he’s so good to me…

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this is a photo of me in the DC airport
at 4:30 AM last wednesday on my birthday…
i didn’t have a clue what was going on
or where i was even going….
husband woke me up at 3:40 AM and surprised me
by saying “happy birthday! we need to leave here
in 20 minutes to go get your present…”
{luckily, he gave me a few clues as to what to pack…}
and 20 minutes later we were at the airport.
he didn’t let me see the tickets or the destination info 
at the gate so it’d be a bigger surprise.
we landed in miami a few hours later
and i thought “oh my gosh, i love you!”
but then it got even better
when we caught a flight out of miami
and found ourselves in….
we stayed at this lovely resort on the
beach at bayahibe near la romana.
it was an extra special weekend trip
because we celebrated not only my 23rd birthday,
but also our 2 year wedding anniversary 
which took place last week as well!
i don’t know how he planned all of this and kept it from me…
i was like a little kid in a candy shop all weekend…
gosh, i loooooove this man.
i brought along my favorite plastic cameras & my polaroid
so i’ll post a few more photos of the island later this week
once the film is developed.
*and thank you so much for the kind birthday & anniversary wishes!
you mean so much to me and really made our week extra special
with your sweet words and emails!
i wish i could take each of you out for dinner sometime…
  1. so beautiful
    you are so loved

  2. You guys are too sweet together! Love these pictures- what camera do you use??

  3. b.a.

    extremely jealous. maybe i'll casually leave this blog post up for a few days…maybe hubbylove will notice and get inspired! :)

    oh, and PLEASEPLEASE share where striped bathing suit is from! love.

  4. Carrie

    Oh my goodness!

    That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard! I didn't know things like that existed outside of the movies. Yay for you two. Live it up and love every minute of it! :)

  5. That is just the sweetest most amazing present to celebrate your birthday and anniversary!

  6. envious!!
    what a lucky gal to have a spontaneous husband!!

  7. Dana

    you two are soooo cute together! this was so sweet! i hope you two had the best time there!

  8. Jillian

    Love, love, love each of the suits you wore on your mini vacation. I don't know if I'll ever be able to pull off a one piece because my torso is about a mile long so the suits never fit. Love the brimmed hat too!

  9. chels

    What an amazing surprise! Love the pictures.

  10. beautiful and spirited photos! What great planning on hubby's part…you truly look smiley…happy and elated in each photo!


  11. Oh my gosh, what a sweet husband you have!! that is so nice of him. I love all the pictures you took. You are so pretty!! Glad you had a blast!

  12. ohhh my gosh you have the best husband ever!!! what a wonderful sweet thoughtful amazing man.

    so glad you had a amazing time!

  13. i love the dominican republic. i worked in an all boy's orphanage and taught beginning english at a local school there. it's a very special place! seeing these pictures makes me want to go to the beach soooooo bad.

  14. lavelle

    you're so lucky! the photos look amazing and cannot wait to see the others when your films get developed xx

  15. Diana

    best story ever!! i love the photo of the bike ride!!

  16. umama

    TOOOO cute! Your photos are awesome too!

  17. Michal

    You have the most adorable suits!

    And husband, of course.

  18. Jessica

    That is so amazingly sweet! You two make a great couple!

  19. Liz

    Your post just gave me goosebumps! What an awesome way to celebrate two wonderful occasions. Your husband has earned so major brownie points, I'm sure.

  20. maryp

    you're birthday and anniversary weekend celebration sound so wonderful! i hope i'm lucky enough to find someone like your husband some day :o)

    i know you've been posting these top 10 lists for a while, but i just started following your blog. here's my own to include in your coffee table book {which i think is a splendid idea!}

    1. monograms on anything and everything
    2. falling asleep to the sound of rainfall
    3. singing along to the radio while driving
    4. cheese tortellini with homemade pesto, parmesan, and pine nuts
    5. my side bangs
    6. trying to make my room look like a picture in a catalog
    7. my Ralph Lauren sunglasses
    8. the smell of fresh cut grass
    9. headbands that make a statement
    10. my pearls – they just go with everything

    have a wonderful day!

  21. That is awesome! Best.surprise.ever! Way to go Josh!

    Happy birthday and anniversary!

  22. oh my gosh, that is amazing!!! what a special trip…what a lovely man!

  23. Katie

    the first picture of you looks like you are holding that lady in your hand teehehe

  24. becky

    simply amazing!

    happy birthday and anniverary! you two are the cutest couple ;-)

  25. Ali

    OMG! What a perfect, incredible, fantastic man! The Dominican Republic?! Must've been UNREAL.

  26. your husband is such a sweetheart! lovely photos … i can't wait to see the rest!!

  27. wowoowowowowowowowowoo!!!!!!!! how amazing everything was. i love love love reading your blog it's the first blog i must check out whenever i turn my computer on. your pictures look amazing. can't wait to see more. happy belated ann. and b-day. oh yeah and husbands style is classic as with yours of course. :)

  28. UNBELIEVABLE. i love his idea and you two both look so great! exactly how i wish i looked on vacation. sooo happy for you. xo

  29. OMG what an amazingly dreamy surprise!! congrats!!

  30. How awesome is that!!! I'm happy to hear you both had a blast. :D

  31. You have such adorable bathing suits!! What a beautiful weekend! My birthday and anniversary is the same week too. We just celebrated ours this last week (14th and 20th). Happy anniversary and birthday!!

  32. there are no words for how completely adorable this is! you both look so so happy.

    love your cute {modest} suits! where'd you find yours?

  33. Brooke

    How amazing is that?? Seriously! Your bathing suits are too cute too!! I love the picture of you dancing in the water! :)

  34. Lidia

    that was the sweetest birthday surprise ever!! you're so blessed…the photos are breath-taking! =)

  35. cil

    You two are ROCKSTARS!
    very dreamy and cool and romantic and yet so sincere and true.

  36. Lisa

    What a good Husband!! How fun for you guys! It sounds like that trip was much deserved! You are the cutest!


  38. congrats and happy bday! lucky lucky lady!
    i am very jealous, it looks like you had an amazingggggg time! and packed a great assortment of outfits, swim suits, and things, especially if only given clues without a destination.


  39. alexxx

    that first photo looks like your holding a small statue of a girl walking

  40. Hi!.

    I love your blog.

    What camera do you use? Do you use any filters?

    By the way…. We are the same and only a few days apart. Check out my blog. carsonfamilyfun.blogspot.com

  41. Emily

    That is absolutely the sweetest thing I have heard all day. It looks like you had so much fun. Happy birthday and Anniversary, again.

  42. Leah

    um awesome! my husband and i went to punta cana, domnican republic for our honeymoon. we loved the country and the people!

  43. Katie

    I'm not gonna lie. Even though I just got back from paradise a month ago, I'm insanely jealous! haha.

  44. Sum

    Cutest thing ever. Your husband is adorable.

  45. noella

    yaaaay happy birthdayy!!!!
    so cuuuute! love all the pictures
    :) and good hubby too

  46. jamie

    i teared up looking at these .. so wonderful!

  47. This is the most amazing thing in the whole wide world! What a sweet and fantastic husband. What a fabulous trip! I'm soo happy for you – it looks truly magical!

  48. That is such a sweet surprise! And look at you looking all cute at 4 in the morning!!

  49. Chessa!

    this sounds wonderful!!! happy birthday (belated) and happy anniversary:) I bet they were both fabulous.

  50. Helen

    oh wow, what a gret birthday/anniversary present! i am so envious.

  51. i LOVE your stories!
    and if you don't mind, i mentioned you guys in my blog.
    owh and happy birthday/anniversary!

  52. Your husband is amazing! Glad you had such a great birthday/anniversary!

  53. Good Heavens Naomi! Your pictures are editorial worthy! I'm from the Dominican Republic and have a friend that works in the Board of Tourism; I'm showing her your pictures ASAP!
    Oh! Sorry. I almost forgot: Happy Birthday!!!!Your husband's a keeper by the way!!!

  54. Okay, so I am so in love with the fact that you wear a one piece {I am a huge one piece advocate!}.

  55. omg!!! how sweet! happy birthday! what a wonderful gift! i love all pictures you two are adorable. i love love love the pic of the two of yo in your glasses.

  56. jen

    You are just too cute. What a great surprise too, way to go husband!

  57. Wonderful! Amazing! what an incredible gift! It looks like you guys had a great time!

  58. kelly

    You two are one of a kind! The cutest indie mormon married couple i have ever read or seen! your style, your passion for the small things, and your love is so heartwarming to read about! I especially love your style, so charming and cool! Happy anniversary!
    -kelly k (utah)

  59. You two are so incredibly lucky that you have one another and a love like that! I am so, so jealous! :)

  60. happ belated birthday..
    wishing you a great year ahead..
    and hoping all the wishes to come true..:)

  61. that is freakin' spectacular!

  62. Man, you are the luckiest girl to have found a man like that.

  63. amanda

    You're only 23 in these photos??? Hogwash!

    Haha why oh why must I always look like a 14 year old…? *le sigh*

    Also this is pretty much the BEST surprise ever! How sweet of him!!