he’s so good to me…

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this is a photo of me in the DC airport
at 4:30 AM last wednesday on my birthday…
i didn’t have a clue what was going on
or where i was even going….
husband woke me up at 3:40 AM and surprised me
by saying “happy birthday! we need to leave here
in 20 minutes to go get your present…”
{luckily, he gave me a few clues as to what to pack…}
and 20 minutes later we were at the airport.
he didn’t let me see the tickets or the destination info 
at the gate so it’d be a bigger surprise.
we landed in miami a few hours later
and i thought “oh my gosh, i love you!”
but then it got even better
when we caught a flight out of miami
and found ourselves in….
we stayed at this lovely resort on the
beach at bayahibe near la romana.
it was an extra special weekend trip
because we celebrated not only my 23rd birthday,
but also our 2 year wedding anniversary 
which took place last week as well!
i don’t know how he planned all of this and kept it from me…
i was like a little kid in a candy shop all weekend…
gosh, i loooooove this man.
i brought along my favorite plastic cameras & my polaroid
so i’ll post a few more photos of the island later this week
once the film is developed.
*and thank you so much for the kind birthday & anniversary wishes!
you mean so much to me and really made our week extra special
with your sweet words and emails!
i wish i could take each of you out for dinner sometime…
  1. Morgan

    The pair of you are too adorable for words. Truly. What a special anniversary and birthday.

  2. oh my goodness! you are such a lucky girl indeed. :) love the pictures!

  3. What a sweet surprise! You two are the cutest couple.

  4. i can't imagine how surprised you were because even reading this post i was surprised!! what a perfect present. lucky, lucky you :)

  5. Wowza! How amazing!! You two are adorable and your blog is one of my most favorites.

  6. Erica

    That is FANtastic!!!!

  7. Brittan

    holy wow! that is insanely awesome of him! looks like an amazing time. i love your swimsuits… so cute!

  8. Ariel

    how amazing!!! you might just be the luckiest girl in the world. the photos are beautiful!

  9. I'm from DR and going on Saturday! Glad you loved it. Aren't we so friendly? ;)

  10. erin

    my goodness! what a surprise!

  11. The pictures are so full of joy! Happy Birthday, you are so blessed to have the money and the ability to do these amazing things

  12. Ashley

    oh my gosh you are so incredibly lucky! soooooo awesome!

  13. J.BRIDE

    What an amazing birthday present – you're such a lucky girl!

  14. logan

    Wow, this is unreal! Does he have brothers?

  15. oh my. looks like you had a lot of fun. we're jealous ha ha. we can't wait until you get our present ;)

  16. hannah

    awww…that melted my heart! i love that suprise :)

  17. Oh My Gosh!!! What a great husband!! The photos are so so soooo lovely! Congrats on such a special week!
    And, p.s. I Love all your swimsuits! So cute!

  18. Chelsea

    so awesome!!! what a guy! cant wait to see the rest of the pics.

  19. Ashley

    Wow. best birthday gift for sure.

    where did you get that adorable green striped suit. I adore it.

  20. Martha

    HOW FUN!

  21. Lori

    What a great guy. Sounds like a wonderful birthday and anniversary.

  22. melanie

    no. way. i envy you!

  23. CC.

    you are one lucky girl :) im so happy for you and jealous that you got away from this lousy weather! cute suits too :) happy birthday and anniversary :)

  24. Jessie

    Im new to your blog, and I must say…what an awesome hubby!!! Maybe I'll e-mail my hubby a link to this post and say HINT HINT!!

    Also, where are your lovely red sunglasses from? Me likey!!

  25. lynette

    so super sweet!
    and the beautiful photos…..

  26. Oh my gosh! What an amazing husband, and an amazing trip! I'm so utterly jealous. You look so chic and beautiful in the water with your red lips & nails and yellow suit. Have you ever modeled???? So so pretty!

  27. Wow.
    Amazing husband!
    I want to steal your whole wardrobe!

  28. Shayla

    I ♥ you & husband and all your cuteness!! What a wonderful surprise getaway!

  29. jasmine

    oh my gosh, naomi! you have the cutest bathing suits everrrr! i'm so happy you guys had such a great time. you totally deserved it. josh, you're a great husband! you go above and beyond to show her you love her. :)


  30. Namine

    awesome surprise!!

  31. Shawn

    So much awesomeness!! How lucky you are—and you look so adorable in your swimsuits—-so retro looking!

  32. Lindsey

    Your photos are simply fantastic. As usual!

  33. you both are very lucky to have each other! :)

  34. Oh wow!! This is the kind of thing I dream my husband would do. But alas, he is not the spontaneous type. Oh well, still love him though:)

  35. Holly

    oh man, this is so damn cute!! what a keeper :)

  36. *c

    wow! what a sweet husband! and what a memorable trip!
    congrats on year number two. it only gets better!

  37. Prianka

    cute stuff. :) what a great surprise. If that is a swimsuit in the 6th pic, its awesome!

  38. That is so awesome! You two are so cute. Can I ask where you got your swimsuits??

  39. Holy moley, he is a keeper. Looks like such a great time!

  40. Ah, that's really, really precious! Lucky girl, hold on to him!

  41. I had such a fun time reading this post! I was sooooo excited for you! Tell your husband he's so cool! Congrats again on your birthday and anniversary!

  42. ummmmmm. i'm speechless. that's amazing.

  43. Btw tried fratelli la bufala this weekend! Thanks for the tip!

  44. AmyK

    What a guy you've got! YAY! Yay that he's so sweet (and thoughtful! And creative! And boy is he sneeeeeeaky!). And YAY that you had a good time! Happy late birthday :] And anniversary!

  45. This is the sweetest thing ever. Congrats and Happy Birthday! The pictures are amazing!

  46. holy amazing. i want a sweet surprise like that. can your hubs talk to mine on how to be romantic? that would be very much appreciated.

  47. bekah

    that is soooo sweet! husbands are great!
    i love all your different bathing suits. you are a beautiful woman! thanks for always sharing :)

  48. You are such a lucky girl! What a very beautiful vacation/celebration! I love your photos & style.

  49. Lainey

    Wow…I am absolutely speechless! My jaw already dropped to the floor when I read that you had arrived in Miami but then when I read Dominican Republic I just about died! You two are incredible. And he's so amazing to have planned that for you. And to be completely secretive about the entire thing too?! I think my husband would've been too excited to keep something like that from me. But then again, it doesn't help that I'm so naggy about things like that! Your vacation looked amazing. And it's so wonderful that you had such an incredible bday and anniversary. Can't wait to see more pics!

  50. oh my, josh is so awesome! sweet presents and sweet pics! You guys are so awesome!

  51. Cassie

    You are so cute! I'm loving your style and your blog. That last pic of you in the water inspires me. A free bird you are!

  52. Becca.

    What a fabulous man your swim wear is pretty smoking too!x

  53. ::gasp:: How exciting! Your husband is such a rockstar! ;)

    So happy you had a fabulous Birthday & anniversary celebration! Loooove the pictures!

    p.s. Where on earth did you get your cute bathing suits?! :)

  54. Jenna

    Super duper darling! I don't think it would be possible for me to like you any more than I do now.

  55. Camille

    That may be one of the most romantic things I've ever heard. Period.

  56. benson

    SO sweet…he's a keeper. Happy day and Happy love!

  57. KDB

    this is the best thing i have ever heard of.

  58. I love this! And I love your matching sunglasses–too cute :)

  59. Dandee

    amazing. truly.

  60. who, wonderful! Sounds like a romantic fairytale that usually just happens in books, ;-),

  61. i don't even know what to say, he plans surprises better than a girl can! and i thought we were better at such things :D from the photos you both look like you had so much fun, that's wonderful.

  62. Bethany

    How incredible! And you are a style queen, even at 4:30 am in the airport or dancing in the water.

    Happy belated birthday and anniversary!

  63. How sweet, and what fun! Your bathing suits are super cute!

  64. Helen

    Oh my!! He is an incredible husband!!! So jealous right now!! xx

  65. owwy

    i stayed in the dreams inpunta cana last summer most wonderful place! i love all ur photos and everything about u guys relationship xxx

  66. Sara

    You both look amazing…I love your suits!
    Happy birthday and happy anniversary :)

  67. Y

    That's gonna be a tough one for you to beat! Your photos look awesome!

  68. Rhianne

    Yeay! Thats fantastic, it looks like you had a lovely time :)

  69. I hope my boyfriend one day surprises me with something so lovely! You must have been so excited. x
    and the pictures are beauts! x

  70. Amy Joy

    Aw that is so lovely and romantic!! Looks like you had a fab time!

  71. You look lovely even at 4.30am! And also in the top picture, it looks like the lady behind you is standing on your hand hehe.
    I love the blog :)

  72. Alya

    oh what a lovely surprise! Glad you had fun. You deserve it :)

  73. wow! congrtulations!
    this looks exactly like what i need right now: SUN and time with my boy…

  74. loupita

    This is such a brilliant surprise. What a great way to celebrate your birthday & anniversary. :)

  75. Farah

    that is so romantic and thoughtful of your husband! you really hit the jackpot with this one ey? ;)

  76. Oh that is so sweet! I wish my husband had such romantic ideas… *sigh*

  77. M.J.

    What an awesome birthday surprise! You are one luck woman!

  78. boots

    talk about a great hubby! he must have been planning and saving so long! that sounds like possibly the best birthday ever, you are truly blessed. and your bathing suits are great! what an adorable pair!

  79. Mandy

    You two make me believe in soulmates.

  80. Alianna

    This is quite possibly the best present I've ever heard! Happy Birthday & Anniversary!!

  81. Mandi

    Are you serious?! How dreamy. Seriously dreamy. Oh, and did I mention I adore you swimsuits? Oh yes. I do. :)

  82. I this the shock, jealousy and joyu for you have been adaquately emparted by my fellow bloggers, so i am left with "WAH!"

  83. Sarah

    You are a very lucky girl with a lovely husband! I love the photos!

  84. jels! what a super fun vacation! your boy is so sweet. and i adore all your suits – when can we go shopping together?? :)

  85. my husband needs tips from yours! :)

  86. wow. What an amazing surprise! I need my Alex to score on his job interview this week so we can start vacationing again! I need a relaxing beach vacation!

  87. Emmy

    Wow! Now that is a birthday present! Looks like you had an amazing time.
    I always tell my husband I don't care what we do as long as it is a surprise and I don't have to plan anything. :)
    Good job Josh!

  88. Your blog brings the biggest smile to my face everytime I read a post. :)
    You have to be the most adorable coupled I have ever seen. What a wonderful surprise gift. :) Kudos to him for being able to keep it a secret.

  89. Cortney

    Ok, that last picture of you is amazing- the sailboats, the angle of the hat showing your face, the action of the water. I just have to say how lucky you are to have a husband who not only likes to take pictures of you, but has such a great eye. It's so nice to have candid, fun photos with someone who understands photography, instead of having to say "hey, um, can you take my picture?" and then seeing the resulting touristy "standing in front of beach/art/statue smiling" picture ;)

  90. I absolutely cannot believe he was able to keep this from you! How amazing!

    This just reminded me how excited I am to move to the Caribbean in 39 days, so thanks! And I can't wait to see more pictures from your tropical getaway! :)

  91. Aw….that is such a sweet birthday surprise! How wonderful! :)

  92. that is so exciting! happy belated birthday + anniversary! also if you don't mind we asking, where did you get your sun hat? I'm in need of a new one and i adore yours…

  93. sheila

    wow. you better love that man. He is so good to you. The pictures look amazingly fun

  94. That looks fantasically fun! Good job to your husband for making #2/ 23rd birthday spectacular!

    Oh, and your glam as ever in these shots! :)

  95. Gorgeous photos. What a lovely holiday for you two. Please tell us all where you got each and every one of your swimsuits! :)