we don’t eat our crust.

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we tried out pete’s pizza (voted best in dc) last saturday.
it was delicious and we were very pleased…
but husband asked for me to reiterate 
just how much we LOVED fratelli la bufala the other week. 
he hasn’t had better pizza in the US and just wanted to make sure 
it was properly noted on the blog that it was “the best ever!” 
oh yeah, and we discovered we don’t eat our crust.

  1. amanda

    The crust is the best part!
    I love how your hubby poses for you. My boy sighs whenever I put my camera near him.
    Cute pics as always! :)

  2. those glasses crack me up. you are adorable.

    and you guys are too funny with your crusts! :)

  3. Carrie

    I don't think I can stop by your blog without saying "aaawwww" at least once. You guys really are just too cute. :)

  4. That is one big ass pizza! x

  5. Nina

    wow, that is a HUGE pizza, but you both are so cute… :)
    i love your glasses by the way… :)

  6. Rhianne

    that pizza is huge, my boyfriend would love it, going to have to show him now :)

    i love that when you move you get to try new places!

  7. i'm surprised that you two are so open to trying pizza considering you just moved from NY! i've heard getting pizza anywhere else is quite hard to do after living there :)

  8. I second 2 Amys. I think it is way better than Pete's!

  9. Krysta

    no crust means more room for cheese!

  10. Same. I never eat the crust. My hubby HATES that do that. Oh well. He finishes it off for me. :)

  11. Yum. I would be curious to see what your faves are in NYC. Did you ever try Una Pizza Napoletana?

  12. Jillian

    I love that you can eat like you mean it. My husband and I can share a pizza as big as that and I can polish off quite a bit of it myself too. Good for you!

  13. Emmy

    I usually only eat the crust if I have some yummy garlicky butter or something to dip it in. You should try it that way, so good :)

  14. i'm pretty sure i just teared a little looking at those last two pictures – the crust is THE BEST part!!

  15. Natalie

    My husband doesn't eat his crust either! I still say its the best part, especially when its all buttery and yum.

  16. Katie

    That's awesome that you tackle that whole pizza just the two of you. How do you do it and stay so skinny? That's the real question!

    I LOVE your blog

  17. I love the blouse or maybe its a dress you are wearing the the photo. I looks delightfully beautiful and feminine!!!!
    You guys rock!


  18. Amy Joy

    I too don't eat crust…hee hee!

  19. I was soo craving pizza today! Thanks for sharing…it looks yummy. I normally don't eat the crust either…but the hubby takes care of the left overs. :)

  20. oh girl, i think the crust is the best part! I want some pizza now!

  21. You're making me miss D.C….

  22. jasmine

    if you don't eat your crust, you have more room for the actual pizza! it's brilliant.

  23. Amy

    I don't know where you're getting your sources from, but 2 Amy's is the best pizza you will ever find…and I can promise that!

    Also, about your burger addiction, maybe you should try Ray's Hells., in Roslyn..hate to break it to you guys but you're trying all the wrong places.

    I guess it depends how badly you really want good food…just an FYI! :) You can thank me later.

  24. Ali


  25. left you an award on my blog :) thanks for being such a great read!

  26. umama

    I am in love with those glasses! You pull them off so well!

  27. To eat it or not? Well, the crust is my hubby's favorite part of the pizza! Send them on over…

  28. That's my favorite part!

  29. Lainey

    That picture of Josh with all the uneaten crusts makes me laugh!! It's very cute!

  30. I don't eat crust either…you guys are so adorable:)

  31. hi amy!
    thanks for the tips! we need them!
    we've heard from multiple sources about rays hell and 2amys and we plan on trying them out along with a few other recommendations over the summer!

    can't wait!

    thanks again!

  32. I love your pizza pictures!

  33. Drea

    OOOOoooo I want piza now!!! :(

  34. Brittan

    I don't eat the crusts either and that pizza looks nowhere near cheesy enough! You and all your commenters are making me wish even more that I lived on the east coast. Sigh.

  35. Sum

    Haha love the face on your husband's face! How adorable! I'm starving! Mmmm pizza sounds so good right now!

  36. Sara

    you and your husband are adorable! and i'm with you on the no-crust :)

  37. Diana

    wha? the crust is the best part!

    i love those glasses btw? prescription? i'm on the market for something else! yours are so cute!

  38. Gina

    you guys are adorable
    that pizza looks delish!

  39. The pizza looks amazing! I love your blog and always look forward to your fun and exciting posts. Thank you for sharing your life with us! :)

  40. Natalie

    the crust is the best part!! and ohhh, your bangs…

  41. Thank you for reiterating! I live in Miami and now can't wait to try Fratelli La Bufala. Any other suggestions besides the artichoke pizza?

  42. jones

    2Amys on a day other than a weekendm evening (lots of people love it)!!

  43. Lia

    My boyfriend and I tried to go to fratelli la bufala on Monday night and it was CLOSED for kitchen repairs– so disappointing, but we are going to try again soon.

  44. Melissa

    I don't usually eat the crust either! :)

  45. Carissa

    oh no! I love the crust! haha. but I'm also a "light cheese" kind of girl so the crust and the sauce are the best parts of pizza to me.

  46. Alya

    These pics are making me hungryyyyyyy!

    By the way, I've got fantastic pearl earrings to giveaway at my blog. Come check them out :)

  47. Ann

    At our house, we call the left-behind crust the "pizza bones"…we don't eat the pizza bones, either!

  48. I will totally eat your crusts for you.

    Just saying!

  49. Jules

    Tip for the crust–dip in honey. We always ask for honey when we're out. Delish.