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i did not work.
i also did not do the three loads of laundry i should have.
instead, i did a full ballet barre in my kitchen
wore fake glasses just because
(don’t you love the reflection they make in the photo? that’s cool.)
read a lot of this book and this one too
did a swing by to husband’s office to have some kisses
ate 12 otter pops
and made a new friend
i really needed this day.
oh yes, today was good.

  1. I love wearing fake glasses… so glad that im not the only one that finds that fun to do!

  2. the fake glasses had me laughing today, I’m sure your husband adored the look. As far as laundry goes, it deserves not to be done sometimes.

  3. i love your blog so much! i love that second book too. ;)

  4. I’m reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at the moment. It’s so beautiful, sometimes it makes me want to cry.

    His other book, Everything Is Illuminated is equally magical. xx

  5. I do love the reflection in the glasses. Yes. I do.

  6. Amy

    extremely loud is a modern day classic. it should be read in the classroom now and for the next fifty years. so amazing.

  7. I’m looking forward to pictures of the kitchen after seeing that little preview of funky brick and sunny yellow wall. My favorite part about new places is how everything is a blank slate and you can start over completely.

  8. I have to wear real glasses and they’re not as cool as those. It’s a bummer sometimes.
    I’m reading The Reader right now. Very good.

  9. j.

    oh, good. i’m having a day like that tomorrow. we are entitled to them every now and then. wifey’s work hard.

    good luck with the cheeseburger tonight. hope you are feeling much better.


  10. AmyK

    I definitely didn’t realize that it’s officially otter pop season! And has been for a long time now! Ah! I’m missing out!

    That’s okay about the laundry… I did enough laundry today for the both of us ;) Your fun day sounds like a perfect trade!

  11. So glad you got a day to yourself!!

  12. oh goodness I met the author of extremely loud and incredibly close when he came to my town last month…it made the book so much more meaningful.

    ps. LOVE your blog. I check it every single day. more than once. :]

  13. Holly

    yah known, it really is totally easy to eat 11 otter pops. glad you know!

  14. Brooke

    Love both books! Just bought otter pops in bulk two days ago (almost gone) and I love those glasses!

  15. awesome reflection! it’s what I love from the photo i just posted on my blog that a friend took!

    the top is kinda cute too =)

  16. Kaylie

    Jonathan Safran Foer is a great author! Sounds like a wonderful day. :)

  17. What a perfect day and the glasses are adorable!

    I could really go for some ballet right about now.

    I just fell in love with your blog.

  18. D

    I was just looking in the side bar and noticed that you liked cupcakes and owls. It reminded me of when I made some owl cupcakes. You can check them out if you want, at

  19. Jenna

    I added Extremely Loud to my must read list, the formatting he uses sounds fascinating. I wasn’t much for post-modernism in college, but I’ll have to give it another try.

  20. Jayne

    mmmm otter pops! i was just thinking and blogging about them a few days ago. you look so incredibly happy in that picture, it makes me smile. glad you had a good day all to yourself – those are the best!

  21. I love the daisies…they made me smile…along with the fake glasses…which I always tell my husband I want..he looks at me like I am a tad crazy. (that is when I pout and tell him , ‘I need them and they really make me look smart, honey”) He concedes. Glad your day was happy.

  22. you have convinced me.
    i am definitely going to get a pair a fake glasses.
    it would be quite nice to be someone else for a day :)

  23. I just think you are so cute… I love the glasses… I’ve had the hardest time finding some. Thank you for sharing your happiness.

  24. alli

    naomi! i want to see pictures of your new place!

  25. That is a great picture of you.

  26. My daughter Shayla introduced me to your blog & I fell in love with all of your "happy" lists.
    You are darling & a great example to younger girls!

  27. Emmy

    Sounds like a wonderful day. We all need to take a day like that, especially the 12 otter pops :)

  28. Amy!

    Made myself a little list as well!!! Hope you don’t mind :) Glad you were able to enjoy your day doing EXACTlY what you wanted to do! We all need those once in a while!

  29. sherri

    must know more about these {otter pops)

  30. I wear fake glasses, too! People generally make fun of me, but who cares! They usually help me concentrate, so I waer them when I grade or make quilts.

  31. ‘extremely loud and incredibly close’ is an amazing book. i read it recently and will not soon forget it. glad you had a good day (all to yourself!)

  32. Yeah for Ballet Barre in the kitchen! That is the only way I can get any dance in these days…I did the same thing :)

  33. paula

    I am so happy I came across your blog. Your day sounded just lovely:)

  34. chelsey

    i love that you eat so many otter pops…

    i tell ryan about it all the time.

    …i’m jealous.

  35. 12 otter pops is quite the feat! I dislike the orange ones so I have about 20 of them still sitting in my fridge from last summer- maybe I should send them to you! haha jk

  36. what a terrific day! especially the part about making a new friend! that’s wonderful. also the full ballet barre in the kitchen. that’s pretty cool too. :) glad you had a fun and relaxing day, naomi. you deserve it.

  37. Jes

    What is an Otter Pop??

  38. Ritika

    I am relatively new reader of ur blog.. ahh a follower and absolutely loving it.

  39. Your post made me smile and I needed it today. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Alli

    oh, i just finished reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. it was a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL book. oskar <3

  41. Krysta

    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is one of my favorite books of all time. I reccomend it to just about everyone I ever meet. I hope you enjoy it!

  42. KJZW

    I am totally with you on the laundry. I always let it wait. I am digging the fake glasses.

  43. Saskia

    Sounds like a really wonderful day. I’ve let my house get really messy this week… wonderful!

    Saskia x

  44. Jackie

    Ignoring laundry is a way of life for me! Wearing fake glasses is way more important. :)

  45. aDeLiNe

    Looove fake glasses.
    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, I loved that book, hope you’re loving it as well :)

  46. Sounds like a fantastic day, i’m a little envious…i need a day like that too!

  47. that sounds like just a perfect day to me:)

  48. amazing day..and I LOVE wearing fake glasses!

  49. Becky

    so…the post from Hyrum Virl Osmond was actually me, Becky, not my husband. He has never danced a day in his life. We had a really good laugh about it though. lol.

  50. Becky

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  51. I loved Extremely Loud and….it was a wonderful read. I thought the little boy was so interesting and I love the part about the 6th borough. The ending touch my soul. I think the author did an amazing job using the words to create a picture in your mind and feelings. Let me know what you think when your through.

    I watch the movie Everything is Illuminated after and I loved it too.

  52. Extremely Loud is my favorite book of all times!!