our new dc home: the kitchen

 i have lots of photos of our new place to share.
i’ll start with the kitchen.
i attached before and after photos to give you a little idea 
of what i did. i knew the kitchen had a lot of potential 
so i was most excited to start with it when we moved in.

i used black chalk board paint behind the counters 
to tie in the black counter tops and make the ugly florescent lights 
under the cabinets less noticeable.
and i painted the walls a bright exotic red 
to go along with our red kitchen appliances. 
we love our old retro oven/stove!
and the white shutter doors open to an old retro washer/dryer!
i think my favorite thing about the kitchen is this polaroid 
we put up on the cabinet from new york. 

my second favorite thing are these two old license plates 
i searched and searched for a new york plate,
but florida and utah are appropriate 
since they are where husband and i are originally from.

and that, folks… is our new kitchen.

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