giveaway winner, a few other things and a pretty photo.

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it is the weekend. hooray! it is so hot and humid here in dc right now i could die. and there is a big fly in the house that won’t leave me alone. husband and i were planning to go to the zoo tomorrow to see the pandas {mostly i just want to see the elephants but husband won’t stop talking about panda bears} i really hope we make it there… i made a to-do list of things we have going on this weekend plus our weekend chores/ responsibilities and the list is loooong… so…the zoo might have to wait.... Read more

here’s to happiness, round 2 {by heather}

a new beautiful happy list…

heather’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy: browsing the travel guidebook section of the local bookstore receiving hand-written mail from an old friend the sound of sprinklers in the summer thunderstorms buying old postcards at the flea market candid photos organizing my closet salmon/ avocado rolls the start of a new season a romantic dinner at a sidewalk cafe thanks for sharing, heather!... Read more

things i never did until you showed up.

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my husband is rubbing off on me. … before i married this man i NEVER watched a firefly episode salted my food  wore a black hoody over my head while sleeping to block all light ate ice cream straight out of the carton {let alone a 1/2 carton in one sitting} wore men’s old spice deodorant {ok, i don’t think he likes that i wear his deodorant either, but it works so much better and smells so darn good} drank sprite ate so many burgers  popped my knuckles and i’d like to kick some of these new found habits rather quickly.... Read more

here’s to happiness, round 2 {by estee}

a beautiful happy list, by estee.

estee’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy: fresh flowers in the kitchen a forever family reading what has been highlighted in a used textbook the smell of rain on hot pavement phone calls from far away  window seats giggles that turn into hiccups closing my eyes in a loud restaurant listening to the symphony warm up  shaky legs from a long run thanks, estee!... Read more