flat tire.

husband and i both had pretty rough days today. and i guess our beetle didn’t want to feel left out… at the end of our day, she gave up  and gave us a flat on the way home. i got mad at her {and husband- after all, he DID drive up on the curb which caused the flat} but i’m working on my anger  and had fun with the camera while my love fixed the tire.... Read more

sailing in the dominican republic…

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i think it was his favorite part of our trip. but he grew up on the water so he’s used to it. josh kept making our sail boat go so fast on such big waves i almost had a heart attack. it is not for me.

i’m just thankful we didn’t die and my cameras didn’t fall into the ocean… ... Read more

vaNIElla squared cupcakes for nie nie

remember when i visited the sweet tooth fairy bake shop in provo utah a few months ago and fell in love with their key lime cupcake? well, if you’re in utah country tomorrow, it’s your chance to go fall in love  with their vaNIElla squared cupcake which was named in honor of nie nie. {and i know all of you love nie as much as i do} all proceeds from the sales tomorrow of the vaNIElla squared cupcakes  will go to the nielsen family and the arizona burn center.... Read more