biiiiiiiirthday wish list.

in a couple of weeks, i turn a whole year older 
and won’t be 22 years old anymore. 
every year someone asks me what i want for my birthday 
and i can never think of anything.
funny thing is, there is always something. 
i just probably forgot about it 
during our “what do you want” conversation. 
and so this year, i made a birthday wish list:
a half dozen chocolate coconut cupcakes from georgetown cupcake 
{they are my fave and i am obsessed}

 this tree owl lamp from anthropologie
this gorgeous dress by kate towers
this beautiful painting by casey o’connell
and i still adore and wouldn’t mind my very own 

*of course, all i really want for my birthday is to cuddle all day with my husband… and maybe just one georgetown cupcake. but it sure is fun to dream sometimes, you know?

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