weekend. weekend. weekend.

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{guess who that little girl in pig tails on the right might be…} 
have a wonderful weekend!
{and don’t forget about your mother on sunday!!}
p.s. someone inquired as to what otter pops are!
goodness gracious! click here and order a box asap.
and if you don’t care for the green or pink flavors, 
send them on over to meeeee!
  1. Amy

    i can’t imagine a childhood without otter pops!!!

  2. L I T T L E naomi!


  3. L

    So glad to have found your site! I also live in d.c. (well, rosslyn actually, but close enough :) Adorable picture. Have a great weekend!

  4. now i see why you still rock the blunt bangs…they’ve always looked great on you! have a fabulous weekend. xoxo

  5. erin

    so cute! and thank you for the otter pups link…i was too shy to ask! happy weekend!

  6. You look soo cute! Love the hair style and the sweet smile :)
    Actually, about the otter pops- I have been wondering too. I will have to check them out!

  7. goodness gracious that is the cutest little girl ever! haha. i totally giggled when i saw this. so precious.

  8. how cute are you! i love that you still rock the same hairstyles :) and otter pops = love. i live on them in the summer!

  9. mmmm! Pink and green! I like the red too! Such a cute little girl!

  10. Helen

    hehe otter pops, what a funny name!

  11. nath

    well here in ol Blighty we call them ice pops. which makes far more sense.

    love the old school pic!

  12. You’ve reminded me how there is nothing like an otter pop on a nice sunny day! ;)

  13. Carly

    Otter Pops aka. to the Canadians out there are ‘freezes’

    and yes they are essential to childhood.

    Love your blog. I read it often, just never have left a comment.

  14. darling photo.

    have a wonderful weekend!

    pink is my fav too:)

  15. my college summer diet was otter pops…no joke..amazing.

  16. a world without otter pops…*sigh* the inhumanity of it all.

  17. Ashley

    The pink ones are the best! :)

  18. I can’t get over the 80’s hair!

  19. I love that you still have the same bangs.

  20. You’re super cute here and look like you have loads of energy :)

    And agreed…pinks just seemed to have more flavor than the others.

  21. had no idea what otter pops were! and just wanted to tell you what a fab picture that is!!

  22. AmyK

    Little you!

    How can anybody LIVE without otter pops?

    One of my friends gave us otter pops as a wedding gift. I think that friend is a keeper =]

  23. kelly

    cutest lil girl hair ever. just darling.

  24. Sara

    the little you is so cuuuute!

  25. Wow! This is the first family photo you’ve posted where I can see a real similarity between you and your little brother!

  26. Ria

    oooh I love baby pics.
    I’ve had bangs for my whole life too (except for the three middle school years)!

  27. Lisa

    Ah! I can’t even IMAGINE that people out there don’t know what Otter Pops are!! Good job on sharing that priceless information! Purple is my favorite! Pink is a close 2nd…

  28. Micaela

    CUTEST little girl to ever wear pigtails :)

    that is of course, until the Davis Family goes to + 1 ;)

  29. this cracks me up! That pic is hilarious- I especially like the girl in the middle with the oh-so-80’s-wave! and I had an argument at work months ago about otter pops!! They didn’t believe me that they even existed! Seriously people! they were my summer!!

  30. Shannon

    I told my boyfriend the other day that I bought Otter Pops expecting him to reply with a “woohoo!!” Turns out he doesn’t know what they are (he’s from NY). I couldn’t believe I was dating a man that had never had an Otter Pop! After some explanation, we figured out that in New York they call them “Fla-Vor-Ice” and that they are just as delicious!