going on this weekend
plus our weekend chores/ responsibilities and the list is loooong…
so…the zoo might have to wait.
also, this is our giveaway winner:
andrea, please email me your shipping address… and congrats!
oh yeah, and the lovely list blog just went live
 and featured one of our old posts. {thanks brandy!}
can you believe it’s august 1st tomorrow?!
summer is going by so quickly!
have a wonderful weekend in the sun!
{and eat some otter pops too, ok?}
  1. Brandy

    Yum! I sooo LOVE otter pops. My kids and I eat 20 at a time. No really we do :)

  2. valerie

    Love that picture!

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Don't put off the zoo…gogogo!! You'll make time for the other stuff somehow:)

  4. To-do lists pile up all summer long and then we tackle them in the winter months (except for the summer to-do things). We like to spread the wealth of everything that needs to be done! :) M

  5. Summer is going by quick! I can't WAIT for October and Halloween!! I missing the cooler weather!

    And I will have an otter pop this weekend, per your request! :-)

  6. rubi

    the zoo and panda bears remind me of the movie anchorman. haha

  7. Happy weekend!!!!!!! Good luck on that list!!!!!!!

  8. Awesome! Me and my husband planned to go to the zoo this weekend too! Doesn't matter how old you get, animals are always fun.

  9. Echo

    I find if I get up an hour earlier on a Saturday and move move move, my love and I can get all the responsible grown up things out of the way a bit earlier and then we have more time for fun weekend activities like zoo-ing. I hope you get to see the elephants, I always love the zoo!

  10. Helen

    have a lovely weekend!

    and I'm loving the new blog header… is that your handwriting? so, so pretty.


  11. Ugh! it is just as humid here in Georgia. Its even gross inside! Try to survive the heat!

  12. Congrats to the winner and I hope you enjoy the weekend and that humidity backs off!

  13. gina

    Good luck with the weekend.

    That darn fly. There will be no flies in heaven.

    I'm checking out the Lovely List now.

  14. erin

    hope you make it to the zoo! xo.

  15. Naomi,

    You have made my day! I need an excuse to dress up and this is perfect!! I'll be wearing it every week on our date night! :D Can't wait for it to arrive.

    Loves, Andrea

    ps: please go to the zoo! We planned to go last weekend but didn't make it. I hope we can find another free day to go (hubby works every day besides sunday…) Go for me!!

  16. Please enjoy the heat! Coming from London, it has been overcast for the last 4 weeks! All I dream of is heat :)
    What are otter pops? They sound delicious! x

  17. Please enjoy the heat! Coming from London, it has been overcast for the last 4 weeks! All I dream of is heat :)
    What are otter pops? They sound delicious! x

  18. Chessa!

    I for one cannot believe that tomorrow is August…the weather in NYC has been dreadful all summer long. It has rained 80% of the time. I demand a re-do. It's pouring right now in fact! boo.
    As for the zoo…I LOVE the Woodley zoo. I lived right near there when I lived in DC. such a great neighborhood and a great place to visit. enjoy!! xx

  19. I may end up at the zoo tomorrow too! And Sunday is my birthday!

    You've inspired me to come to DC to get cupcakes too. Maybe I'll run into you!

  20. lavelle

    i love your new header and the cute photo of you both to the left :) xxx

  21. loving your new banner, girly!

  22. This is going to seem very out of place on this post, but I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and have since then gone through every page (and raved it about it to a couple friends)

    You two are by far the most adorable couple alive. You epitomize love.

    But that's not why I stopped by to comment. I live in Kuwait. I'm half American and my fathers Kuwaiti so I've grown up in a more conservative environment. I wear Hijab, and at 20 I value dressing more moderately but maintaining my sense of individual style. I know the differences between Mormons and Muslims may be vast, but I wanted to say that I LOVE the way you dress!

    It may not be the point of the blog, your fashion sense, but I had to say something about it! You're conservative in what you wear, and maintain an amazing sense of style at the same time! I have SOOOO much respect for that!(of course that isn't to say that someone who dresses less conservatively can't maintain modesty. Its all in the way you carry yourself!)

    I sincerely hope this comment is taken as a compliment, because its meant as such!

    Keep up the amazing blogging! And best wishes to you and your husband!

  23. bumbley

    CONGRATS on "The Lovely List" it looks greats and have added it to my favourites already :)

  24. I hope that you were able to get to the zoo…we went to the getty museum and that santa monica pier…what a lovely summer weekend!

  25. Chelsea

    hey naomi! are you still looking for giveaway sponsors? i would love to give a print from my shop to be a giveaway on your blog. let me know if you are interested. my etsy is..