1. Diana

    i love the chalkboard walls! you guys did a fab job *two thumbs up*

  2. Looks yummy! And awesome walls! Send me more photos!

  3. Also, send me that info on the Diana. I need!!

  4. emily

    COOL red clock.

  5. Cute kitchen – the walls looks fabulous!

  6. Not in a million years would I think to paint chalkboard paint (I didn't even know it existed!)…but I LOVE it!!

    Husbands can be the greatest.

  7. Leah

    Okay, I love chalkboard paint, but when I paint my walls they never turn out as smoothly as your look. What is your secret?

  8. Can I just say you and Josh are the cutest thing ever….

    Never in a million years when I met the fab two of you after my baptism would I have put you together…

    But you can't stop His plan…

    too cute

  9. sheila

    ditto with everyone! the walls look great.

    But even better is that your hubby cooked for you. Thats always my favorite day too.

  10. chalkboard paint? I never even knew…

    this is fabulous!

  11. Such a cute place to put chalkboard paint! Never would thought of that. Now you will never need post its again, you can simply write memos on your wall~

  12. Lainey

    My husband and I are admiring the chalkboard paint especially for the kitchen. It's so helpful, and very unique. :)

  13. i know! it's very efficient for writing down menus, grocery lists and recipes… as well as little secret notes! we're loving it!

  14. erin


  15. Shellee

    Husbands cooking?!? What is this world coming too? :)
    Your kitchen is very similar to mine and I have been searching for something to do under the cabinets! Thanks for sharing your great deco. It will work with my buttercream yellow walls!

  16. Carissa

    love the chalkboard paint! and the spaghetti :)

  17. Emmy

    What an awesome kitchen!! Love it!

  18. Carolyn


    the kitchen looks fantastic. can't wait to see it in real life!!

  19. i'm an intern at anthropologie for the visual display coordinator and we had a concept last spring called "household" that is similar to this! it is such a cute idea, and very functional too. good for you for making it happen :]

  20. I love the chalkboard paint in the kitchen! I have it in my sons room and I love it there too!

  21. i love the chalk board paint as a back splash, so handy!!! great idea!!!

  22. Nina

    That's so awesome! I really love the walls, so unique, and the food look yummy ! :)

  23. Drea

    I should have read this post before the more recent post :P

  24. Amy Joy

    I love this idea, works really well in your kitchen! Would love to do this in my flat…

  25. Mandy

    The chalkboard paint is fantastic.
    And the pictures are great.
    Everything you do is so lovely.
    Thank you.

  26. me too! i love the chalkboard wall! Hope you guys are doing well over there- we miss you!

  27. Rebecca

    my roommate and i are planning to cover our backsplash in chalkboard paint!! :) i was so happy to see this!

    speaking of, do you have any tips on repainting the wall white when you move out?

  28. The chalkboard wall is AWESOME! I need one of those in our house…very cool!

  29. Ok I too have not heard of chalkboard paint. OMG that's such an awesome idea.

    And go Hubby! I love when i'm cooked and catered to. A nice change :)

  30. paula

    looks so fun!

  31. Aww, good job hubby!
    also I LoooooooooooooVeee the chalk board paint!

  32. PS~Erin

    The backsplash looks amazing! Well done!!

    And way to go, husband… So sweet!

  33. your chalkboard backsplash looks amazing! I think I like it even more than an entire kitchen wall. and you two are so sweet.

  34. Ali

    Way to go hubby.

    And kind of a little obessed with that chalkboard wall.

    Ok, maybe a lot obsessed.

  35. your kitchen looks darling!

  36. KLBK

    my husband's the cook in our family too :)

  37. Taza, my roommates and I have found inspiration via your love for chalkboard walls. We're painting a section in our kitchen with chalkboard paint. Any tips when it comes to painting? We're also thinking of doing a neat design, any suggestions with that too?

  38. victoria, it's really easy to use. goes on nicely with two coats. in the instructions, it says to let it sit for 3 days before you write… and chalk and erase the whole thing before you do.

    i highly recommend it! it paints back to white easily too if needed!

  39. hi there. we did this too!!! i wanted to do a whole wall, but hubby said no, just a little bit. so above the counters was the perfect place. great minds think alike. ;)

    the meal looks tasty!

  40. yay! we did our backsplash in the chalkboard paint too… it looks awesome with our granite counter tops!

    love your kitchen. and having a husband to cook in it!

  41. Alya

    your kitchen walls are amazing. So much fun :)

  42. Yeah, now I want a chalkboardwall between my kitchen cabinets too! (Also, I decided to eat a slice of made-from-scratch blueberry cheese cake for breakfast and read browse through your blog archive. It actually makes for a great saturday morning!!!)